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articleHorikawa, Mei; Sabe, Hisataka; Onodera, YasuhitoDual roles of AMAP1 in the transcriptional regulation and intracellular trafficking of carbonic anhydrase IX-Translational Oncology-Jan-2022
articleTsutaho, Akio; Hashimoto, Ari; Hashimoto, Shigeru; Hata, Soichiro; Kachi, Shion; Hirano, Satoshi; Sabe, HisatakaHigh expression of AMAP1, an ARF6 effector, is associated with elevated levels of PD-L1 and fibrosis of pancreatic cancer-Cell communication and signaling-24-Jun-2020
articleMaekawa, Satoshi; Takada, Shingo; Nambu, Hideo; Furihata, Takaaki; Kakutani, Naoya; Setoyama, Daiki; Ueyanagi, Yasushi; Kang, Dongchon; Sabe, Hisataka; Kinugawa, ShintaroLinoleic acid improves assembly of the CII subunit and CIII2/CIV complex of the mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation system in heart failure-Cell communication and signaling-16-Oct-2019
articleHashimoto, Shigeru; Furukawa, Shotaro; Hashimoto, Ari; Tsutaho, Akio; Fukao, Akira; Sakamura, Yurika; Parajuli, Gyanu; Onodera, Yasuhito; Otsuka, Yutaro; Handa, Haruka; Oikawa, Tsukasa; Hata, Soichiro; Nishikawa, Yoshihiro; Mizukami, Yusuke; Kodama, Yuzo; Murakami, Masaaki; Fujiwara, Toshinobu; Hirano, Satoshi; Sabe, HisatakaARF6 and AMAP1 are major targets of KRAS and TP53 mutations to promote invasion, PD-L1 dynamics, and immune evasion of pancreatic cancer-Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)-27-Aug-2019
articleHanda, Haruka; Hashimoto, Ari; Hashimoto, Shigeru; Sugino, Hirokazu; Oikawa, Tsukasa; Sabe, HisatakaEpithelial-specific histone modification of the miR-96/182 locus targeting AMAP1 mRNA predisposes p53 to suppress cell invasion in epithelial cells-Cell communication and signaling-4-Dec-2018
article (author version)Tenma, Taro; Mitsuyama, Hirofumi; Watanabe, Masaya; Kakutani, Naoya; Otsuka, Yutaro; Mizukami, Kazuya; Kamada, Rui; Takahashi, Masayuki; Takada, Shingo; Sabe, Hisataka; Tsutsui, Hiroyuki; Yokoshiki, HisashiSmall-conductance Ca2+-activated K+ channel activation deteriorates hypoxic ventricular arrhythmias via CaMKII in cardiac hypertrophySK channels deteriorate hypoxic ventricular arrhythmiaAmerican journal of physiology. Heart and circulatory physiology-Aug-2018
articleOnodera, Yasuhito; Nam, Jin-Min; Horikawa, Mei; Shirato, Hiroki; Sabe, HisatakaArf6-driven cell invasion is intrinsically linked to TRAK1-mediated mitochondrial anterograde trafficking to avoid oxidative catastrophe-Nature communications-11-Jul-2018
articleOikawa, Tsukasa; Otsuka, Yutaro; Onodera, Yasuhito; Horikawa, Mei; Handa, Haruka; Hashimoto, Shigeru; Suzuki, Yutaka; Sabe, HisatakaNecessity of p53-binding to the CDH1 locus for its expression defines two epithelial cell types differing in their integrity-Scientific reports-25-Jan-2018
articleOtsuka, Yutaro; Oikawa, Tsukasa; Yoshino, Hinako; Hashimoto, Shigeru; Handa, Haruka; Yamamoto, Hiroki; Hashimoto, Ari; Sabe, HisatakaFrequent overexpression of AMAP1, an Arf6 effector in cell invasion, is characteristic of the MMTV-PyMT rather than the MMTV-Neu human breast cancer model-Cell communication and signaling-5-Jan-2018
articleMazaki, Yuichi; Onodera, Yasuhito; Higashi, Tsunehito; Horinouchi, Takahiro; Oikawa, Tsukasa; Sabe, HisatakaARF1 recruits RAC1 to leading edge in neutrophil chemotaxis-Cell communication and signaling-2-Oct-2017
articleHashimoto, A.; Hashimoto, S.; Sugino, H.; Yoshikawa, A.; Onodera, Y.; Handa, H.; Oikawa, T.; Sabe, H.ZEB1 induces EPB41L5 in the cancer mesenchymal program that drives ARF6-based invasion, metastasis and drug resistance-Oncogenesis-12-Sep-2016
articleHashimoto, Ari; Oikawa, Tsukasa; Hashimoto, Shigeru; Sugino, Hirokazu; Yoshikawa, Ayumu; Otsuka, Yutaro; Handa, Haruka; Onodera, Yasuhito; Nam, Jin-Min; Oneyama, Chitose; Okada, Masato; Fukuda, Mitsunori; Sabe, HisatakaP53-and mevalonate pathway-driven malignancies require Arf6 for metastasis and drug resistance-Journal of cell biology-11-Apr-2016
articleHashimoto, Shigeru; Mikami, Shuji; Sugino, Hirokazu; Yoshikawa, Ayumu; Hashimoto, Ari; Onodera, Yasuhito; Furukawa, Shotaro; Handa, Haruka; Oikawa, Tsukasa; Okada, Yasunori; Oya, Mototsugu; Sabe, HisatakaLysophosphatidic acid activates Arf6 to promote the mesenchymal malignancy of renal cancer-Nature communications-8-Feb-2016
articleSato, Hiroki; Hatanaka, Kanako C.; Hatanaka, Yutaka; Hatakeyama, Hiromitsu; Hashimoto, Ari; Matsuno, Yoshihiro; Fukuda, Satoshi; Sabe, HisatakaHigh level expression of AMAP1 protein correlates with poor prognosis and survival after surgery of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients-Cell Communication and Signaling-12-Mar-2014
articleKinoshita, Rumiko; Nam, Jin-Min; Ito, Yoichi M.; Hatanaka, Kanako C.; Hashimoto, Ari; Handa, Haruka; Otsuka, Yutaro; Hashimoto, Shigeru; Onodera, Yasuhito; Hosoda, Mitsuchika; Onodera, Shunsuke; Shimizu, Shinichi; Tanaka, Shinya; Shirato, Hiroki; Tanino, Mishie; Sabe, HisatakaCo-Overexpression of GEP100 and AMAP1 Proteins Correlates with Rapid Local Recurrence after Breast Conservative Therapy-Plos one-7-Oct-2013
articleMazaki, Yuichi; Nishimura, Yasuharu; Sabe, HisatakaGBF1 bears a novel phosphatidylinositol-phosphate binding module, BP3K, to link PI3Kγ activity with Arf1 activation involved in GPCR-mediated neutrophil chemotaxis and superoxide production-Molecular Biology of the Cell-1-Jul-2012
articleOnodera, Yasuhito; Nam, Jin-Min; Hashimoto, Ari; Norman, Jim C.; Shirato, Hiroki; Hashimoto, Shigeru; Sabe, HisatakaRab5c promotes AMAP1-PRKD2 complex formation to enhance β1 integrin recycling in EGF-induced cancer invasion-Journal of Cell Biology: JCB-25-Jun-2012
articleMenju, Toshi; Hashimoto, Shigeru; Hashimoto, Ari; Otsuka, Yutaro; Handa, Haruka; Ogawa, Eiji; Toda, Yoshinobu; Wada, Hiromi; Date, Hiroshi; Sabe, HisatakaEngagement of Overexpressed Her2 with GEP100 Induces Autonomous Invasive Activities and Provides a Biomarker for Metastases of Lung Adenocarcinoma-PLoS One-22-Sep-2011
articleHashimoto, Ari; Hashimoto, Shigeru; Ando, Ryo; Noda, Kosuke; Ogawa, Eiji; Kotani, Hirokazu; Hirose, Mayumi; Menju, Toshi; Morishige, Masaki; Manabe, Toshiaki; Toda, Yoshinobu; Ishida, Susumu; Sabe, HisatakaGEP100-Arf6-AMAP1-Cortactin Pathway Frequently Used in Cancer Invasion Is Activated by VEGFR2 to Promote Angiogenesis-PLoS One-15-Aug-2011
article (author version)Sabe, HisatakaCancer early dissemination : cancerous epithelial-mesenchymal transdifferentiation and transforming growth factor β signalling-Journal of Biochemistry-Jun-2011
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