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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleOke, Takashi; Kumagai, Takehiko; Iguchi, ManabuFlow Patterns of Gas-Liquid Two-phase Flow through an Abrupt Expansion in Millimeter-Scale Rectangular Channel-実験力学Journal of JSEM2010
articleOmura, Masutaka; Ohmi, Tatsuya; Kumagai, Takehiko; Iguchi, ManabuFabrication of Porous Transpiration-Cooling Device by Powder-Metallurgical Microchanneling Process-実験力学Journal of JSEM2010
articleKodama, Takuhiro; Ohmi, Tatsuya; Iguchi, ManabuMicrochanneling and Lining Layer Formation by Spontaneous Infiltration in Fe-Cu System-実験力学Journal of JSEM2010
articleOhmi, Tatsuya; Kodama, Takuhiro; Iguchi, ManabuFormation Mechanism of Microchannels and Lining Layers in Sintered Iron Powder Compacts with Copper Sacrificial Cores-MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS-1-Dec-2009
articleOhmi, Tatsuya; Takatoo, Masashi; Iguchi, ManabuPowder-Metallurgical Free-Form Microchanneling Process for Producing Metallic Microreactors-実験力学Journal of JSEM2009
articleOhmi, Tatsuya; Hayashi, Naoya; Iguchi, ManabuFormation of Porous Intermetallic Thick Film by Ni-Al Microscopic Reactive Infiltration-MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS-Nov-2008
articleKumagai, Takehiko; Okuyama, Yoshiyuki; Iguchi, ManabuEffects of Channel Gap and Channel Attitude on Flow Pattern of Air-water Two-phase Flow in Rectangular Millimeter-scale Channels-実験力学Journal of JSEM2008
article熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学扁平矩形流路における気液二相流の流動様式におよぼす壁面撥水性の影響Wettability Effect on Flow Pattern in Horizontal Air-Water Two-Phase Flow in Rectangular Small Channels実験力学Journal of JSEM25-Mar-2007
articleOhmi, Tatsuya; Takatoo, Masashi; Iguchi, Manabu; Matsuura, Kiyotaka; Kudoh, MasayukiPowder-Metallurgical Process for Producing Metallic Microchannel Devices-MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS-Sep-2006
article大参, 達也; 工藤, 昌行; 井口, 学過共晶Al-Si合金の初晶けい素徴細化に及ぼす複合鋳込みと溶湯攪拌の影響Influence of duplex casting and agitation on refinement of primary silicon crystals in hypereutectic Al-Si alloy鋳造工学Journal of Japan Foundry Engineering Society25-Aug-2005
article大参, 達也; 上田, 誠; 工藤, 昌行; 井口, 学Al-Ni-Si系複層遠心鋳造管の複合硬化層形成と耐摩耗性Formation and wear resistance of composite - hardened layer in centrifugally cast Al-Ni-Si duplex pipes鋳造工学Journal of Japan Foundry Engineering Society25-Apr-2005
article大参, 達也; 佐藤, 新吾; 井口, 学機械式偏心攪拌による傾斜渦の形成条件Process Parameters for Inclined-Vortex Formation by Mechanical Offset Agitation実験力学Journal of JSEM2005
article大参, 達也; 高遠, 将史; 井口, 学; 松浦, 清隆; 工藤, 昌行高温用金属系マイクロチャンネルデバイスの創製法Fabrication Process for Metallic Microchannel Devices for High-Temperature Use実験力学Journal of JSEM2005
articleIguchi, Manabu; Iguchi, Daisuke; Sasaki, Yasushi; Kumagai, Takehiko; Yokoya, ShinichiroOccurrence Condition for a Swirl Motion of a Bath Agitated by Bottom Gas Injection-ISIJ International-15-Oct-2004
article吉田, 仁; 熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学部分的な濡れ性変化が微小重力下で形成する液体プラグ長さに及ぼす影響Effect of local wettability change on liquid plug length in microgravity実験力学Journal of JSEM25-Jun-2004
article熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学; 中谷, 忠稔気泡噴流中の気液間物質移動と気液界面積の評価Evaluation of Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer and Interfacial Area in Bubbling Jet鉄と鋼-1-Jul-2003
article熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学強い乱流中の単一静止気泡からの物質移動Mass Transfer from a Single Stationary Bubble in Highly Turbulent Flow鉄と鋼-1-Nov-2002
article熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学; 植村, 知正; 米原, 紀吉乱流に誘起された気液界面上の波動が物質移動におよぼす影響Mass Transfer Influenced by Wave Motions Appearing on Gas-Liquid Interface Exposed to Turbulent Flow鉄と鋼-1-Apr-2002
articleKumagai, Takehiko; Iguchi, Manabu; Uemura, Tomomasa; Yonehara, NoriyoshiGas-Liquid Mass Transfer in Simulated Turbulent Wake Flow-ISIJ International-15-Jan-2002
article熊谷, 剛彦; 井口, 学気液間物質移動におよぼす液流れの影響Effects of Liquid Flow on Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer鉄と鋼-1-Apr-2001
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