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proceedings藤井, 義明; 児玉, 淳一; 福田, 大祐平成30年胆振東部地震に関する2、3の考察-資源・素材講演集Proceedings of MMIJ Annual Meeting6-Mar-2019
proceedings尾上, 義将; 池田, 奈央; 金井, 康将; 藤井, 義明; 児玉, 淳一; 福田, 大祐大きな変状が発生した蛇紋岩中のトンネルでの応力解析に用いるパラメーターの値に関する提案Proposal on Parameters for Stress Analysis of a Deformed Tunnel in Serpentinite資源・素材講演集Proceedings of MMIJ Annual Meeting6-Mar-2019
proceedingsリッツ, ウイ; アマグ, クレメント; 児玉, 淳一; 福田, 大祐; 藤井, 義明露天掘り鉱山の残壁の掘削変位に及ぼす粘土層の影響Effects of Clay Zone on Mining-induced Deformation of Rock Slope in Open Pit Mine資源・素材講演集Proceedings of MMIJ Annual Meeting6-Mar-2019
articleYasidu, Umali M.; Fujii, Yoshiaki; Kodama, Jun-ichi; Fukuda, Daisuke; Maneya, George J.; Dandadzi, Johnson; Dassanayake, Anjula B. N.Influences of Water Vapor on Roof Fall Accidents in Selected Underground Coal Mines in Malawi-Advances in Civil Engineering-2019
proceedingsBoeut, S.; Fujii, Y.; Kodama, J.; Fukuda, D.; Dassanayake, A.B.N.Effects of transient axial stress or pore pressure disturbances on the permeability of Shikotsu welded tuff-Proceedings of US Rock Mechanics/Geomechanics Symposium 2019 (ARMA 2019)-2019
article (author version)Fujii, Yoshiaki; Makasi, M.; Kodama, Jun-ichi; Fukuda, Daisuke; Goto, K.; Kumakura, S.; Kanaoka, M.; Dassanayake, A.B.N.Tangent modulus method : An original method to measure in-situ rock stress-Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology-Dec-2018
articleFujii, Yoshiaki; Ichihara, Yoshihisa; Matsumoto, Hiroyuki; Kodama, Jun-Ichi; Fukuda, Daisuke; Dassanayake, Anjula B. N.Water drainage from Kushiro Coal Mine decreased on the day of all M ≥ 7.5 earthquakes and increased thereafter-Scientific Reports-7-Nov-2018
proceedings藤井, 義明; 児玉, 淳一; 福田, 大祐巨大災害の制御と予防-土木学会年次学術講演会講演概要集-31-Aug-2018
proceedings (author version)尾上, 義将; 池田, 奈央; 金井, 康将; 藤井, 義明; 児玉, 淳一; 福田, 大祐大きな変形が発生したトンネルで採取された蛇紋岩の三軸圧縮応力下における降伏挙動-資源・素材学会北海道支部春季講演会要旨集-16-Jun-2018
articleFujii, Yoshiaki; Sheshpari, Morteza; Kodama, Jun-ichi; Fukuda, Daisuke; Dassanayake, Anjula BNPrevention of Catastrophic Volcanic Eruptions, Large Earthquakes underneath Big Cities, and Giant Earthquakes at Subduction Zones-Sustainability-7-Jun-2018
proceedingsBoeut, Sophea; Oshima, Teppei; Fujii, Yoshiaki; Kodama, Jun-ichi; Fukuda, Daisuke; Matsumoto, Hiroyuki; Uchida, KazumiTransient Stress Disturbances Induced Change in Permeability of Kushiro Cretaceous Sandstone-Proceedings of MMIJ Annual Meeting 2018-27-Mar-2018
proceedingsチョ, サンホ; Oh, Se-wook; Min, Gywong-jo; Park, Se-Woong; 藤井, 義明; 福田, 大祐花崗岩と砂岩における動的一軸圧縮強度の寸法効果に関する研究Size effect of dynamic uniaxial compressive strength of a granite and sandstone資源・素材学会春季大会講演集(2018)-27-Mar-2018
proceedings池田, 奈央; 藤井, 義明; 尾上, 義将; 児玉, 淳一; 福田, 大祐大きな変形が発生したトンネルで採取された蛇紋岩の三軸圧縮試験における変形・破壊挙動Deformation and Failure Behavior of Serpentinite from a Largely Deformed Tunnel under Triaxial compression資源・素材学会春季大会講演集(2018)-27-Mar-2018
proceedingsYasidu, Umali Muhammad; Fujii, Yoshiaki; Kodama, Jun-ichi; Fukuda, Daisuke; Dandadzi, JohnsonEvaluation of Water Vapour Diffusion in Mchenga Sandstone-MMIJ Fall Meeting 2017-26-Sep-2017
proceedings福田, 大祐; Sang-Ho, CHO; 児玉, 淳一; 藤井, 義明Peridynamicsを用いた岩石の動的破壊プロセス解析に関する基礎的検討Fundamental study on application of peridynamics to dynamic fracture process analysis of rock資源・素材講演集2017(札幌)-26-Sep-2017
proceedings山田, 高史; 福田, 大祐; 児玉, 淳一; 藤井, 義明石灰石鉱山の残壁を対象とした降雨浸透流解析Groundwater analysis on rock slope in limestone quarry during rainfall資源・素材講演集2017(札幌)-26-Sep-2017
proceedingsFujii, Yoshiaki; Kodama, Jun-ichi; Fukuda, DaisukePrevention of Large Earthquakes beneath Big Cities-MMIJ Fall Meeting 2017-26-Sep-2017
proceedings木村, 拓朗; 児玉, 淳一; 菅原, 隆之; 藤井, 義明; 福田, 大祐一定応力と凍結融解作用を同時に受ける支笏溶結凝灰岩の変形挙動と寿命Mechanical behavior and life of Shikotsu welded tuff simultaneously exposed to constant stress and freeze-thaw cycles資源・素材講演集2017(札幌)-26-Sep-2017
proceedings池田, 奈央; 児玉, 淳一; 藤井, 義明; 福田, 大祐大きな変形が発生したトンネルで採取された蛇紋岩の一軸応力状態における変形・破壊挙動とコンプライアンス可変型構成方程式による再現Deformation and Failure Behavior of Serpentinite from a Largely Deformed Tunnel under Uniaxial Stress States and Its Reproduction by the Variable Compliance Type-Constitutive Equation資源・素材講演集2017(札幌)-26-Sep-2017
proceedingsBoeut, Sophea; Oshima, Teppie; Fujii, Yoshiaki; Kodama, Jun-ichi; Fukuda, Daisuke; Matsumoto, Hiroyuki; Uchida, KazumiImpact on permeability due to axial stress disturbances for cretaceous sandy shale-MMIJ Fall Meeting 2017-26-Sep-2017
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