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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
article (author version)Tanaka, Fuga; Nakagawa, Yuki; Isobe, Shigehito; Hashimoto, NaoyukiHydrogen absorption/desorption properties of light metal hydroxide systems-International Journal of Energy Research-25-Mar-2020
articleNakagawa, Yuki; Isobe, Shigehito; Ohki, Takao; Hashimoto, NaoyukiUnique Hydrogen Desorption Properties of LiAlH4/h-BN Composites-Inorganics-25-Oct-2017
article (author version)Nakagawa, Yuki; Shinzato, Keita; Nakagawa, Tessui; Nakajima, Keita; Isobe, Shigehito; Goshome, Kiyotaka; Miyaoka, Hiroki; Ichikawa, TakayukiSynthesis, structural characterization, and hydrogen desorption properties of Na[Al(NH2BH3)4]-International journal of hydrogen energy-2-Mar-2017
articleYong, Yingqiong; Mai Thanh Nguyen; Yonezawa, Tetsu; Asano, Takashi; Matsubara, Masaki; Tsukamoto, Hiroki; Liao, Ying-Chih; Zhang, Tengfei; Isobe, Shigehito; Nakagawa, YukiUse of decomposable polymer-coated submicron Cu particles with effective additive for production of highly conductive Cu films at low sintering temperature-Journal of materials chemistry C-2017
articleHirai, Kenji; Isobe, Shigehito; Sada, KazukiGas-generated thermal oxidation of a coordination cluster for an anion-doped mesoporous metal oxide-Scientific reports-18-Dec-2015
article (author version)Wang, Yongming; Wakasugi, Takenobu; Isobe, Shigehito; Hashimoto, Naoyuki; Ohnuki, SomeiInteraction of electrons with light metal hydrides in the transmission electron microscope-Microscopy-Dec-2014
articleTakahashi, Keisuke; Wang, Yongming; Chiba, Shotaro; Nakagawa, Yuki; Isobe, Shigehito; Ohnuki, SomeiLow temperature hydrogenation of iron nanoparticles on graphene-Scientific Reports-8-Apr-2014
article (author version)Nakagawa, Yuki; Ikarashi, Yudai; Isobe, Shigehito; Hino, Satoshi; Ohnuki, SomeiAmmonia borane-metal alanate composites : hydrogen desorption properties and decomposition processes-RSC Advances-2014
articleNakagawa, Yuki; Isobe, Shigehito; Ikarashi, Yudai; Ohnuki, SomeiAB–MH (Ammonia Borane–Metal Hydride) composites : systematic understanding of dehydrogenation properties-Journal of Materials Chemistry A-2014
articleZhang, Tengfei; Isobe, Shigehito; Wang, Yongming; Oka, Hiroshi; Hashimoto, Naoyuki; Ohnuki, SomeiA metal-oxide catalyst enhanced the desorption properties in complex metal hydrides-Journal of Materials Chemistry A-2014
article礒部, 繁人; 堂腰, 美妃; 王, 永明; 橋本, 直幸; 大貫, 惣明; 日野, 聡; 市川, 貴之; 小島, 由継透過電子顕微鏡による Li2NH の水素化反応機構の検討Investigation of Reaction Mechanism in Li2NH Hydrogen Storage System by TEM日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and MaterialsDec-2013
articleIsobe, Shigehito; Yamada, Sumito; Wang, Yongming; Hashimoto, Naoyuki; Ohnuki, Somei; Miyaoka, Hiroki; Ichikawa, Takayuki; Kojima, YoshitsuguMicroscopic characterization of metal-carbon-hydrogen composites (metal = Li, Mg)-Journal of applied physics-7-Sep-2013
articleMa, Tao; Isobe, Shigehito; Wang, Yongming; Hashimoto, Naoyuki; Ohnuki, SomeiNb-Gateway for Hydrogen Desorption in Nb2O5 Catalyzed MgH2 Nanocomposite-Journal of Physical Chemistry C-23-May-2013
article (author version)Wang, Shuai; Takahashi, Keisuke; Hashimoto, Naoyuki; Isobe, Shigehito; Ohnuki, SomeiStrain field of interstitial hydrogen atom in body-centered cubic iron and its effect on hydrogen-dislocation interaction-Scripta Materialia-Mar-2013
article (author version)Yao, Hao; Isobe, Shigehito; Wang, Yongming; Hashimoto, Naoyuki; Ohnuki, SomeiPlastic bag method for active sample loading into transmission electron microscope-Journal of Electron Microscopy-Dec-2011
article (author version)Ma, Tao; Isobe, Shigehito; Morita, Eri; Wang, Yongming; Hashimoto, Naoyuki; Ohnuki, Somei; Kimura, Toru; Ichikawa, Takayuki; Kojima, YoshitsuguCorrelation between kinetics and chemical bonding state of catalyst surface in catalyzed magnesium hydride-International Journal of Hydrogen Energy-Sep-2011
articleIsobe, Shigehito; Hino, Satoshi; Ichikawa, Takayuki; Kojima, YoshitsuguIdentifying catalyst in Li-N-H system by x-ray absorption spectroscopy-Applied Physics Letters-4-Jul-2011
article (author version)Isobe, Shigehito; Ohnuki, Somei; David, William I. F.; Gutmann, Matthias; Jones, Martin O.; Edwards, Peter P.; Ichikawa, Takayuki; Kojima, YoshitsuguVariable temperature neutron diffraction studies of single crystals of LiND2-International Journal of Hydrogen Energy-Jul-2011
article (author version)Isobe, Shigehito; Yao, Hao; Wang, Yongming; Kawasaki, Hiroshi; Hashimoto, Naoyuki; Ohnuki, SomeiStudy on decomposition process of NaAlH4 by in-situ TEM-International Journal of Hydrogen Energy-Jul-2010
articleIsobe, Shigehito; Ono, Akifumi; Yao, Hao; Wang, Yongming; Hashimoto, Naoyuki; Ohnuki, SomeiStudy on reaction mechanism of dehydrogenation of magnesium hydride by in situ transmission electron microscopy-Applied Physics Letters-31-May-2010
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