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article (author version)Kagawa, Shinjiro; Hiraizumi, Shingo; Bai, Hanako; Takahashi, Masashi; Kawahara, ManabuCattle production by intracytoplasmic sperm injection into oocytes vitrified after ovum pick-up-Theriogenology-Jun-2022
articleLI, Jianye; MAEJI, Mana; BALBOULA, Ahmed Zaky; ABOELENAIN, Mansour; FUJII, Takashi; MORIYASU, Satoru; BAI, Hanako; KAWAHARA, Manabu; TAKAHASHI, MasashiDynamic status of lysosomal cathepsin in bovine oocytes and preimplantation embryos-Journal of Reproduction and Development-2019
articleLI, Jianye; BALBOULA, Ahmed Zaky; ABOELENAIN, Mansour; FUJII, Takashi; MORIYASU, Satoru; BAI, Hanako; KAWAHARA, Manabu; TAKAHASHI, MasashiEffect of autophagy induction and cathepsin B inhibition on developmental competence of poor quality bovine oocytes-Journal of Reproduction and Development-25-Dec-2019
article (author version)Bai, Hanako; Arai, Hikoji; Ikuta, Kentarou; Ishikawa, Sho; Ohtani, Yoshihisa; Iwashita, Kunihiro; Okada, Nao; Shirakawa, Hitoshi; Komai, Michio; Terada, Fuminori; Obara, YoshiakiEffects of dietary vitamin K-3 supplementation on vitamin K-1 and K-2 (menaquinone) dynamics in dairy cows-Animal science journal-13-Jan-2022
article (author version)Oikawa, Kohei; Yamazaki, Takeshi; Yamaguchi, Satoshi; Abe, Hayato; Bai, Hanako; Takahashi, Masashi; Kawahara, ManabuEffects of use of conventional and sexed semen on the conception rate in heifers : A comparison study-Theriogenology-1-Sep-2019
articleUkita, Haruka; Yamazaki, Takeshi; Yamaguchi, Satoshi; Abe, Hayato; Baba, Toshimi; Bai, Hanako; Takahashi, Masashi; Kawahara, ManabuEnvironmental factors affecting the conception rates of nulliparous and primiparous dairy cattle-Journal of dairy science-Aug-2022
articleKIKUCHI, Kohta; KOZAI, Keisuke; HOJO, Takuo; SAKATANI, Miki; OKUDA, Kiyoshi; BAI, Hanako; KAWAHARA, Manabu; TAKAHASHI, MasashiEvaluating the electrical impedance and mucus-related gene expression of uterine endometrial tissues in mares-Journal of Reproduction and Development-13-Apr-2018
articleBai, Hanako; Shabur, Talukder Md Abdus; Kunii, Hiroki; Itoh, Tsukino; Kawahara, Manabu; Takahashi, MasashiEvaluation of the immune status of peripheral blood monocytes from dairy cows during the periparturition period-Journal of reproduction and development-9-Aug-2019
articleSaito, Shun; Akizawa, Hiroki; Furukawa, Eri; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Bai, Hanako; Takahashi, Masashi; Kawahara, ManabuGeneration of viable calves derived from developmentally mature blastocysts produced by on-gel culture-Journal of reproduction and development-Oct-2022
article (author version)Murata, Hirona; Kunii, Hiroki; Kusama, Kazuya; Sakurai, Toshihiro; Bai, Hanako; Kawahara, Manabu; Takahashi, MasashiHeat stress induces oxidative stress and activates the KEAP1-NFE2L2-ARE pathway in bovine endometrial epithelial cells-Biology of reproduction-22-Jul-2021
articleKunii, Hiroki; Koyama, Keisuke; Ito, Tsukino; Suzuki, Toshiyuki; Balboula, Ahmed Z; Shirozu, Takahiro; Bai, Hanako; Nagano, Masashi; Kawahara, Manabu; Takahashi, MasashiHot topic: Pregnancy-induced expression of interferon-stimulated genes in the cervical and vaginal mucosal membranes-Journal of Dairy Science-Sep-2018
articleSUZUKI, Toshiyuki; SAKUMOTO, Ryosuke; HAYASHI, Ken-Go; OGISO, Takatoshi; KUNII, Hiroki; SHIROZU, Takahiro; KIM, Sung-Woo; BAI, Hanako; KAWAHARA, Manabu; KIMURA, Koji; TAKAHASHI, MasashiInvolvement of interferon-tau in the induction of apoptotic, pyroptotic, and autophagic cell death-related signaling pathways in the bovine uterine endometrium during early pregnancy-Journal of Reproduction and Development-2018
article (author version)Kunii, Hiroki; Kubo, Tomoaki; Asaoka, Natsuki; Balboula, Ahmed Z.; Hamaguchi, Yu; Shimasaki, Tomoya; Bai, Hanako; Kawahara, Manabu; Kobayashi, Hisato; Ogawa, Hidehiko; Takahashi, MasashiLoop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) and machine learning application for early pregnancy detection using bovine vaginal mucosal membrane-Biochemical and biophysical research communications-10-Sep-2021
article (author version)Hayashi, Yoshihiro; Saito, Shun; Bai, Hanako; Takahashi, Masashi; Kawahara, ManabuMitochondrial maturation in the trophectoderm and inner cell mass regions of bovine blastocysts-Theriogenology-Nov-2021
article (author version)Saito, Shun; Yamamura, Shota; Kohri, Nanami; Bai, Hanako; Takahashi, Masashi; Kawahara, ManabuRequirement for expression of WW domain containing transcription regulator 1 in bovine trophectoderm development-Biochemical and biophysical research communications-28-May-2021
article (author version)Kohri, Nanami; Akizawa, Hiroki; Iisaka, Sakie; Bai, Hanako; Takahashi, Masashi; Kawahara, ManabuThe role of RHOA signaling in trophectoderm cell-fate decision in cattle-Biochemical and biophysical research communications-6-Aug-2020
article (author version)Bai, H.; Hiura, H.; Obara, Y.; Kawahara, M.; Takahashi, M.Short communication : Menaquinone-4 (vitamin K-2) induces proliferation responses in bovine peripheral blood mononuclear cells-Journal of dairy science-Aug-2020
article (author version)Akizawa, Hiroki; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Nagano, Masashi; Bai, Hanako; Takahashi, Masashi; Kawahara, ManabuSignificance of CCN2 expression in bovine preimplantation development-Animal science journal-Jan-2019
articleHo, Khoi Thieu; Homma, Kohei; Takanari, Jun; Bai, Hanako; Kawahara, Manabu; Nguyen, Khang Thi Kim; Takahashi, MasashiA standardized extract of Asparagus officinalis stem improves HSP70-mediated redox balance and cell functions in bovine cumulus-granulosa cells-Scientific reports-13-Sep-2021
article (author version)Fan, Weihong; Homma, Misato; Xu, Renliang; Kunii, Hiroki; Bai, Hanako; Kawahara, Manabu; Kawaguchi, Toshikazu; Takahashi, MasashiThe use of a two-step removal protocol and optimized culture conditions improve development and quality of zona free mouse embryos-Biochemical and biophysical research communications-5-Nov-2021
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