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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Ishii, KuniyoshiWater Gas Shift Reaction and Effect of Gasification Reaction in Packed-bed under Heating-up Condition-ISIJ International-15-Apr-2019
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Ishii, Kuniyoshi; Suzuki, RyosukeEffect of Oxides and Carbonate on the Reaction of Hematite and Graphite Mixture Obtained by the Mechanical Milling-ISIJ International-15-Aug-2011
article柏谷, 悦章; 佐藤, 章; 石井, 邦宜55%Al-Zn合金めっき鋼板上の欠陥の種類と生成機構Kinds of Defect and Mechanism of Formation on the Hot-Dip Galvanized Coating日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of MetalsApr-2007
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Yamaguchi, Yasuhide; Kinoshita, Hiroshi; Ishii, KuniyoshiIn Situ Observation of Reduction Behavior of Hematite with Solid Carbon and Crystallographic Orientation between Hematite and Magnetite-ISIJ International-Feb-2007
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Nakauchi, Toshiki; Pham, Khanh Son; Akiyama, Seitarou; Ishii, KuniyoshiCrystallization Behaviors Concerned with TTT and CCT Diagrams of Blast Furnace Slag Using Hot Thermocouple Technique-ISIJ International-Jan-2007
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Kanbe, Motomichi; Ishii, KuniyoshiQuantitative Estimation of Coupling Phenomenon between Reduction and Gasification on the Facing Pair of Iron Oxide and Graphite-ISIJ International-Nov-2006
article高畑, 雅博; 柏谷, 悦章; 大内, 聖正; 石井, 邦宜弱攪拌下でのメタンハイドレート生成反応に対する酸化鉄および炭素の触媒効果Effect of Catalyst of Iron Oxide-Carbon on Methane Hydrate Formation under Weak Stirring Condition鉄と鋼-1-Jun-2006
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Suzuki, Hiroshi; Ishii, KuniyoshiCharacteristics of Nano-reactor and Phenomena during Mechanical Milling of Hematite-Graphite Mixture-ISIJ International-15-Dec-2004
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Ishii, KuniyoshiAnalysis of the Transition State of the Carbon and Iron Oxide Mixture Activated by Mechanical Milling-ISIJ International-15-Dec-2004
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Suzuki, Hiroshi; Ishii, KuniyoshiGas Evolution during Mechanical Milling of Hematite-Graphite Mixture-ISIJ International-Dec-2004
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Tsubone, Akira; Ishii, Kuniyoshi; Sasamoto, HirohikoThermodynamic Analysis on the Dust Generation from EAF for the Recycling of Dust-ISIJ International-15-Oct-2004
article高丸, 広毅; 柏谷, 悦章; 石井, 邦宜コークスガス化反応のその場観察と灰分の挙動In Situ Observation of Coke Gasification and Behavior of Ash鉄と鋼-1-Jul-2004
article柏谷, 悦章; 高丸, 広毅; 石井, 邦宜コークスの開気孔・閉気孔の割合とミクロ気孔の存在場所Location of Micro-pore and the Ratio of Open/Closed Pore in the Cokes鉄と鋼-1-Aug-2003
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Ishii, KuniyoshiFactors on the Measurement of Effective Thermal Diffusivity of Molten Slag Using Double Hot Thermocouple Technique-ISIJ International-15-Jan-2002
articleKhaki, Jalil Vahdati; Kashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Ishii, Kuniyoshi; Suzuki, HiroshiIntensive Improvement of Reduction Rate of Hematite-Graphite Mixture by Mechanical Milling-ISIJ International-15-Jan-2002
articleKashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Kanbe, Motomichi; Ishii, KuniyoshiReaction Behavior of Facing Pair between Hematite and Graphite : A Coupling Phenomenon of Reduction and Gasification-ISIJ International-15-Aug-2001
article柏谷, 悦章; 高畑, 雅博; 石井, 邦宜; 山口, 一良; 内藤, 誠章; 長谷川, 博高温域における球形コークスの反応にともなう組織変化と粉発生挙動Change of Coke Structure and Behavior of Fine Generation during Gasification of Coke Sphere in High Temperature Region鉄と鋼-1-May-2001
article汪, 志全; 佐々木, 康; 柏谷, 悦章; 石井, 邦宜EPMA走査面分析による焼結鉱中のカルシウムフェライト相の組成解析Composition Analysis of Calcium Ferrite in Iron Ore Sinters by EPMA Scanning Method鉄と鋼-1-Jun-2000
articleKuranaga, Taichi; Sasaki, Yasushi; Kashiwaya, Yoshiaki; Ishii, KuniyoshiRupture Phenomena of Molten Na2O・2SiO2 Thin Films-ISIJ International-15-Jun-1999
article堤, 武司; 汪, 志全; 佐々木, 康; 柏谷, 悦章; 石井, 邦宜; 今野, 乃光高アルミナ焼結鉱の昇温還元と高温性状Heating-up Reduction and High Temperature Properties of High Alumina Sintered Ores鉄と鋼-1-Jul-1998
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