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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleFujimura, Akihiro; Kitagawa, Yuichi; Hasegawa, Yasuchika; Doi, Takashi; Fushimi, KojiActive-Passive Transition of an Fe-6 mass% Cr Surface in Acidic Sodium Sulfate Solutions Under a Laminar Flow Condition Evaluated by Ellipso-Microscopy and Channel Flow Electrode Method-Journal of the electrochemical society-1-May-2021
articleKitagawa, Yuichi; Naito, Ayu; Fushimi, Koji; Hasegawa, YasuchikaBright sky-blue fluorescence with high color purity : assembly of luminescent diphenyl-anthracene lutetium-based coordination polymer-RSC advances-20-Feb-2021
articleKitagawa, Yuichi; Wada, Satoshi; Islam, M. D. Jahidul; Saita, Kenichiro; Gon, Masayuki; Fushimi, Koji; Tanaka, Kazuo; Maeda, Satoshi; Hasegawa, YasuchikaChiral lanthanide lumino-glass for a circularly polarized light security device-Communications Chemistry-25-Aug-2020
articleWada, Satoshi; Kitagawa, Yuichi; Nakanishi, Takayuki; Fushimi, Koji; Hasegawa, YasuchikaChiroptical Properties of Nonanuclear Tb(III) Clusters with Chiral Champhor Derivative Ligands-e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology-14-Feb-2015
articleSakairi, Masatoshi; Murata, Takuya; Kikuchi, Tatsuya; Fushimi, KojiDevelopment of a Low Solution Resistance Type Solution Flow Droplet Cell and Investigation of Its Electrochemical Performance-ISIJ International-15-Oct-2010
article (author version)Kiriu, Masahiko; Fushimi, Koji; Konno, Hidetaka; Habazaki, HirokiElectrochemical Capacitance of Nitrogen-Containing Nanocarbons Prepared Using Porous Anodic Alumina Template多孔質アノード酸化アルミナを鋳型として合成した窒素含有ナノカーボンのキャパシタンス電気化学および工業物理化学ElectrochemistryMar-2008
article (author version)Yanagisawa, Kei; Kitagawa, Yuichi; Nakanishi, Takayuki; Akama, Tomoko; Kobayashi, Masato; Seki, Tomohiro; Fushimi, Koji; Ito, Hajime; Taketsugu, Tetsuya; Hasegawa, YasuchikaEnhanced Luminescence of Asymmetrical Seven-Coordinate Eu-III Complexes Including LMCT Perturbation-European journal of inorganic chemistry-1-Sep-2017
articleFushimi, Koji; Azumi, Kazuhisa; Seo, MasahiroEvaluation of Heterogeneity in Thickness of Passive Films on Pure Iron by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy-ISIJ International-Apr-1999
article (author version)Habazaki, H.; Fushimi, K.; Shimizu, K.; Skeldon, P.; Thompson, G.E.Fast migration of fluoride ions in growing anodic titanium oxide-Electrochemistry Communications-May-2007
articleYamamoto, Yudai; Kitagawa, Yuichi; Nakanishi, Takayuki; Hasegawa, Yasuchika; Fushimi, KojiFEM Analysis for Sinusoidal Perturbation of Hydrogen Permeation into a Steel Sheet-ISIJ International-Mar-2016
article (author version)Habazaki, H.; Oikawa, Y.; Fushimi, K.; Shimizu, K.; Nagata, S.; Skeldon, P.; Thompson, G. E.Formation of porous anodic films on Ti-Si alloys in hot phosphate-glycerol electrolyte-Electrochimica Acta-Dec-2007
article (author version)Konno, Hidetaka; Ito, Teruhiko; Ushiro, Mariko; Fushimi, Koji; Azumi, KazuhisaHigh capacitance B/C/N composites for capacitor electrodes synthesized by a simple method-Journal of Power Sources-15-Mar-2010
article (author version)Koizuka, Toru; Kitagawa, Yuichi; Nakanishi, Takayuki; Fushimi, Koji; Hasegawa, YasuchikaHighly luminescent tetranuclear Eu(III) complex with characteristic cavity space-Inorganica chimica acta-24-Feb-2019
articleFushimi, Koji; Jin, Misako; Kitagawa, Yuichi; Nakanishi, Takayuki; Hasegawa, YasuchikaHydrogen Permeation into a Carbon Steel Sheet Observed by a Micro-capillary Combined with a Devanathan-Stachurski Cell-ISIJ International-Mar-2016
articleNakajima, Ayako; Nakanishi, Takayuki; Kitagawa, Yuichi; Seki, Tomohiro; Ito, Hajime; Fushimi, Koji; Hasegawa, YasuchikaHyper-stable organo-Eu-III luminophore under high temperature for photo-industrial application-Scientific reports-15-Apr-2016
article (author version)Habazaki, H.; Oikawa, Y.; Fushimi, K.; Aoki, Y.; Shimizu, K.; Skeldon, P.; Thompson, G.E.Importance of water content in formation of porous anodic niobium oxide films in hot phosphate-glycerol electrolyte-Electrochimica Acta-1-Jan-2009
article (author version)Habazaki, H.; Ogasawara, T.; Fushimi, K.; Shimizu, K.; Nagata, S.; Izumi, T.; Skeldon, P.; Thompson, G.E.Inhibition of field crystallization of anodic niobium oxide by incorporation of silicon species-Electrochimica Acta-30-Nov-2008
articleLee, Jun-Seob; Kawano, Takashi; Ishii, Tomohiro; Kitagawa, Yuichi; Nakanishi, Takayuki; Hasegawa, Yasuchika; Fushimi, KojiInitiation of Localized Corrosion of Ferritic Stainless Steels by Using the Liquid-Phase Ion Gun Technique-Journal of the electrochemical society-2017
article (author version)Yamamoto, Masanori; Kitagawa, Yuichi; Nakanishi, Takayuki; Fushimi, Koji; Hasegawa, YasuchikaLigand-Assisted Back Energy Transfer in Luminescent Tb-III Complexes for Thermosensing Properties-Chemistry-A European journal-3-Dec-2018
articleMiyano, Mari; Nakanishi, Takayuki; Wada, Satoshi; Kitagawa, Yuichi; Kawashima, Akira; Fushimi, Koji; Morisaki, Yasuhiro; Chujo, Yoshiki; Hasegawa, YasuchikaLuminescent Silicon Nanoparticles Surface-Modified with Chiral Molecules-Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology-11-May-2015
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