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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
article (author version)Herzfeld, Ute C.; Clarke, Garry K. C.; Mayer, Helmut; Greve, RalfDerivation of deformation characteristics in fast-moving glaciers-Computers & Geosciences-Apr-2004
articleRobinson, Alexander; Alvarez-Solas, Jorge; Montoya, Marisa; Goelzer, Heiko; Greve, Ralf; Ritz, CatherineDescription and validation of the ice-sheet model Yelmo (version 1.0)-Geoscientific Model Development-24-Jun-2020
articleGoelzer, Heiko; Nowicki, Sophie; Edwards, Tamsin; Beckley, Matthew; Abe-Ouchi, Ayako; Aschwanden, Andy; Calov, Reinhard; Gagliardini, Olivier; Gillet-Chaulet, Fabien; Golledge, Nicholas R.; Gregory, Jonathan; Greve, Ralf; Humbert, Angelika; Huybrechts, Philippe; Kennedy, Joseph H.; Larour, Eric; Lipscomb, William H.; Le clec'h, Sébastien; Lee, Victoria; Morlighem, Mathieu; Pattyn, Frank; Payne, Antony J.; Rodehacke, Christian; Rückamp, Martin; Saito, Fuyuki; Schlegel, Nicole; Seroussi, Helene; Shepherd, Andrew; Sun, Sainan; van de Wal, Roderik; Ziemen, Florian A.Design and results of the ice sheet model initialisation experiments initMIP-Greenland: an ISMIP6 intercomparison-The Cryosphere-19-Apr-2018
articleGreve, Ralf; MacAyeal, D.R.Dynamic/thermodynamic simulations of Laurentide ice-sheet instability-Annals of Glaciology-1996
article (author version)Greve, Ralf; Otsu, ShokoThe effect of the north-east ice stream on the Greenland ice sheet in changing climates-The Cryosphere Discussions-20-Jun-2007
articleRogozhina, I.; Hagedoorn, J. M.; Martinec, Z.; Fleming, K.; Soucek, O.; Greve, R.; Thomas, M.Effects of uncertainties in the geothermal heat flux distribution on the Greenland Ice Sheet: An assessment of existing heat flow models-Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface-22-May-2012
proceedingsGREVE, RalfEvolution and Dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet over Past Glacial-Interglacial Cycles and in Future Climate-Warming Scenarios-Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Global Change : Connection to the Arctic (GCCA-5)-2004
article (author version)Greve, Ralf; Mahajan, Rupali A.; Segschneider, Joachim; Grieger, BjörnEvolution of the north-polar cap of Mars : a modelling study-Planetary and Space Science-Aug-2004
articleZwinger, Thomas; Greve, Ralf; Gagliardini, Olivier; Shiraiwa, Takayuki; Lyly, MikkoA full Stokes-flow thermo-mechanical model for firn and ice applied to the Gorshkov crater glacier, Kamchatka-Annals of Glaciology-1-Oct-2007
articlePayne, Antony J; Nowicki, Sophie; Abe‐Ouchi, Ayako; Agosta, Cécile; Alexander, Patrick; Albrecht, Torsten; Asay‐Davis, Xylar; Aschwanden, Andy; Barthel, Alice; Bracegirdle, Thomas J; Calov, Reinhard; Chambers, Christopher; Choi, Youngmin; Cullather, Richard; Cuzzone, Joshua; Dumas, Christophe; Edwards, Tamsin L; Felikson, Denis; Fettweis, Xavier; Galton‐Fenzi, Benjamin K; Goelzer, Heiko; Gladstone, Rupert; Golledge, Nicholas R; Gregory, Jonathan M; Greve, Ralf; Hattermann, Tore; Hoffman, Matthew J; Humbert, Angelika; Huybrechts, Philippe; Jourdain, Nicolas C; Kleiner, Thomas; Munneke, Peter Kuipers; Larour, Eric; Le clec'h, Sebastien; Lee, Victoria; Leguy, Gunter; Lipscomb, William H; Little, Christopher M; Lowry, Daniel P; Morlighem, Mathieu; Nias, Isabel; Pattyn, Frank; Pelle, Tyler; Price, Stephen F; Quiquet, Aurélien; Reese, Ronja; Rückamp, Martin; Schlegel, Nicole‐Jeanne; Seroussi, Hélène; Shepherd, Andrew; Simon, Erika; Slater, Donald; Smith, Robin S; Straneo, Fiammetta; Sun, Sainan; Tarasov, Lev; Trusel, Luke D; Van Breedam, Jonas; Wal, Roderik; Broeke, Michiel; Winkelmann, Ricarda; Zhao, Chen; Zhang, Tong; Zwinger, ThomasFuture Sea Level Change Under Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 and Phase 6 Scenarios From the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets-Geophysical Research Letters-28-Aug-2021
articleGoelzer, Heiko; Nowicki, Sophie; Payne, Anthony; Larour, Eric; Seroussi, Helene; Lipscomb, William H; Gregory, Jonathan; Abe-Ouchi, Ayako; Shepherd, Andrew; Simon, Erika; Agosta, Cécile; Alexander, Patrick; Aschwanden, Andy; Barthel, Alice; Calov, Reinhard; Chambers, Christopher; Choi, Youngmin; Cuzzone, Joshua; Dumas, Christophe; Edwards, Tamsin; Felikson, Denis; Fettweis, Xavier; Golledge, Nicholas R; Greve, Ralf; Humbert, Angelika; Huybrechts, Philippe; Le clec'h, Sebastien; Lee, Victoria; Leguy, Gunter; Little, Chris; Lowry, Daniel P; Morlighem, Mathieu; Nias, Isabel; Quiquet, Aurelien; Rückamp, Martin; Schlegel, Nicole-Jeanne; Slater, Donald A; Smith, Robin S; Straneo, Fiamma; Tarasov, Lev; van de Wal, Roderik; van den Broeke, MichielThe future sea-level contribution of the Greenland ice sheet: a multi-model ensemble study of ISMIP6-The Cryosphere-17-Sep-2020
articleGreve, RalfGeothermal heat flux distribution for the Greenland ice sheet, derived by combining a global representation and information from deep ice cores-Polar Data Journal-21-Feb-2019
articleGillet-Chaulet, F.; Gagliardini, O.; Seddik, H.; Nodet, M.; Durand, G.; Ritz, C.; Zwinger, T.; Greve, R.; Vaughan, D. G.Greenland ice sheet contribution to sea-level rise from a new-generation ice-sheet model-The Cryosphere-21-Dec-2012
learningobjectGreve, RalfHow to give a great scientific presentation.---14-Jul-2014
article (author version)Greve, Ralf; Klemann, Volker; Wolf, DetlefIce flow and isostasy of the north polar cap of Mars-Planetary and Space Science-Mar-2003
articleBindschadler, Robert A.; Nowicki, Sophie; Abe-Ouchi, Ayako; Aschwanden, Andy; Choi, Hyeungu; Fastook, Jim; Granzow, Glen; Greve, Ralf; Gutowski, Gail; Herzfeld, Ute; Jackson, Charles; Johnson, Jesse; Khroulev, Constantine; Levermann, Anders; Lipscomb, William H.; Martin, Maria A.; Morlighem, Mathieu; Parizek, Byron R.; Pollard, David; Price, Stephen F.; Ren, Diandong; Saito, Fuyuki; Sato, Tatsuru; Seddik, Hakime; Seroussi, Helene; Takahashi, Kunio; Walker, Ryan; Wang, Wei LiIce-sheet model sensitivities to environmental forcing and their use in projecting future sea level (the SeaRISE project)-Journal of Glaciology-Apr-2013
conference presentationGreve, RalfIce-sheet model SICOPOLIS---9-May-2007
proceedingsGreve, RalfIncreased future sea level rise due to rapid decay of the Greenland ice sheet?---4-Nov-2008
article (author version)Greve, Ralf; Mahajan, Rupali A.Influence of ice rheology and dust content on the dynamics of north-polar cap of Mars-Icarus-Apr-2005
articleGreve, Ralf; Saito, Fuyuki; Abe-Ouchi, AyakoInitial results of the SeaRISE numerical experiments with the models SICOPOLIS and IcIES for the Greenland ice sheet-Annals of Glaciology-2011
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