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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleKubota, Hiroe; Mine, Shinya; Toyao, Takashi; Shimizu, Ken-ichiRegeneration of atomic Ag sites over commercial gamma-aluminas by oxidative dispersion of Ag metal particles-Catalysis science and technology-7-Mar-2023
articleYasumura, Shunsaku; Kato, Taisetsu; Toyao, Takashi; Maeno, Zen; Shimizu, Ken-ichiAn automated reaction route mapping for the reaction of NO and active species on Ag-4 clusters in zeolites-Physical chemistry chemical physics-2023
articleLi, Lingcong; Wu, Ziyang; Miyazaki, Shinta; Toyao, Takashi; Maeno, Zen; Shimizu, Ken-ichiContinuous CO2 capture and methanation over Ni-Ca/Al2O3 dual functional materials-RSC advances-2023
articleXing, Feilong; Ma, Jiamin; Shimizu, Ken-ichi; Furukawa, ShinyaHigh-entropy intermetallics on ceria as efficient catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane using CO2-Nature communications-29-Aug-2022
articleMine, Shinya; Jing, Yuan; Mukaiyama, Takumi; Takao, Motoshi; Maeno, Zen; Shimizu, Ken-ichi; Takigawa, Ichigaku; Toyao, TakashiMachine Learning Analysis of Literature Data on the Water Gas Shift Reaction toward Extrapolative Prediction of Novel Catalysts-Chemistry letters-5-Mar-2022
article (author version)Huang, Mengwen; Yasumura, Shunsaku; Li, Lingcong; Toyao, Takashi; Maeno, Zen; Shimizu, Ken-ichiHigh-loading Ga-exchanged MFI zeolites as selective and coke-resistant catalysts for nonoxidative ethane dehydrogenation-Catalysis science and technology-7-Feb-2022
articleTing, Kah Wei; Imbe, Takuto; Kamakura, Haruka; Maeno, Zen; Siddiki, S. M. A. Hakim; Matsushita, Koichi; Shimizu, Ken-ichi; Toyao, TakashiCatalytic Methylation of Benzene over Pt/MoOx/TiO2 and Zeolite Catalyst Using CO2 and H-2-Chemistry letters-Feb-2022
article (author version)Xing, Feilong; Nakaya, Yuki; Yasumura, Shunsaku; Shimizu, Ken-ichi; Furukawa, ShinyaTernary platinum-cobalt-indium nanoalloy on ceria as a highly efficient catalyst for the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane using CO2-Nature Catalysis-27-Jan-2022
article (author version)Hinuma, Yoyo; Mine, Shinya; Toyao, Takashi; Kamachi, Takashi; Shimizu, Ken-ichiFactors determining surface oxygen vacancy formation energy in ternary spinel structure oxides with zinc-Physical chemistry chemical physics-7-Nov-2021
articleZhang, Jianshuo; Ma, Ruoyun; Ham, Hyungwon; Shimizu, Ken-ichi; Furukawa, ShinyaElectroassisted Propane Dehydrogenation at Low Temperatures : Far beyond the Equilibrium Limitation-JACS Au-25-Oct-2021
article (author version)Yasumura, Shunsaku; Ueda, Taihei; Ide, Hajime; Otsubo, Katsumasa; Liu, Chong; Tsunoji, Nao; Toyao, Takashi; Maeno, Zen; Shimizu, Ken-ichiLocal structure and NO adsorption/desorption property of Pd2+ cations at different paired Al sites in CHA zeolite-Physical chemistry chemical physics-21-Oct-2021
article (author version)Kubota, Hiroe; Liu, Chong; Amada, Takehiro; Kon, Kenichi; Toyao, Takashi; Maeno, Zen; Ueda, Kakuya; Satsuma, Atsushi; Tsunoji, Nao; Sano, Tsuneji; Shimizu, KenichiIn situ/operando spectroscopic studies on NH3-SCR reactions catalyzed by a phosphorus-modified Cu-CHA zeolite-Catalysis today-15-Sep-2021
articleMine, Shinya; Takao, Motoshi; Yamaguchi, Taichi; Toyao, Takashi; Maeno, Zen; Siddiki, S. M. A. Hakim; Takakusagi, Satoru; Shimizu, Ken-ichi; Takigawa, IchigakuAnalysis of Updated Literature Data up to 2019 on the Oxidative Coupling of Methane Using an Extrapolative Machine-Learning Method to Identify Novel Catalysts-ChemCatChem-1-Sep-2021
article (author version)Hinuma, Yoyo; Mine, Shinya; Toyao, Takashi; Maeno, Zen; Shimizu, Ken-ichiSurface activation by electron scavenger metal nanorod adsorption on TiH2, TiC, TiN, and Ti2O3-Physical chemistry chemical physics-21-Aug-2021
article (author version)Jing, Yuan; Wang, Gang; Ting, Kah Wei; Maeno, Zen; Oshima, Kazumasa; Satokawa, Shigeo; Nagaoka, Shuhei; Shimizu, Ken-ichi; Toyao, TakashiRoles of the basic metals La, Ba, and Sr as additives in Al2O3-supported Pd-based three-way catalysts-Journal of catalysis-1-Aug-2021
article (author version)Mine, Shinya; Yamaguchi, Taichi; Ting, Kah Wei; Maeno, Zen; Siddiki, S. M. A. Hakim; Oshima, Kazumasa; Satokawa, Shigeo; Shimizu, Ken-ichi; Toyao, TakashiReverse water-gas shift reaction over Pt/MoOx/TiO2 : reverse Mars-van Krevelen mechanism via redox of supported MoOx-Catalysis science and technology-21-Jun-2021
article (author version)Yasumura, Shunsaku; Liu, Chong; Toyao, Takashi; Maeno, Zen; Shimizu, Ken-ichiLean NOx Capture and Reduction by NH3 via NO+ Intermediates over H-CHA at Room Temperature-Journal of physical chemistry c-28-Jan-2021
articleYasumura, Shunsaku; Ide, Hajime; Ueda, Taihei; Jing, Yuan; Liu, Chong; Kon, Kenichi; Toyao, Takashi; Maeno, Zen; Shimizu, Ken-ichiTransformation of Bulk Pd to Pd Cations in Small-Pore CHA Zeolites Facilitated by NO-JACS Au-13-Jan-2021
articleTing, Kah Wei; Maeno, Zen; Siddiki, S. M. A. Hakim; Shimizu, Ken-ichi; Toyao, TakashiReverse Water-Gas Shift Reaction via Redox of Re Nanoclusters Supported on TiO2-Chemistry letters-Jan-2021
article (author version)Jeon, Jaewan; Ham, Hyungwon; Xing, Feilong; Nakaya, Yuki; Shimizu, Ken-ichi; Furukawa, ShinyaPdIn-Based Pseudo-Binary Alloy as a Catalyst for NOx Removal under Lean Conditions-ACS catalysis-2-Oct-2020
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