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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
bookchapterKondo, Toshihiro; Uosaki, KoheiPhotoactive Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs)---Jan-2009
articleMasuda, Takuya; Shimazu, Katsuaki; Uosaki, KoheiConstruction of Mono- and Multimolecular Layers with Electron Transfer Mediation Function and Catalytic Activity for Hydrogen Evolution on a Hydrogen-Terminated Si(111) Surface via Si−C Bond-Journal of Physical Chemistry C-24-Jul-2008
articleTakakusagi, Satoru; Kitamura, Ken; Uosaki, KoheiIn situ Real-time Monitoring of Electrochemical Ag Deposition on a Reconstructed Au(111) Surface Studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy-Journal of Physical Chemistry C-28-Feb-2008
article (author version)Song, Wenbo; Okamura, Masayuki; Kondo, Toshihiro; Uosaki, KoheiSequential layer-by-layer growth of Au nanoclusters protected by a mixed self-assembled monolayer with a polymer binding layer : Effects of pH and ionic strength of the polymer solution-Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry-1-Jan-2008
articleHarada, Motoko; Tzanetakis, Nikolas; Noguchi, Hidenori; Takakusagi, Satoru; Uosaki, KoheiElectrocatalytic Activity for Oxygen Reduction of Multilayer of Pd Coated Gold Nanoclusters-Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan-2008
articleIkeda, Katsuyoshi; Takase, Mai; Sawai, Yoshitaka; Nabika, Hideki; Murakoshi, Kei; Uosaki, KoheiHyper-Raman scattering enhanced by anisotropic dimer plasmons on artificial nanostructures-Journal of Chemical Physics-21-Sep-2007
articleKondo, Toshihiro; Morita, Jun; Hanaoka, Kazuya; Takakusagi, Satoru; Tamura, Kazuhisa; Takahasi, Masamitu; Mizuki, Jun'ichiro; Uosaki, KoheiStructure of Au(111) and Au(100) Single-Crystal Electrode Surfaces at Various Potentials in Sulfuric Acid Solution Determined by In Situ Surface X-ray Scattering-Journal of Physical Chemistry C-6-Sep-2007
articleShin, Dae-Hyun; Yoo, Byung-Gak; Yoon, Cheol Min; Lee, Chi-Woo J.; Uosaki, KoheiFormation of Viologen-containing Organic Monolayer on Si(111) Surface-Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society-20-Feb-2007
article (author version)Murakami, Shin-Ya; Kominami, Hiroshi; Kera, Yoshiya; Ikeda, Shigeru; Noguchi, Hidenori; Uosaki, Kohei; Ohtani, BunshoEvaluation of electron–hole recombination properties of titanium(IV) oxide particles with high photocatalytic activity-Research on Chemical Intermediates-2007
articleQu, Deyu; Uosaki, KoheiElectrochemical Metal Deposition on Top of an Organic Monolayer-Journal of Physical Chemistry B-7-Sep-2006
articleNoguchi, Hidenori; Okada, Tsubasa; Uosaki, KoheiPhotoinduced Surface Dynamics of CO Adsorbed on a Platinum Electrode-Journal of Physical Chemistry B-10-Aug-2006
articleYagi, Ichizo; Mikami, Kensuke; Ebina, Kojiro; Okamura, Masayuki; Uosaki, KoheiSize-Dependent Carrier Dynamics in CdS Nanoparticles by Femtosecond Visible-Pump/IR-Probe Measurements-Journal of Physical Chemistry B-27-Jul-2006
articleAsanuma, Hidehiko; Noguchi, Hidenori; Uosaki, Kohei; Yu, Hua-ZhongStructure and Reactivity of Alkoxycarbonyl (Ester)-Terminated Monolayers on Silicon : Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy-Journal of Physical Chemistry B-16-Mar-2006
articleYagi, Ichizo; Idojiri, Satoru; Awatani, Tadashi; Uosaki, KoheiElectrodeposition of Flattened Cu Nanoclusters on a p-GaAs(001) Electrode Monitored by in situ Optical Second Harmonic Generation-Journal of Physical Chemistry B-24-Mar-2005
articleUosaki, Kohei; Yano, Takanobu; Nihonyanagi, SatoshiInterfacial Water Structure at As-Prepared and UV-Induced Hydrophilic TiO2 Surfaces Studied by Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy and Quartz Crystal Microbalance-Journal of Physical Chemistry B-16-Dec-2004
articleZhao, Jianwei; Uosaki, KoheiElectron Transfer through Organic Monolayers Directly Bonded to Silicon Probed by Current Sensing Atomic Force Microscopy : Effect of Chain Length and Applied Force-Journal of Physical Chemistry B-4-Nov-2004
articleSumi, Takayoshi; Uosaki, KoheiElectrochemical Oxidative Formation and Reductive Desorption of a Self-Assembled Monolayer of Decanethiol on a Au(111) Surface in KOH Ethanol Solution-Journal of Physical Chemistry B-20-May-2004
articleKim, Young-ho; Zhao, Jianwei; Uosaki, KoheiFormation and electric property measurement of nanosized patterns of tantalum oxide by current sensing atomic force microscope-Journal of Applied Physics-15-Dec-2003
articleZhao, Jianwei; Uosaki, KoheiDielectric properties of organic monolayers directly bonded on silicon probed by current sensing atomic force microscope-Applied Physics Letters-8-Sep-2003
articleSaito, Toshiya; Uosaki, KoheiSurface Film Formation and Lithium Underpotential Deposition on Au(111) Surfaces in Propylene Carbonate : In Situ Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study-Journal of The Electrochemical Society-2003
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