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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
article (author version)Iijima, Hayato; Shibuya, Masato; Saito, Hideyuki; Takahashi, KunihideThe water relation of seedlings of Picea jezoensis on fallen logs-Canadian journal of forest research-Mar-2006
article花田, 尚子; 渋谷, 正人; 斎藤, 秀之; 高橋, 邦秀カラマツ人工林内における広葉樹の更新過程-日本森林学会誌Journal of the Japanese Forest Society2006
article高橋, 邦秀; 渋谷, 正人; 斎藤, 秀之; 趙, 慧卿; 金, 鍾眞; 洪, 性珏低温湿層処理,温度,乾燥がサイシウモミとトドマツの発芽特性に与える影響-日本森林学会誌Journal of the Japanese Forest Society2005
article城田, 徹央; 斎藤, 秀之; 飯村, 佳代; 渋谷, 正人; 高橋, 邦秀東シベリアのカラマツ「Larix gmelinii」と「L. cajanderi」について-北海道の林木育種-2005
articleSaito, Hideyuki; Shibuya, Masato; Tuah, Sehat Jaya; Turjaman, Maman; Takahashi, Kunihide; Jamal, Yahya; Segah, Hendrik; Erosa Putir, Patricia; Hester Limin, SuwidoInitial Screening of Fast-Growing Tree Species Being Tolerant of Dry Tropical Peatlands in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia-Journal of Forestry Research-2005
bulletin (article)SHIBUYA, Masato; SAITO, Hideyuki; SAWAMOTO, Takuji; HATANO, Ryusuke; YAJIMA, Takashi; TAKAHASHI, Kunihide; CHA, Joo Young; ISAEV, Alexander P.; MAXIMOV, Trofim C.Time Trend in Aboveground Biomass, Net Primary Production, and Carbon Storage of Natural Larix gmelinii Stands in Eastern Siberia-Eurasian Journal of Forest Research-Oct-2004
article (author version)SHIBUYA, Masato; HAGA, Norikuni; SASAKI, Takehito; KIKUCHI, Shun-ichi; HARUKI, Masahiro; NODA, Masato; TAKAHASHI, Kunihide; MATSUDA, KyoStand and self-thinning dynamics in natural Abies stands in northern Hokkaido, Japan-Ecological Research-May-2004
article飯島, 勇; 渋谷, 正人; 斎藤, 秀之; 高橋, 邦秀倒木上のコケの高さがエゾマツ実生の生残と成長に与える影響The Effect of Moss Height on Survival and Growth of Picea jezoensis Seedlings on Fallen Logs日本林学会誌JOURNAL OF THE JAPANESE FORESTRY SOCIETY2004
article鈴木, 雅博; 渋谷, 正人; 斎藤, 秀之; 高橋, 邦秀カラマツ人工林のリターフォール量及び窒素還元量-日本林学会北海道支部論文集-1-Feb-2003
bulletin (article)Matsuda, Kyo; Shibuya, Masato; Koike, TakayoshiMaintenance and Rehabilitation of the Mixed Conifer-Broadleaf Forests in Hokkaido, Northern Japan-Eurasian Journal of Forest Research-Dec-2002
bulletin (article)SHIBUYA, Masato; SUGIURA, Tetsuya; TAKAHASHI, Kunihide; SAWAMOTO, Takuji; HATANO, Ryusuke; CHA, Joo Young; FUKUYAMA, Kenji; ISAEV, Alexander P.; MAXIMOV, Trofim C.Comparison of Needle Mass Density in The Tree Crowns of Larix gmelinii and Larix kaempferi Trees-Eurasian Journal of Forest Research-Mar-2001
bulletin (article)笹岡, 英二; 好田, 美穂子; 矢島, 崇; 渋谷, 正人; 高橋, 邦秀北海道駒ヶ岳における軽石堆積地の水分条件と主要樹種の水ポテンシャルSoil Moisture and Xylem Water Potential of Tree Saplings on Mt. Komagatake, Hokkaido北海道大学農学部 演習林研究報告RESEARCH BULLETIN OF THE HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY FORESTSSep-2000
article松田, 彊; 矢島, 崇; 澁谷, 正人北海道北部の雪崩発生地における森林造成Reforestation on snow avalanche site in northern Hokkaido雪氷Journal of the Japanese Society of Snow and IceMar-1999
bulletin (article)倉橋, 良之; 渋谷, 正人; 矢島, 崇; 松田, 彊林内かき起こし地における樹木の更新と光環境Regeneration Pattern of Tree Species and Light Regime on Scarified Sites with Sparse Canopy Trees in Northern Japan北海道大学農学部 演習林研究報告RESEARCH BULLETIN OF THE HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY FORESTSFeb-1999
article笹岡, 英二; 矢島, 崇; 渋谷, 正人; 高橋, 邦秀; 中村, 太士; 清水, 収北海道駒ヶ岳における天然生カラマツ林の林分構造と成立過程Stand structure and regeneration process of a natural Larix kaempferi stand on Mt.Komagatake,Hokkaido.日本林学会誌JOURNAL OF THE JAPANESE FORESTRY SOCIETY1999
bulletin (article)YAJIMA, Takashi; NAKAMURA, Futoshi; SHIMIZU, Osamu; SHIBUYA, MasatoForest Recovery after Disturbance by the 1926 Mudflow at Mount Tokachi, Hokkaido, Japan十勝岳大正泥流による森林の攪乱と再生北海道大学農学部 演習林研究報告RESEARCH BULLETIN OF THE HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY FORESTSFeb-1998
bulletin (article)阪部, 智子; 矢部, 恒晶; 矢島, 崇; 渋谷, 正人; 高橋, 邦秀知床半島岩尾別地区におけるエゾシカ越冬地の樹木被害Tree damage by sika deer in a wintering area in the Iwaobetsu district on the Shiretoko peninsula北海道大学農学部 演習林研究報告RESEARCH BULLETIN OF THE HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY FORESTSFeb-1998
bulletin (article)CHA, Joo Young; SHIBUYA, Masato; YAJIMA, Takashi; TAKAHASHI, Kunihide; IGARASHI, TsuneoCultural Characteristics of Biological Species of Armillaria from Hokkaido, Japan北海道産ナラタケの生物学的種の培養特性北海道大学農学部 演習林研究報告RESEARCH BULLETIN OF THE HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY FORESTSSep-1997
article渋谷, 正人; 矢島, 崇; 川合, 由香; 渡辺, 訓男; 西川, 功風害後40年間の落葉広葉樹林の林分回復過程と主要樹種の幹数動態Recovering process and dynamics of the number of stems of maior tree species in a deciduous broadleaved forest in 40 years after a large-scale disturbance by a typhoon日本林学会誌JOURNAL OF THE JAPANESE FORESTRY SOCIETY1997
article矢島, 崇; 渡辺, 訓男; 渋谷, 正人チシマザサとクマイザサの稈高と地上部・地下部器官量の変化Changes in biomass of above- and under-ground parts in Sasa kurilensis and Sasa senanensis stands with culm height日本林学会誌JOURNAL OF THE JAPANESE FORESTRY SOCIETY1997
Showing results 21 to 40 of 42
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