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bulletin (article)Wang, Yanlin; Mwale, Carol; Akaraphutiporn, Ekkapol; Kim, Sangho; Sunaga, Takafumi; Okumura, MasahiroSulfate level relied effects of pentosan polysulfate sodium on inhibiting the proliferation of canine articular chondrocytes by targeting PI3K/Akt pathway-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-27-Nov-2023
bulletin (article)Mwale, Carol; Sunaga, Takafumi; Wang, Yanlin; Bwalya, Eugene C.; Wijekoon, H. M. Suranji; Kim, Sangho; Okumura, MasahiroIn vitro chondrotoxicity of bupivacaine at low concentrations in cultured canine articular chondrocytes-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-30-Aug-2023
articleMurase, Yusuke; Hosoya, Kenji; Sato, Takachika; Kim, Sangho; Okumura, MasahiroAntitumor activity of the dual PI3K/mTOR inhibitor gedatolisib and the involvement of ABCB1 in gedatolisib resistance in canine tumor cells-Oncology reports-Apr-2022
articleTakeuchi, Ryo; Takagi, Satoshi; Hosoya, Kenji; Ohta, Hiroshi; Itami, Takaharu; Okumura, MasahiroPostoperative improvement of megaesophagus and esophageal motility in a 19-day-old puppy with gastroesophageal intussusception-Journal of veterinary medical science-16-Nov-2021
articleKim, Sangho; Hosoya, Kenji; Fukayama, Natsuki; Deguchi, Tatsuya; Okumura, MasahiroSafety and efficacy of a nonmyeloablative pretransplant conditioning regimen using total lymphoid irradiation with volumetric modulated arc therapy in healthy dogs : A pilot study-Veterinary medicine and science-13-Mar-2021
articleTamura, Jun; Oyama, Norihiko; Matsumoto, So; Owaki, Ryo; Hosoya, Kenji; Okumura, MasahiroUnrecognized difficult airway management during anesthesia in two brachycephalic dogs with narrow cricoid cartilage-Journal of veterinary medical science-Feb-2021
articleAkaraphutiporn, Ekkapol; Bwalya, Eugene C.; Kim, Sangho; Sunaga, Takafumi; Echigo, Ryosuke; Okumura, MasahiroEffects of pentosan polysulfate on cell proliferation, cell cycle progression and cyclin-dependent kinases expression in canine articular chondrocytes-Journal of veterinary medical science-Aug-2020
bulletin (article)Tsogbadrakh, Mijiddorj; Sunaga, Takafumi; Bwalya, Eugene; Wijekoon, Suranji; Akaraphutiporn, Ekkapol; Wang, Yanlin; Mwale, Carol; Naranbaatar, Adiya; Kim, Sangho; Hosoya, Kenji; Alimaa, Damdinsuren; Okumura, MasahiroClinical evaluation of pentosan polysulfate as a chondroprotective substance in native Mongolian horses-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Aug-2020
articleAkaraphutiporn, Ekkapol; Sunaga, Takafumi; Bwalya, Eugene C.; Echigo, Ryosuke; Okumura, MasahiroAlterations in characteristics of canine articular chondrocytes in non-passaged long-term monolayer culture: Matter of differentiation, dedifferentiation and redifferentiation-Journal of veterinary medical science-Jun-2020
articleBwalya, Eugene C.; Wijekoon, H. M. Suranji; Fang, Jing; Kim, Sangho; Hosoya, Kenji; Okumura, MasahiroIndependent chondrogenic potential of canine bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells in monolayer expansion cultures decreases in a passage-dependent pattern-Journal of veterinary medical science-Nov-2018
articleWijekoon, Suranji; Bwalya, Eugene C.; Fang, Jing; Kim, Sangho; Hosoya, Kenji; Okumura, MasahiroChronological differential effects of pro-inflammatory cytokines on RANKL-induced osteoclast differentiation of canine bone marrow-derived macrophages-Journal of veterinary medical science-Dec-2017
articleBwalya, Eugene C.; Kim, Sangho; Fang, Jing; Wijekoon, H. M. Suranji; Hosoya, Kenji; Okumura, MasahiroPentosan polysulfate inhibits IL-1 beta-induced iNOS, c-Jun and HIF-1 alpha upregulation in canine articular chondrocytes-PLoS ONE-4-May-2017
bulletin (article)Iwaki, Yoshimi; Takagi, Satoshi; Morishita, Keitaro; Hanazono, Kiwamu; Hosoya, Kenji; Okumura, MasahiroAn intrathoracic ectopic liver with pleural effusion in a dog-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-May-2017
articleKesdangsakonwut, Sawang; Sunden, Yuji; Aoshima, Keisuke; Iwaki, Yoshimi; Okumura, Masahiro; Sawa, Hirofumi; Umemura, TakashiSurvival of rabid rabbits after intrathecal immunization-Neuropathology-Jun-2014
articleYamazaki, Hiroki; Takagi, Satoshi; Hoshino, Yuki; Hosoya, Kenji; Okumura, MasahiroInhibition of Survivin Influences the Biological Activities of Canine Histiocytic Sarcoma Cell Lines-PLoS One-15-Nov-2013
article (author version)Osaki, Tomohiro; Takagi, Satoshi; Hoshino, Yuki; Okumura, Masahiro; Fujinaga, ToruAntitumor effects and blood flow dynamics after photodynamic therapy using benzoporphyrin derivative monoacid ring A in KLN205 and LM8 mouse tumor models-Cancer Letters-8-Apr-2007
bulletin (article)Kim, Gonhyung; Okumura, Masahiro; Bosnakovski, Darko; Ishiguro, Taketo; Park, Chun-Ho; Kadosawa, Tsuyoshi; Fujinaga, ToruEffects of ascorbic acid on proliferation and biological properties of bovine chondrocytes in alginate beads-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-29-Aug-2003
bulletin (article)KITAMURA, Hiroko; OKUMURA, Masahiro; SATO, Fumio; KIMOTO, Keita; KOHAMA, Morimasa; HASHIMOTO, Yoshiharu; TAGAMI, Masaaki; IWANAGA, ToshihikoIncreased concentrations of protein gene product 9.5 in the synovial fluid from horses with osteoarthritis-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-31-Aug-2001
bulletin (article)MWANZA, Timothy; MIYAMOTO, Toru; OKUMURA, Masahiro; KADOSAWA, Tsuyoshi; FUJINAGA, ToruUltrasonographic evaluation of portal vein hemodynamics in experimentally bile duct ligated dogs-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-27-Feb-1998
bulletin (article)MWANZA, Timothy; MIYAMOTO, Toru; OKUMURA, Masahiro; KADOSAWA, Tsuyoshi; FUJINAGA, ToruUltrasonography, Biochemical and Hematological Profiles in Liver Disease Caused by Intravenous Administration of Dimethylnitrosamine in Dogs-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-28-Nov-1997
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