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articleNakagawa, K.; Tsuchiya, S.; Taniguchi, H.; Toda, Y.Probing uniform and nonuniform charge ordering with polarized femtosecond optical pulses in geometrically frustrated ?-(BEDT-TTF)(2)MZn(SCN)(4) (M = Rb, Cs)-Physical Review Research-19-Jan-2023
articleHonda, Asami; Yamane, Keisaku; Iwasa, Kohei; Oka, Kazuhiko; Toda, Yasunori; Morita, RyujiUltrafast beam pattern modulation by superposition of chirped optical vortex pulses-Scientific reports-2-Sep-2022
article (author version)Nakagawa, K.; Sato, T.; Tsuchiya, S.; Yamada, J.; Toda, Y.Enhancement of polarization anisotropy in ultrafast carrier dynamics by intramolecular excitation in the organic conductor kappa-(BEDT-TTF)(2)Cu(NCS)(2)-EPL-Dec-2021
articleTsuchiya, S.; Taniguchi, H.; Yamada, J.; Toda, Y.; Mihailovic, D.; Mertelj, T.Ultrafast dynamics of Mott-state quench and formation in strongly correlated BEDT-TTF molecular conductors observed by three-pulse pump probe spectroscopy-Physical Review B-24-Sep-2021
articleToda, Y.; Tsuchiya, S.; Oda, M.; Kurosawa, T.; Katsumata, S.; Naseska, M.; Mertelj, T.; Mihailovic, D.Ultrafast transient reflectivity measurements of optimally doped Bi2+xSr2-xCaCu2O8+delta with disorder-Physical Review B-7-Sep-2021
article (author version)Tsuchiya, Satoshi; Mertelj, Tomaz; Mihailovic, Dragan; Yamada, Jun-ichi; Toda, YasunoriUltrafast Carrier Dynamics in an Organic Superconductor kappa-(BEDT-TTF)(2)Cu[N(CN)(2)]Br by Spectrally Resolved Pump-Probe Spectroscopy-Journal of superconductivity and novel magnetism-Aug-2020
articleNakagawa, Kohki; Yamane, Keisaku; Morita, Ryuji; Toda, YasunoriLaguerre-Gaussian vortex mode generation from astigmatic semiconductor microcavity-Applied Physics Express (APEX)-1-Apr-2020
articleSuzuki, Masato; Yamane, Keisaku; Oka, Kazuhiko; Toda, Yasunori; Morita, RyujiComprehensive quantitative analysis of vector beam states based on vector field reconstruction-Scientific reports-10-Jul-2019
article (author version)Nakagawa, Koichi; Tsuchiya, Satoshi; Yamada, Jun-ichi; Toda, YasunoriFluctuating superconductivity in kappa-type organic compounds probed by polarized time-resolved spectroscopy-EPL-Jun-2018
article (author version)Toda, Y.; Mochizuki, H.; Tsuchiya, S.; Kurosawa, T.; Oda, M.; Mertelj, T.; Mihailovic, D.Nonequilibrium Quasiparticle Dynamics in Bi-Based Superconductors Measured by Modulation Photoexcitation Spectroscopy-Journal of superconductivity and novel magnetism-Mar-2018
articleTsuchiya, S.; Nakagawa, K.; Yamada, J.; Taniguchi, H.; Toda, Y.Photoinduced phase separation with local structural ordering in organic molecular conductors-Physical Review B-27-Oct-2017
article (author version)Tsuchiya, Satoshi; Nakagawa, Koichi; Yamada, Jun-ichi; Toda, YasunoriCarrier Relaxation Dynamics in the Organic Superconductor kappa-(BEDT-TTF)(2)Cu(NCS)(2) Under Pressure-Journal of superconductivity and novel magnetism-Dec-2016
article (author version)Nakagawa, K.; Tsuchiya, S.; Yamada, J.; Toda, Y.Pump- and Probe-polarization Analyses of Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics in Organic Superconductors-Journal of superconductivity and novel magnetism-Dec-2016
articleSuzuki, Masato; Yamane, Keisaku; Oka, Kazuhiko; Toda, Yasunori; Morita, RyujiAnalysis of the Pancharatnam-Berry phase of vector vortex states using the Hamiltonian based on the Maxwell-Schrödinger equation-Physical Review A-26-Oct-2016
articleShigematsu, K.; Yamane, K.; Morita, R.; Toda, Y.Coherent dynamics of exciton orbital angular momentum transferred by optical vortex pulses-Physical Review B-15-Jan-2016
articleTsuchiya, Satoshi; Kino, Yohei; Nakagawa, Koichi; Nakagawa, Daisuke; Yamada, Jun-ichi; Toda, YasunoriDevelopment of an optical time-resolved measurement system under high-pressure and low-temperature with a piston-cylinder pressure cell-Review of Scientific Instruments-2016
articleSuzuki, Masato; Yamane, Keisaku; Oka, Kazuhiko; Toda, Yasunori; Morita, RyujiFull Quantitative Analysis of Arbitrary Cylindrically Polarized Pulses by Using Extended Stokes Parameters-Scientific reports-10-Dec-2015
article (author version)Watanabe, K.; Tsuchiya, S.; Toda, Y.; Kurosawa, T.; Oda, M.; Mertelj, T.; Madan, I.; Kabanov, V. V.; Mihailovic, D.Time-resolved polarimetry for photoexcited QP dynamics in Bi2212-International journal of modern physics b-20-Oct-2015
articleTsuchiya, S.; Sugawara, Y.; Tanda, S.; Toda, Y.Symmetry-dependent carrier relaxation dynamics and charge-density-wave transition in DyTe3 probed by polarized femtosecond spectroscopy-Journal of optics-Aug-2015
article (author version)Suzuki, Masato; Yamane, Keisaku; Oka, Kazuhiko; Toda, Yasunori; Morita, RyujiExtended Stokes parameters for cylindrically polarized beams-Optical Review-Feb-2015
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