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articleSato, Motohiro; Inoue, Akio; Shima, HiroyukiBamboo-inspired optimal design for functionally graded hollow cylinders-PLoS ONE-2017年 5月 3日
article (author version)Shima, Hiroyuki; Nakayama, TsuneyoshiCorrelation effects of quantum rotors in Ge crystals-Physica B Condensed Matter-2006年 4月 1日
articleShima, Hiroyuki; Nakayama, TsuneyoshiCritical behavior of ac conductivity near the Anderson transition-Physical Review B-1999年11月15日
articleShima, Hiroyuki; Nakayama, TsuneyoshiDielectric anomaly in coupled rotor systems-Physical Review B-2004年 1月15日
article (author version)Shima, Hiroyuki; Sakaniwa, YasunoriThe dynamic exponent of the Ising model on negatively curved surfaces-Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment-2006年 8月21日
articleSato, Motohiro; Taira, Hisao; Ikeda, Tetsuro; Shima, HiroyukiEmbedding Effect on the Mechanical Stability of Pressurised Carbon Nanotubes-Journal Of Nanomaterials-2013年
article (author version)Shima, Hiroyuki; Sakaniwa, YasunoriGeometric effects on critical behaviours of the Ising model-Journal of Physics A Mathematical and General-2006年 5月 5日
articleShima, Hiroyuki; Yoshioka, Hideo; Onoe, JunGeometry-driven shift in the Tomonaga-Luttinger exponent of deformed cylinders-Physical Review B-2009年 5月
articleShima, Hiroyuki; Nakayama, TsuneyoshiInteracting quantum rotors in oxygen-doped germanium-Physical Review B-2005年 4月29日
articleShima, H.; Nomura, T.; Nakayama, T.Localization-delocalization transition in one-dimensional electron systems with long-range correlated disorder-Physical Review B-2004年 8月31日
articleShima, Hiroyuki; Nakayama, TsuneyoshiOrienting coupled quantum rotors by ultrashort laser pulses-Physical Review A-2004年 7月 7日
articleShima, Hiroyuki; Sato, Motohiro; Inoue, AkioSelf-adaptive formation of uneven node spacings in wild bamboo-Physical review E-2016年 2月10日
articleSakaniwa, Yasunori; Shima, HiroyukiSurvival of short-range order in the Ising model on negatively curved surfaces-Physical Review E-2009年 8月
articleOno, Shota; Shima, Hiroyuki; Toda, YasunoriTheory of photoexcited carrier relaxation across the energy gap of phase-ordered materials-Physical Review B-2012年 9月 1日
articleOno, Shota; Shima, HiroyukiTuning the electrical resistivity of semiconductor thin films by nanoscale corrugation-Physical Review B-2009年 6月
検索結果表示: 1 - 15 / 15


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