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articleOhnuma, Susumu; Yokoyama, Miki; Mizutori, ShogoProcedural Fairness and Expected Outcome Evaluations in the Public Acceptance of Sustainability Policymaking : A Case Study of Multiple Stepwise Participatory Programs to Develop an Environmental Master Plan for Sapporo, Japan-Sustainability-14-Mar-2022
article横山, 実紀; 大沼, 進NIMBY問題の決め方の合意への無知のヴェールの有効性と限界 : 高レベル放射性廃棄物処分地選定合意形成ゲームの開発と試行The effectiveness and limitations of the veil of ignorance in prior consent of procedure toward consensus building in a NIMBY issue : development and trial of “Consensus Building of High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Site Game”シミュレーション&ゲーミング-30-Jan-2022
articleOhnuma, Susumu; Kuwayama, Risa; Kobayashi, TsubasaPsychological and Demographical Determinants of Adopting Expensive Energy-efficient Facilities in Households-Journal of Environmental Information Science-8-Oct-2021
article足立, 千尋; 大沼, 進レジ袋有料化に伴うコンビニエンスストアにおけるレジ袋辞退率の変化 : 札幌市における店頭観察調査Change in Plastic Bag Refusal Rates at Convenience Stores following the Implementation of a Charging System : An Observational Survey on Stores in Sapporo廃棄物資源循環学会論文誌Journal of the Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste ManagementAug-2021
article朱, 瑶; 大沼, 進共通運命の認識に着目した集団を超えた全体への協力の実現過程 : 地球規模の環境問題を模した仮想世界ゲームを用いた検討The process of the cooperation beyond intergroup conflicts focused on recognition of common fate : a study using Simulated International Society Game simulating global environmental issuesシミュレーション&ゲーミング-25-Jun-2021
article杉浦, 淳吉; 大沼, 進; 広瀬, 幸雄合意形成ゲーム「市民プロフィール」の開発 : ドイツ・ノイス市の都市政策の社会調査事例からDevelopment of Consensus Building Game Citizen’s Profiles : a case study of city planning based on a social survey in Neuss city, Germanyシミュレーション&ゲーミング-25-Jun-2021
bookchapter (author version)Yokoyama, Miki; Ohnuma, Susumu; Hirose, YukioCan the veil of ignorance create consensus? : a qualitative analysis using the siting for a contaminated waste landfill game---27-Mar-2021
article横山, 実紀; 大沼, 進; 近藤, 由基除去土壌再生利用の社会的受容に負担の不衡平緩和が及ぼす効果The effects of mitigating inequity burden on public acceptance of reusing the removed soil心理学研究The Japanese Journal of Psychology25-Feb-2021
article水鳥, 翔伍; 大沼, 進札幌市真駒内地区における住民の環境に配慮した移動手段利用意図の規定因Determinants of residents’ intention to use pro-environmental transportations at Makomanai district, Sapporo city環境心理学研究The Journal of Environmental Psychology27-Apr-2020
article (author version)Ohtomo, Shoji; Hirose, Yukio; Ohnuma, SusumuPublic acceptance model for siting a repository of radioactive contaminated waste-Journal of Risk Research-16-Apr-2020
article前田, 洋枝; 広瀬, 幸雄; 大沼, 進; 大友, 章司革新的エネルギー・環境戦略の社会的受容の規定因 : 「エネルギー・環境の選択肢に関する討論型世論調査」の手続き的公正に注目してDeterminants of public acceptance of the strategy for innovative energy and environment : focusing on the procedural fairness of deliberative polling環境科学会誌Environmental Science31-Mar-2020
article飯野, 麻里; 大沼, 進; 広瀬, 幸雄; 大友, 章司NIMBY施設の受容に対する補償の交換フレームの効果とTaboo trade-offs : 高レベル放射性廃棄物地層処分場のシナリオ実験The Framing Effects of Compensation and Taboo Trade-offs on Acceptance of NIMBY Facility : A Scenario Experiment of High Level Radioactive Waste Geological Repository日本リスク研究学会誌Japanese Journal of Risk Analysis25-Oct-2019
article (author version)Kitakaji, Yoko; Ohnuma, SusumuThe Detrimental Effects of Punishment and Reward on Cooperation in the Industrial Waste Illegal Dumping Game-Simulation and gaming-1-Oct-2019
article (author version)Ando, Kaori; Sugiura, Junkichi; Ohnuma, Susumu; Tam, Kim-Pong; Hübner, Gundula; Adachi, NahokoPersuasion Game : Cross Cultural Comparison-Simulation & Gaming-1-Oct-2019
article大澤, 英昭; 大友, 章司; 広瀬, 幸雄; 大沼, 進高レベル放射性廃棄物地層処分施設の立地調査受容に信頼と手続き的公正が及ぼす影響Effects of trust and procedural fairness on public acceptance of siting a repository for high-level radioactive waste人間環境学研究Journal of Human Environmental StudiesJun-2019
article大沼, 進; 広瀬, 幸雄; 杉浦, 淳吉賛否二分法を越えた折衷案の受容とその規定因としての手続き的公正 : ノイス市におけるトラムの事例調査Acceptance of a compromised decision beyond dichotomy and procedural fairness as its determinants : a case study of tram in Neuss社会安全学研究Journal of Societal Safety SciencesMar-2019
article (author version)Nakamaru, Mayuko; Shimura, Hayato; Kitakaji, Yoko; Ohnuma, SusumuThe effect of sanctions on the evolution of cooperation in linear division of labor-Journal of theoretical biology-21-Jan-2018
article北梶, 陽子; 曽根, 美幸; 佐藤, 浩輔; 小林, 翼; 大沼, 進囚人のジレンマゲームにおいて他者について考えることが協力率に与える影響The effects of imagining the other person on cooperation in a Prisoner’s Dilemma game社会心理学研究Japanese Journal of Social Psychology30-Nov-2016
article (author version)Nonami, Hiroshi; Hirose, Yukio; OHNUMA, Susumu; Midden, Cees; Ohtomo, ShojiEffects of voice and similarity on procedural fairness and trust : A dual process model of public acceptance based on representatives’ participation-Asian Journal of Social Psychology-18-Nov-2016
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