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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleYamamoto, Daiki; Kawasaki, Noriyuki; Tachibana, Shogo; Kamibayashi, Michiru; Yurimoto, HisayoshiAn experimental study on oxygen isotope exchange reaction between CAI melt and low-pressure water vapor under simulated Solar nebular conditions-Geochimica et cosmochimica acta-1-Dec-2021
articleKuga, Yukari; Wu, Ting-Di; Sakamoto, Naoya; Katsuyama, Chie; Yurimoto, HisayoshiAllocation of Carbon from an Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus, Gigaspora margarita, to Its Gram-Negative and Positive Endobacteria Revealed by High-Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry-Microorganisms-Dec-2021
articleKamibayashi, Michiru; Tachibana, Shogo; Yamamoto, Daiki; Kawasaki, Noriyuki; Yurimoto, HisayoshiEffect of Hydrogen Gas Pressure on Calcium-Aluminum-rich Inclusion Formation in the Protosolar Disk : a Laboratory Simulation of Open-system Melt Crystallization-Astrophysical journal letters-Dec-2021
articleTagawa, Shoh; Sakamoto, Naoya; Hirose, Kei; Yokoo, Shunpei; Hernlund, John; Ohishi, Yasuo; Yurimoto, HisayoshiExperimental evidence for hydrogen incorporation into Earth's core-Nature communications-11-May-2021
articleZhang, Ai-Cheng; Jiang, Qin-Ting; Tomioka, Naotaka; Guo, Yan-Jun; Chen, Jia-Ni; Li, Yang; Sakamoto, Naoya; Yurimoto, HisayoshiWidespread Tissintite in Strongly Shock-Lithified Lunar Regolith Breccias-Geophysical research letters-16-Mar-2021
article (author version)Nonoyama, Takayuki; Wang, Lei; Tsuda, Masumi; Suzuki, Yuki; Kiyama, Ryuji; Yasuda, Kazunori; Tanaka, Shinya; Nagata, Kousuke; Fujita, Ryosuke; Sakamoto, Naoya; Kawasaki, Noriyuki; Yurimoto, Hisayoshi; Gong, Jian PingIsotope Microscopic Observation of Osteogenesis Process Forming Robust Bonding of Double Network Hydrogel to Bone-Advanced Healthcare Materials-3-Feb-2021
articleNagata, Kosuke; Bajo, Ken-ichi; Mitomo, Hideyuki; Fujita, Ryosuke; Uehara, Ryota; Ijiro, Kuniharu; Yurimoto, HisayoshiVisualization of DNA Replication in Single Chromosome by Stable Isotope Labeling-Cell structure and function-2021
bulletin (article)圦本, 尚義; Piani, Laurette炭素質隕石に記録された二種類の起源を持つ水The dual origin of water in carbonaceous asteroids revealed by CM chondrites低温科学-24-Mar-2020
article (author version)Nakazawa, Yuichi; Kobayashi, Sachio; Yurimoto, Hisayoshi; Akai, Fumito; Nomura, HidehikoA systematic comparison of obsidian hydration measurements : The first application of micro-image with secondary ion mass spectrometry to the prehistoric obsidian-Quaternary international-10-Jan-2020
article (author version)Matsuda, Nozomi; Sakamoto, Naoya; Tachibana, Shogo; Yurimoto, HisayoshiHeating duration of igneous rim formation on a chondrule in the Northwest Africa 3118 CV3(oxA) carbonaceous chondrite inferred from micro-scale migration of the oxygen isotopes-Geochemistry-Dec-2019
articleYamamoto, Daiki; Tachibana, Shogo; Kawasaki, Noriyuki; Yurimoto, HisayoshiSurvivability of presolar oxygen isotopic signature of amorphous silicate dust in the protosolar disk-Meteoritics & Planetary Science-12-Aug-2019
article (author version)Nagata, Kosuke; Bajo, Ken-ichi; Itose, Satoru; Matsuya, Miyuki; Ishihara, Morio; Uchino, Kiichiro; Yurimoto, HisayoshiAberration-corrected focused ion beam for time-of-flight secondary neutral mass spectrometry-Applied Physics Express (APEX)-1-Aug-2019
articleSun, Wei; Yoshino, Takashi; Kuroda, Minami; Sakamoto, Naoya; Yurimoto, HisayoshiH-D Interdiffusion in Single-Crystal Olivine: Implications for Electrical Conductivity in the Upper Mantle-Journal of geophysical research. Solid earth-Jun-2019
article (author version)Sas, May; Kawasaki, Noriyuki; Sakamoto, Naoya; Shane, Phil; Zellmer, Georg F.; Kent, Adam J. R.; Yurimoto, HisayoshiThe ion microprobe as a tool for obtaining strontium isotopes in magmatic plagioclase: A case study at Okataina Volcanic Centre, New Zealand-Chemical geology-20-May-2019
article (author version)Kuroda, Minami; Tachibana, Shogo; Sakamoto, Naoya; Yurimoto, HisayoshiFast diffusion path for water in silica glass-American mineralogist-Mar-2019
articleYamamoto, Daiki; Kuroda, Minami; Tachibana, Shogo; Sakamoto, Naoya; Yurimoto, HisayoshiOxygen Isotopic Exchange between Amorphous Silicate and Water Vapor and Its Implications for Oxygen Isotopic Evolution in the Early Solar System-Astrophysical journal-1-Oct-2018
article (author version)Piani, Laurette; Yurimoto, Hisayoshi; Remusat, LaurentA dual origin for water in carbonaceous asteroids revealed by CM chondrites-Nature astronomy-Apr-2018
articleMatsumoto, Toru; Hasegawa, S.; Nakao, S.; Sakai, M.; Yurimoto, H.Population characteristics of submicrometer-sized craters on regolith particles from asteroid Itokawa-Icarus-15-Mar-2018
article (author version)Kuroda, Minami; Tachibana, Shogo; Sakamoto, Naoya; Okumura, Satoshi; Nakamura, Michihiko; Yurimoto, HisayoshiWater diffusion in silica glass through pathways formed by hydroxyls-American mineralogist-Mar-2018
articleYOSHIMURA, SHUMPEI; NAKAMURA, MICHIHIKO; YURIMOTO, HISAYOSHICarbonate ions in high-SiO2 rhyolite observed in fluid-melt equilibrium experiments-Geochemical Journal-22-Mar-2017
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