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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleMori, Taro; Iwama, Yusuke; Hayama, Hirofumi; Mushtaha, EmadOptimization of a Wood Pellet Boiler System Combined with CO(2)HPs in a Cold Climate Area in Japan-Energies-Nov-2020
articleHayashi, Motoya; Yanagi, U; Azuma, Kenichi; Kagi, Naoki; Ogata, Masayuki; Morimoto, Shoichi; Hayama, Hirofumi; Mori, Taro; Kikuta, Koki; Tanabe, Shin‐ichi; Kurabuchi, Takashi; Yamada, Hiromi; Kobayashi, Kenichi; Kim, Hoon; Kaihara, NorikoMeasures against COVID‐19 concerning Summer Indoor Environment in Japan-JAPAN ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW-Oct-2020
articleFutawatari, Naoki; Udagawa, Yosuke; Mori, Taro; Hayama, HirofumiImproving Prediction Accuracy Concerning the Thermal Environment of a Data Center by Using Design of Experiments-Energies-Sep-2020
articleYamamoto, Toru; Hayama, Hirofumi; Hayashi, Takao; Mori, TaroAutomatic Energy-Saving Operations System Using Robotic Process Automation-Energies-May-2020
proceedingsFukuyama, Takafumi; Ueda, Hirofumi; Nishiyama, Noriaki; Tanaka, Masato; Onishi, Fujio; Saunavaara, Yuha; Shirai, Yuko; Mori, Taro; Kato, Tomoe; Takahashi, Shuhei; Honda, ShunwaFundamental Analysis of Significant Issues Regarding Development of "Arctic Tourism"「北極域観光」振興にかかる重要課題の基礎的分析--18-Feb-2020
articleMaruyama, Shoei; Mori, TaroAnalysis on design method and energy consumption for high thermal performance housings-Japan architectural review-Oct-2019
article剱持, 圭佑; 羽山, 広文; 森, 太郎; 菊田, 弘輝; 福島, 明置換換気される室内の機器排熱が室温分布へ与える影響THE EFFECTS OF EXHAUST HEAT TO TEMPERATURE DISTRIBUTION IN A DISPLACEMENT VENTILATED ROOM日本建築学会環境系論文集Transactions of AIJ. Journal of environmental engineering30-Jun-2012
article森, 太郎; 辻, 圭輔; 菅沼, 秀樹; 羽山, 広文; 菊田, 弘輝北海道における集合住宅の南側共用廊下の熱環境とその設計法ANALYSIS AND DESIGN METHOD OF THERMAL ENVIRONMENT IN SOUTHERN CORRIDOR ON AN APARTMENT HOUSE IN HOKKAIDO日本建築学会環境系論文集Transactions of AIJ. Journal of environmental engineering30-Apr-2012
article羽山, 広文; 降旗, 由紀; 森, 太郎; 絵内, 正道; 木下, 学データセンターの機器冷却特性と空調効率に関する研究A study on cooling characteristics of ICT equipment and cooling performance in a data center日本建築学会環境系論文集Transactions of AIJ. Journal of environmental engineeringJun-2009
article菊田, 弘輝; 絵内, 正道; 羽山, 広文; 森, 太郎簡易予測制御を適用した高断熱建物の躯体蓄熱システムに関する研究A STUDY ON THERMAL STORAGE SYSTEMS FOR HIGHLY INSULATED BUILDINGS BASED ON SIMPLIFIED PREDICTIVE CONTROL日本建築学会環境系論文集Transactions of AIJ. Journal of environmental engineering30-Jan-2006
article菊田, 弘輝; 絵内, 正道; 羽山, 広文; 森, 太郎寒冷地における高断熱建物の室内温熱環境と暖房エネルギー消費量の特性に関する実態調査研究A STUDY ON QUALITIES OF INDOOR THERMAL ENVIRONMENT AND HEATING ENERGY CONSUMPTION FOR HIGHLY INSULATED BUILDINGS IN COLD REGIONS日本建築学会環境系論文集Transactions of AIJ. Journal of environmental engineering30-Jan-2006
article森, 太郎; 塚田, 佳奈; 舘脇, 英; 上林, 英文; 絵内, 正道; 羽山, 広文通気層付き外断熱複合板の外装材の乾燥性状(環境工学)ON DESORPTION PERFORMANCES OF AN EXTERIOR FINISHING MATERIAL FOR OUTSIDE THERMAL INSULATION COMPOUND WITH AIR LAYER(Environmental Engineering)日本建築学会技術報告集 : journal of architecture and building science-20-Dec-2005
article木幡, 悠士; 羽山, 広文; 絵内, 正道; 森, 太郎オフィス空間における室温分布に関する実験的研究 (その2)Experimental study on room air temperature distribution in offices大会学術講演梗概集. D-2, 環境工学II, 熱, 湿気, 温熱感, 自然エネルギー, 気流・換気・排煙, 数値流体, 空気清浄, 暖冷房・空調, 熱源設備, 設備応用-31-Jul-2005
article菊田, 弘輝; 絵内, 正道; 羽山, 広文; 森, 太郎; 宮坂, 敏一外断熱住宅の躯体蓄熱型暖房システムに関する研究A STUDY ON AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM OF THERMAL STORAGE ON EXTERNAL INSULATED HOUSES日本建築学会環境系論文集Transactions of AIJ. Journal of environmental engineering30-Mar-2005
article羽山, 広文; 阿南, 陽介; 渡邉, 均; 林, 正博; 絵内, 正道; 森, 太郎信頼性の要因分析とシステム構成の提案 : コージェネレーションシステムを用いた空調システムの信頼性評価法に関する研究 その2ATTRIBUTION ANALYSIS OF RELIABILITY AND PROPOSAL OF SYSTEMS : Reliability evaluation method for air-conditioning systems with co-generation system Part 2日本建築学会環境系論文集Transactions of AIJ. Journal of environmental engineering30-Oct-2004
article西澤, 繁毅; 繪内, 正道; 羽山, 広文; 森, 太郎流れの時間スケールを考慮した換気・通風空間のむらの評価指標とマクロモデルへの展開VOLUME INDEX TO EVALUATE THE SPACE WITH UNEVENNESS IN CONSIDERATION OF TIME SCALE AND DEVELOPMENT IN MARCO MODEL FOR CROSS VENTILATION日本建築学会環境系論文集Transactions of AIJ. Journal of environmental engineering28-Feb-2004
article森, 太郎; 酒井, 義幸; 菅原, 正則; 繪内, 正道; 羽山, 広文遮光布によるアトリウム空間の光・熱環境調整法に関する研究 : その1 遮光布を設置したアトリウムの室内環境実測調査IMPROVEMENT OF LUMINOUS AND THERMAL ENVIRONMENT IN ATRIUMS BY USING SHIELD CLOTHS : Part 1 A comparison of the measurement results of the environment in the atrium space with shield cloths and the atrium space without shield cloths日本建築学会環境系論文集Transactions of AIJ. Journal of environmental engineering30-Jun-2003
article絵内, 正道; 吉原, 美保子; 羽山, 広文; 森, 太郎; 田村, 佳愛北海道を事例にしたClimate Severity Indexと主成分分析結果の比較COMPARISON WITH CLIMATE SEVERITY INDEX AND RESULTS BY USING PRINCIPLE COMPONENT ANALYSIS IN CASE OF HOKKAIDO日本建築学会環境系論文集Transactions of AIJ. Journal of environmental engineering30-Jun-2003
article繪内, 正道; 大橋, 正知; 荒谷, 登; 羽山, 広文; 森, 太郎塩化カルシウム含浸珪藻土粒を用いた吸放湿型除湿・熱交換換気装置の開発とその性能把握(環境工学)DEVELOPMENT OF VENTILATION DEVICES FOR MOISTURE-ABSORBENT DEHUMIDIFICATION AND HEAT EXCHANGE BY USING THE DIATMITE SOAKED WITH CaCl_2(Environmental Engineering)日本建築学会技術報告集 : journal of architecture and building science-20-Jun-2003
article大橋, 正知; 繪内, 正道; 本間, 義規; 羽山, 広文; 森, 太郎含浸珪藻土粒を用いた吸放湿型除湿・熱交換換気装置の開発 : 稚内層珪質頁岩を用いた含浸珪藻土粒の生成とその吸放湿性能DEVELOPMENT OF A DEVICE FOR MOISTURE-ABSORBENT DEHUMIDIFYING AND HEAT-EXCHANGING VENTILATION BY USING THE DIATOMATE SOAKED IN CaCl_2 SOLUTION : Production of grains made from diatomate, and performance of moisture-absorbent of small balls formed out of the grains日本建築学会計画系論文集Transactions of AIJ. Journal of architecture, planning and environmental engineering30-Mar-2003
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