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bookchapterHoshino, YoichiroAdvances in Alstroemeria Biotechnology--2008年 5月
article (author version)Hoshino, Yoichiro; Igarashi, Toshiya; Ohshima, Masumi; Shinoda, Koichi; Murata, Naho; Kanno, Akira; Nakano, MasaruCharacterization of CYCLOIDEA-like genes in controlling floral zygomorphy in the monocotyledon Alstroemeria-Scientia Horticulturae2014年 4月16日
article (author version)Hirano, Tomonari; Hoshino, YoichiroDetection of changes in the nuclear phase and evaluation of male germ units by flow cytometry during in vitro pollen tube growth in Alstroemeria aurea-Journal of Plant Research2009年 3月
articleAsakura, Issei; Hoshino, YoichiroDistribution, Ploidy Levels, and Fruit Characteristics of Three Actinidia Species Native to Hokkaido, Japan-The Horticulture Journal2015年10月 9日
article (author version)WANG, XUN; YAMADA, TETSUYA; KONG, FAN-JIANG; ABE, YUKI; HOSHINO, YOICHIRO; SATO, HIROKO; TAKAMIZO, TADASHI; KANAZAWA, AKIRA; YAMADA, TOSHIHIKOEstablishment of an efficient in vitro culture and particle bombardment-mediated transformation systems in Miscanthus sinensis Anderss., a potential bioenergy crop-Global Change Biology Bioenergy2011年 8月
article (author version)Hoshino, Yoichiro; Scholten, Stefan; von Wiegen, Petra; Lörz, Horst; Kranz, ErhardFertilization-induced changes in the microtubular architecture of the maize egg cell and zygote—an immunocytochemical approach adapted to single cells-Sexual Plant Reproduction2004年 7月
theses (doctoral)HOSHINO, YoichiroGenetic transformation and protoplast culture as the means for plant breeding of some horticultural crops数種の園芸作物における育種手法としての形質転換とプロトプラスト培養-1998年 3月25日
article (author version)Hoshino, Yoichiro; Miyashita, Tomomi; Thomas, Thuruthiyil DennisIn vitro culture of endosperm and its application in plant breeding: Approaches to polyploidy breeding-Scientia Horticulturae2011年 8月26日
article (author version)Miyashita, Tomomi; Hoshino, YoichiroInterploid and intraploid hybridizations to produce polyploid Haskap (Lonicera caerulea var. emphyllocalyx) plants-Euphytica2015年 1月
article (author version)Miyashita, Tomomi; Hoshino, YoichiroInterspecific hybridization in Lonicera caerulea and Lonicera gracilipes: The occurrence of green/albino plants by reciprocal crossing-Scientia Horticulturae2010年 7月26日
bulletinHOSHINO, Yoichiro; MII, MasahiroIsolation of Female Gametes from Ovules of Torenia baillonii by Enzymatic Treatments酵素処理によるTorenia bailloniiの胚珠からの雌性配偶子単離北海道大学農学部農場研究報告 = Research bulletin of the University Farm Hokkaido University1999年 3月29日
article (author version)HOSHINO, Yoichiro; MURATA, Naho; SHINODA, KoichiIsolation of Individual Egg Cells and Zygotes in Alstroemeria Followed by Manual Selection with a Microcapillary-connected Micropump-Annals of Botany2006年 6月
article (author version)Hoshino, Yoichiro; Kashihara, Yukiko; Hirano, Tomonari; Murata, Naho; Shinoda, KoichiPlant regeneration from suspension cells induced from hypocotyls derived from interspecific cross Alstroemeria pelegrina × A. magenta and transformation with Agrobacterium tumefaciens-Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture2008年 7月
article (author version)Miyashita, Tomomi; Araki, Hajime; Hoshino, YoichiroPloidy distribution and DNA content variations of Lonicera caerulea (Caprifoliaceae) in Japan-Journal of Plant Research2011年
article (author version)Sarwar, Abul Khayer Mohammad Golam; Hoshino, Yoichiro; Araki, HajimePollen morphology and infrageneric classification of Alstroemeria L. (Alstroemeriaceae)-Grana2010年12月
articleSarwar, Abul Khayer Mohammad Golam; Hoshino, Yoichiro; Araki, HajimePollen morphology and its taxonomic significance in the genus Bomarea Mirb. (Alstroemeriaceae) - I. Subgenera Baccata, Sphaerine, and Wichuraea-Acta botanica brasilica2015年
articleSarwar, Abul Khayer Mohammad Golam; Hoshino, Yoichiro; Araki, HajimePollen morphology and its taxonomic significance in the genus Bomarea Mirb. (Alstroemeriaceae) - II. Subgenus Bomarea-Acta Botanica Brasilica2015年
article (author version)Wang, Xun; Hoshino, Yoichiro; Yamada, ToshihikoRapid and efficient callus induction and plant regeneration from seeds of zoysiagrass (Zoysia japonica Steud.)-Grassland Science2010年12月
article (author version)Hirano, Tomonari; Hoshino, YoichiroSperm dimorphism in terms of nuclear shape and microtubule accumulation in Cyrtanthus mackenii-Sexual Plant Reproduction2010年 3月
articleKashihara, Yukiko; Shinoda, Koichi; Araki, Hajime; Hoshino, YoichiroTowards intergeneric hybridization between Alstroemeria L. and Bomarea Mirb.-Floriculture and Ornamental Biotechnology2012年12月
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