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article (author version)Tajima, Kenji; Iwamoto, Kosuke; Satoh, Yasuharu; Sakai, Ryosuke; Satoh, Toshifumi; Dairi, TohruAdvanced functionalization of polyhydroxyalkanoate via the UV-initiated thiol-ene click reaction-Applied microbiology and biotechnology-May-2016
article (author version)Isono, Takuya; Nakahira, Saki; Hsieh, Hui-Ching; Katsuhara, Satoshi; Mamiya, Hiroaki; Yamamoto, Takuya; Chen, Wen-Chang; Borsali, Redouane; Tajima, Kenji; Satoh, ToshifumiCarbohydrates as Hard Segments for Sustainable Elastomers: Carbohydrates Direct the Self-Assembly and Mechanical Properties of Fully Bio-Based Block Copolymers-Macromolecules-14-Jul-2020
article (author version)Ree, Brian J.; Isono, Takuya; Satoh, ToshifumiChemically Controlled Volatile and Nonvolatile Resistive Memory Characteristics of Novel Oxygen-Based Polymers-ACS applied materials & interfaces-24-Jun-2020
article (author version)Isono, Takuya; Miyachi, Kana; Satoh, Yusuke; Sato, Shin-ichiro; Kakuchi, Toyoji; Satoh, ToshifumiDesign and synthesis of thermoresponsive aliphatic polyethers with a tunable phase transition temperature-Polymer chemistry-7-Oct-2017
articleWatanabe, Kodai; Katsuhara, Satoshi; Mamiya, Hiroaki; Yamamoto, Takuya; Tajima, Kenji; Isono, Takuya; Satoh, ToshifumiDownsizing feature of microphase-separated structures via intramolecular crosslinking of block copolymers-Chemical science-21-Mar-2019
article (author version)Kitajyo, Yoshikazu; Imai, Tomoko; Sakai, Yoko; Tamaki, Masaki; Tani, Hirofumi; Takahashi, Kenji; Narumi, Atsushi; Kaga, Harumi; Kaneko, Noriaki; Satoh, Toshifumi; Kakuchi, ToyojiEncapsulation-release property of amphiphilic hyperbranched d-glucan as a unimolecular reverse micelle-Polymer-23-Feb-2007
articleWang, Yubo; Quinsaat, Jose Enrico Q.; Ono, Tomoko; Maeki, Masatoshi; Tokeshi, Manabu; Isono, Takuya; Tajima, Kenji; Satoh, Toshifumi; Sato, Shin-ichiro; Miura, Yutaka; Yamamoto, TakuyaEnhanced dispersion stability of gold nanoparticles by the physisorption of cyclic poly(ethylene glycol)-Nature communications-30-Nov-2020
article (author version)Tanaka, Ryoto; Watanabe, Kodai; Yamamoto, Takuya; Tajima, Kenji; Isono, Takuya; Satoh, ToshifumiA facile strategy for manipulating micellar size and morphology through intramolecular cross-linking of amphiphilic block copolymers-Polymer chemistry-21-Jun-2017
articleJiang, Dai-Hua; Kobayashi, Saburo; Jao, Chih-Chun; Mato, Yoshinobu; Isono, Takuya; Fang, Yu-Han; Lin, Chun-Che; Satoh, Toshifumi; Tung, Shih-Huang; Kuo, Chi-ChingLight Down-Converter Based on Luminescent Nanofibers from the Blending of Conjugated Rod-Coil Block Copolymers and Perovskite through Electrospinning-Polymers-Jan-2020
article (author version)Katsuhara, Satoshi; Mamiya, Hiroaki; Yamamoto, Takuya; Tajima, Kenji; Isono, Takuya; Satoh, ToshifumiMetallopolymer-block-oligosaccharide for sub-10 nm microphase separation-Polymer chemistry-7-May-2020
articleJiang, Dai-Hua; Tsai, Yi-Hsuan; Veeramuthu, Loganathan; Liang, Fang-Cheng; Chen, Lung-Chin; Lin, Chun Che; Satoh, Toshifumi; Tung, Shih-Huang; Kuo, Chi-ChingNovel ultra-stable and highly luminescent white light-emitting diodes from perovskite quantum dots-Polymer nanofibers through biaxial electrospinning-APL materials-Nov-2019
article (author version)Saito, Tatsuya; Aizawa, Yusuke; Tajima, Kenji; Isono, Takuya; Satoh, ToshifumiOrganophosphate-catalyzed bulk ring-opening polymerization as an environmentally benign route leading to block copolyesters, end-functionalized polyesters, and polyester-based polyurethane-Polymer chemistry-2-May-2016
article (author version)Satoh, Toshifumi; Nishikawa, Naoki; Kawato, Daisuke; Suemasa, Daichi; Jung, Sungmin; Kim, Young Yong; Ree, Moonhor; Kakuchi, ToyojiPrecise synthesis of a rod-coil type miktoarm star copolymer containing poly(n-hexyl isocyanate) and aliphatic polyester-Polymer chemistry-21-Jan-2014
articleMato, Yoshinobu; Honda, Kohei; Ree, Brian J.; Tajima, Kenji; Yamamoto, Takuya; Deguchi, Tetsuo; Isono, Takuya; Satoh, ToshifumiProgrammed folding intospiro-multicyclic polymer topologies from linear and star-shaped chains-Communications Chemistry-4-Aug-2020
articleIsono, Takuya; Komaki, Ryoya; Lee, Chaehun; Kawakami, Nao; Ree, Brian J.; Watanabe, Kodai; Yoshida, Kohei; Mamiya, Hiroaki; Yamamoto, Takuya; Borsali, Redouane; Tajima, Kenji; Satoh, ToshifumiRapid access to discrete and monodisperse block co-oligomers from sugar and terpenoid toward ultrasmall periodic nanostructures-Communications Chemistry-9-Oct-2020
article (author version)Saito, Kengo; Isono, Takuya; Sun, Han-Sheng; Kakuchi, Toyoji; Chen, Wen-Chang; Satoh, ToshifumiRod-coil type miktoarm star copolymers consisting of polyfluorene and polylactide : precise synthesis and structure-morphology relationship-Polymer chemistry-2015
articleIsono, Takuya; Otsuka, Issei; Halila, Sami; Borsali, Redouane; Kakuchi, Toyoji; Satoh, ToshifumiSub-20 nm Microphase-Separated Structures in Hybrid Block Copolymers Consisting of Polycaprolactone and Maltoheptaose-Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology-11-May-2015
article (author version)Shen, Xiande; Kitajyo, Yoshikazu; Duan, Qian; Narumi, Atsushi; Kaga, Harumi; Kaneko, Noriaki; Satoh, Toshifumi; Kakuchi, ToyojiSynthesis and Photocrosslinking Reaction of N-Allylcarbamoylmethyl Cellulose Leading to Hydrogel-Polymer Bulletin-2006
article (author version)Duan, Qian; Miura, Yutaka; Narumi, Atsushi; Shen, Xiande; Sato, Shin-Ichiro; Satoh, Toshifumi; Kakuchi, ToyojiSynthesis and thermoresponsive property of end-functionalized poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) with pyrenyl group-Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry-1-Feb-2006
article (author version)Chen, Yougen; Xiao, Nao; Satoh, Toshifumi; Kakuchi, ToyojiSynthesis of 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-, 11-, and 12-armed star-shaped poly(styrene oxide) Ru(II) complexes by a click-to-chelate approach-Polymer Chemistry-7-Sep-2014
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