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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
article (author version)Kimura, Masahito T.; Suwito, AwitAltitudinal patterns of abundances and parasitism in frugivorous drosophilids in west Java, Indonesia-Journal of natural history-27-Jul-2015
article (author version)Takigahira, Tomohiro; Suwito, Awit; Kimura, Masahito T.Assessment of fitness costs of resistance against the parasitoid Leptopilina victoriae in Drosophila bipectinata-Ecological research-Nov-2014
article (author version)Hata, Yoshihiro; Hashiba, Takuto; Nakamura, Takashi; Kitamura, Masashi; Ishida, Takahide A.; Akimoto, Shin-ichi; Sato, Hiroaki; Kimura, Masahito T.Differences in leafminer (Phyllonorycter, Gracillariidae, Lepidoptera) and aphid (Tuberculatus, Aphididae, Hemiptera) composition among Quercus dentata, Q. crispula, Q. serrata, and their hybrids-Journal of Forest Research-Aug-2011
article (author version)Kimura, Masahito T.; Suwito, AwitDiversity and abundance of frugivorous drosophilids and their parasitoids in Bogor, Indonesia-Journal of Natural History-8-Aug-2012
article (author version)Kasuya, Nazuki; Mitsui, Hideyuki; Aotsuka, Tadashi; Kimura, Masahito T.Diversity and host associations of parasitoids attacking mycophagous drosophilids (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in northern and central Japan-Entomological Science-Apr-2013
article (author version)Kasuya, Nazuki; Mitsui, Hideyuki; Ideo, Shinsuke; Watada, Masayoshi; Kimura, Masahito T.Ecological, morphological and molecular studies on Ganaspis individuals (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) attacking Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae)-Applied Entomology and Zoology-Feb-2013
article (author version)Furihata, Shunsuke X.; Kimura, Masahito T.Effects of Asobara japonica venom on larval survival of host and nonhost Drosophila species-Physiological Entomology-Sep-2009
article (author version)Suzuki, Mayuko; Kaya, Yuhdai; Ishida, Takahide A.; Hattori, Kouhei; Miki, Kaori; Nakamura, Takashi; Kimura, Masahito T.Flowering phenology and survival of two annual plants Impatiens noli-tangere and Persicaria thunbergii co-occurring in streamside environments-Ecological Research-May-2007
article (author version)Nomano, Fumiaki Y.; Kasuya, Nazuki; Matsuura, Akira; Suwito, Awit; Mitsui, Hideyuki; Buffington, Matthew L.; Kimura, Masahito T.Genetic differentiation of Ganaspis brasiliensis (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) from East and Southeast Asia-Applied entomology and zoology-Aug-2017
article (author version)Kohyama, Tetsuo I.; Onizawa, Kota; Kimura, Masahito T.Growth rate adjustment of two Drosophila parasitoids in response to the developmental stage of hosts-Ecological entomology-Dec-2017
article (author version)Kimura, Masahito T.; Novkovic, BiljanaLocal adaptation and ecological fitting in host use of the Drosophila parasitoid Leptopilina japonica-Ecological research-May-2015
article (author version)Matsuura, Akira; Mitsui, Hideyuki; Kimura, Masahito T.A preliminary study on distributions and oviposition sites of Drosophila suzukii (Diptera: Drosophilidae) and its parasitoids on wild cherry tree in Tokyo, central Japan-Applied entomology and zoology-Feb-2018
article (author version)Kimura, MasahitoPrevalence of exotic frugivorous Drosophila species, D-simulans and D-immigrans (Diptera: Drosophilidae), and its effects on local parasitoids in Sapporo, northern Japan-Applied entomology and zoology-Nov-2015
article (author version)Mitsui, Hideyuki; Beppu, Katsura; Kimura, Masahito T.Seasonal life cycles and resource uses of flower- and fruit-feeding drosophilid flies (Diptera: Drosophilidae) in central Japan-Entomological Science-Mar-2010
article (author version)Watada, Masayoshi; Matsumoto, Masashi; Kondo, Masanori; Kimura, Masahito T.Taxonomic study of the Drosophila auraria species complex (Diptera: Drosophilidae) with description of a new species-Entomological Science-Oct-2011
article (author version)Wachi, Nakatada; Nomano, Fumiaki Y.; Mitsui, Hideyuki; Kasuya, Nazuki; Kimura, Masahito T.Taxonomy and evolution of putative thelytokous species of Leptopilina (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) from Japan, with description of two new species-Entomological science-5-Jan-2015
article (author version)Novković, Biljana; Mitsui, Hideyuki; Suwito, Awit; Kimura, Masahito T.Taxonomy and phylogeny of Leptopilina species (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea: Figitidae) attacking frugivorous drosophilid flies in Japan, with description of three new species-Entomological Science-Jul-2011
article (author version)Kohyama, Tetsuo I.; Kimura, Masahito T.Toxicity of venom of Asobara and Leptopilina species to Drosophila species-Physiological entomology-Dec-2015
article (author version)Nakamura, Takashi; Kimura, Masahito T.Weak parasitoid-mediated apparent competition between two Phyllonorycter (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) leaf miner species on a deciduous oak Quercus dentata-Entomological Science-Sep-2009
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