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article (author version)Yano, Rika; Shimoda, Tomoko; Watanabe, Reina; Kuroki, Yasutoshi; Okubo, Torahiko; Nakamura, Shinji; Matsuo, Junji; Yoshimura, Sadako; Yamaguchi, HiroyukiDiversity changes of microbial communities into hospital surface environments-Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy-Jul-2017
articleSuzuki, Teppei; Shimoda, Tomoko; Takahashi, Noriko; Tsutsumi, Kaori; Samukawa, Mina; Yoshimura, Sadako; Ogasawara, KatsuhikoFactors Affecting Bone Mineral Density Among Snowy Region Residents in Japan: Analysis Using Multiple Linear Regression and Bayesian Network Model-Interactive journal of medical research-2018
articleYoshimura, SadakoLegal Responsibilities of nurses in Japan : Through Recent Law Cases-看護総合科学研究会誌Journal of Comprehensive Nursing Research31-Mar-1999
articleSato, Yoko; Nakazawa, Takayo; Yoshimura, SadakoStudy on the Quality of Life of Mothers Whose Children are Sick : The QOL of Mothers Having Hospitalized and Ambulatory Children-看護総合科学研究会誌Journal of Comprehensive Nursing Research26-Oct-2005
conference presentation良村, 貞子あなたの健康を支える看護師活用術---3-Nov-2012
article矢野, 理香; 中澤, 貴代; 森下, 節子; 良村, 貞子; 岩本, 幹子マンシェット装着動作の分析(第1報)Motion analysis of wrapping the cuff (part1)看護総合科学研究会誌Journal of Comprehensive Nursing Research31-Mar-2006
article中澤, 貴代; 矢野, 理香; 良村, 貞子; 森下, 節子; 岩本, 幹子マンシェット装着動作の分析(第2報) : ゴム嚢の固定に焦点をあててMotion analysis of wrapping the cuff (part2) : focus on fixation of the bladder看護総合科学研究会誌Journal of Comprehensive Nursing Research31-Mar-2006
article矢野, 理香; 森下, 節子; 岩本, 幹子; 中澤, 貴代; 良村, 貞子看護過程の理論的枠組みと実践の統合を目指した帰納的教授方略の効果Effects of Inductive Learning Strategy in Integrating the Theoretical Framework of Nursing Process and Practice看護総合科学研究会誌Journal of Comprehensive Nursing Research26-Oct-2005
bulletin (article)平塚, 志保; 佐藤, 洋子; 森下, 節子; 良村, 貞子看護教育機関における学生の感染予防対策に関する調査(第1報) : 結核および小児期感染症についてA Study of Infectious Disease Control Provided to Nursing School (I) : Tuberculosis and Infectious Diseases in Childhood北海道大学医療技術短期大学部紀要-Dec-1999
bulletin (article)平塚, 志保; 佐藤, 洋子; 森下, 節子; 良村, 貞子看護教育機関における学生の感染予防対策に関する調査(第2報) : B型肝炎についてA Study of infectious Disease Control Provided to Nursing School (II) : Hepatitis B北海道大学医療技術短期大学部紀要-Dec-1999
article岡田, きょう子; 本間, 美恵; 坂口, 登子; 中西, 千代美; 船木, 典子; 良村, 貞子看護師による安全な静脈注射実施に向けた北海道大学病院での取組み : 静脈注射エキスパートナース育成を中心とした教育体制の構築Institutional Approach to Safe Intravenous Infusion Performed by Nurses at Hokkaido University Hospital : Establishing a Unique Educational System for Expert Nurses看護総合科学研究会誌Journal of Comprehensive Nursing Research31-Mar-2009
bulletin (article)平塚, 志保; 良村, 貞子; 淸野, 喜久美看護職管理者が求める助産婦教育課程入学者選抜の方法A Survey of Nursing Administrators of Hospitals in Hokkaido about the Selective Method for Entrance to the Department of Midwifery北海道大学医療技術短期大学部紀要-Dec-1994
article渡辺, 玲奈; 良村, 貞子急性期病棟における患者の病床配置と看護必要度との関連 : 個室・4床室と中央看護拠点までの距離に関する検討The Relationship between Patient Bed Arrangement and the Intensity of Nursing Care Needs in Acute Care Wards : An Examination of the Distances between Staff Stations and Patient Beds and the Types of Patient Rooms看護総合科学研究会誌Journal of Comprehensive Nursing Research28-Dec-2009
article中澤, 貴代; 髙室, 典子; 山中, 正紀; 良村, 貞子産褥期の腰痛に関する研究Study on low back and posterior pelvic pain in postpartum看護総合科学研究会誌Journal of Comprehensive Nursing Research28-Dec-2006
bulletin (article)平塚, 志保; 良村, 貞子; 淸野, 喜久美助産婦のメンタルヘルスに影響すると考えられる要因の実態調査 : 専攻科修了生のアンケート調査を通してAn Investigation on Affecting Factor Analysis concerning the Mental Health of Midwives : In Respect to the Graduates from the Department of Midwifery, Collge of Medical Technology, Hokkaido University北海道大学医療技術短期大学部紀要-Dec-1993
bulletin (article)良村, 貞子助産婦の資格および業務に関する日米比較 : ウィスコンシン州を参考にComparing Japanese and American law, Particularly the State of Wisconsin, on the Qualifications and Practice of Midwifery北海道大学医療技術短期大学部紀要-Dec-1998
bulletin (article)良村, 貞子; 清野, 喜久美; 工藤, 美樹; 村松, 宰女性の皮下脂肪厚に影響を及ぼす各要因について : 特に食事, 運動, 生活習慣を中心にFactor Analysis on Female Subcutaneous Adipose Thickness : With Special Refernce to Diet, Exercise, Daily Routines and Life Styles北海道大学医療技術短期大学部紀要-Dec-1991
bulletin (article)淸野, 喜久美; 良村, 貞子; 平塚, 志保専攻科助産学特別専攻における入学者選抜方法の現状と課題 : 全国国立医療技術短期大学部専攻科助産学特別専攻と北海道内の3年制看護学校へのアンケート調査からThe Current State and Problems in the Selective Method for Entrance to the Department of Midwifery in Colleges of Medical Technology : Results of a Questionnaire to the National Colleges of Medical Technology and Nursing Schools in Hokkaido北海道大学医療技術短期大学部紀要-Dec-1994
bulletin (article)平塚, 志保; 良村, 貞子; 和田, 真一郎着床前遺伝子診断に内在する医学的・倫理的諸問題The Medical and Ethical Issues Concerning Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis北海道大学医療技術短期大学部紀要-Dec-1998
article吉田, 祐子; 良村, 貞子; 青柳, 道子; 岩本, 幹子中堅看護師が経験した病院内異動の実態 : キャリア試行期と確立期の2事例の検討The Actual state of ward rotations on the mid-level nurses' career development : Case studies comparing a trial stage nurse and an established stage nurse看護総合科学研究会誌Journal of Comprehensive Nursing ResearchNov-2011
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