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article (author version)Islam, Md Atiqul; Torigoe, Daisuke; Kameda, Yayoi; Irie, Takao; Kouguchi, Hirokazu; Nakao, Ryo; Masum, Md Abdul; Ichii, Osamu; Kon, Yasuhiro; Tag-EL-Din-Hassan, Hassan T.; Morimatsu, Masami; Yagi, Kinpei; Agui, TakashiAnalysis for genetic loci controlling protoscolex development in the Echinococcus multilocularis infection using congenic mice-Infection, Genetics and Evolution-Nov-2018
bulletin (article)Masuda, Kazuhiko; Miyamoto, Tomomi; Cho, A-Ri; Agui, TakashiAnalysis of the cell cycle of fibroblasts derived from the LEC rat after X-irradiation-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-28-Feb-2006
article (author version)Tag-El-Din-Hassan, Hassan T.; Sasaki, Nobuya; Torigoe, Daisuke; Morimatsu, Masami; Agui, TakashiAnalysis of the Relationship Between Enzymatic and Antiviral Activities of the Chicken Oligoadenylate Synthetase-Like-Journal of interferon & cytokine research-1-Feb-2017
bulletin (article)Kariwa, Hiroaki; Noda, Hiroshi; Nakauchi, Mina; Ishizuka, Mariko; Hashiguchi, Kazuaki; Hashimoto, Shingo; Yoshii, Kentaro; Asano, Atsushi; Agui, Takashi; Kogaki, Hiroyuki; Kurano, Yoshihiro; Uchida, Yoshiaki; Fujii, Nobuyuki; Okada, Masahisa; Takashima, IkuoCharacterization and epitope mapping of monoclonal antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-7-Mar-2008
bulletin (article)Ko, Jae-Hong; Asano, Atsushi; Kon, Yasuhiro; Watanabe, Tomomasa; Agui, TakashiCharacterization of the Chicken PKR : Polymorphism of the gene and Antiviral Activity against Vesicular Stomatitis Virus-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Feb-2004
bulletin (article)Tag-El-Din-Hassan, Hassan T.; Sasaki, Nobuya; Moritoh, Kanako; Torigoe, Daisuke; Maeda, Akihiko; Agui, TakashiThe chicken 2'-5' oligoadenylate synthetase A inhibits the replication of West Nile Virus-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Aug-2012
article (author version)Cho, A-Ri; Uchio-Yamada, Kozue; Torigai, Takeshi; Miyamoto, Tomomi; Miyoshi, Ichiro; Matsuda, Junichiro; Kurosawa, Tsutomu; Kon, Yasuhiro; Asano, Atsushi; Sasaki, Nobuya; Agui, TakashiDeficiency of the tensin2 gene in the ICGN mouse: an animal model for congenital nephrotic syndrome-Mammalian Genome-1-May-2006
article (author version)Asano, Atsushi; Tsubomatsu, Kouta; Jung, Cha-Gyun; Sasaki, Nobuya; Agui, TakashiA deletion mutation of the protein tyrosine phosphatase kappa (Ptprk) gene is responsible for the T-helper immunodeficiency (thid) in the LEC rat-Mammalian Genome-Nov-2007
article (author version)Simon, Ayo Yila; Sasaki, Nobuya; Ichii, Osamu; Kajino, Kiichi; Kon, Yasuhiro; Agui, TakashiDistinctive and critical roles for cellular immunity and immune-inflammatory response in the immunopathology of Sendai virus infection in mice-Microbes and Infection-Aug-2011
bulletin (article)Ono, Maiko; Sasaki, Hayato; Nagasaki, Kenichi; Torigoe, Daisuke; Ichii, Osamu; Sasaki, Nobuya; Agui, TakashiDoes the routine handling affect the phenotype of disease model mice?-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Nov-2016
bulletin (article)OKANO, Shinya; ASANO, Atsushi; SASAKI, Nobuya; KON, Yasuhiro; WATANABE, Tomomasa; AGUI, TakashiExamination of the Lunatic fringe and Uncx4.1 expression by whole-mount in situ hybridization in the embryo of the CKH-Jsr(jumbled spine and ribs)mouse-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Feb-2005
bulletin (article)Namiki, Yuka; Kon, Yasuhiro; Sasaki, Nobuya; Agui, Takashi; Endoh, DaijiExon skipping of exonuclease 1 in MRL/MpJ mice is caused by a nucleotide substitution of the branchpoint sequence in intron eight-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Nov-2004
articleTag-EL-Din-Hassan, Hassan T.; Morimatsu, Masami; Agui, TakashiFunctional analysis of duck, goose, and ostrich 2 '-5 '-oligoadenylate synthetase-Infection, Genetics and Evolution-Aug-2018
bulletin (article)Moritoh, Kanako; Yamauchi, Hideto; Asano, Atsushi; Yoshii, Kentaro; Kariwa, Hiroaki; Takashima, Ikuo; Isoda, Norikazu; Sakoda, Yoshihiro; Kida, Hiroshi; Sasaki, Nobuya; Agui, TakashiGeneration of congenic mouse strains by introducing the virus-resistant genes, Mx1 and Oas1b, of feral mouse-derived inbred strain MSM/Ms into the common strain C57BL/6J-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Aug-2009
articleDang, Ruihua; Torigoe, Daisuke; Suzuki, Sari; Kikkawa, Yoshiaki; Moritoh, Kanako; Sasaki, Nobuya; Agui, TakashiGenetic Background Strongly Modifies the Severity of Symptoms of Hirschsprung Disease, but not Hearing Loss in Rats Carrying Ednrb^[sl] Mutations-PLoS One-7-Sep-2011
article (author version)Asano, Atsushi; Torigoe, Daisuke; Sasaki, Nobuya; Agui, TakashiIdentification of antigenic peptides derived from B-cell epitopes of nucleocapsid protein of mouse hepatitis virus for serological diagnosis-Journal of Virological Methods-Oct-2011
article (author version)Nakao, Ryo; Kameda, Yayoi; Kouguchi, Hirokazu; Matsumoto, Jun; Dang, Zhisheng; Simon, Ayo Yila; Torigoe, Daisuke; Sasaki, Nobuya; Oku, Yuzaburo; Sugimoto, Chiriro; Agui, Takashi; Yagi, KinpeiIdentification of genetic loci affecting the establishment and development of Echinococcus multilocularis larvae in mice-International Journal for Parasitology-Sep-2011
bulletin (article)Abou-Elnaga, Ahmed F.; Torigoe, Daisuke; Fouda, Mohamed M.; Darwish, Ragab A.; Abou-Ismail, Usama A.; Morimatsu, Masami; Agui, TakashiIdentification of multiple genetic loci in the mouse controlling immobility time in the tail suspension and forced swimming tests-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-May-2015
articleHosoda, Yayoi; Sasaki, Nobuya; Kameda, Yayoi; Torigoe, Daisuke; Agui, TakashiIdentifying Quantitative Trait Loci Affecting Resistance to Congenital Hypothyroidism in 129^[+Ter]/SvJcl Strain Mice-PLoS One-27-Jan-2012
bulletin (article)Abbas, Raghda M. F.; Tag-EL-Din-Hassan, Hassan T.; Boonyarattanasoonthorn, Tussapon; Aoshima, Keisuke; Morimatsu, Masami; Agui, TakashiImmune cellular responses to Sendai virus infection in D2.B6-Sen1Sen2Sen3 congenic mice, of which three quantitative trait loci responsible for the resistance to infection were introgressed from C57BL/6 mouse into DBA/2 mouse-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-May-2018
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