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articleSAITOH, Tohru; TANI, Hirofumi; KAMIDATE, Tamio; WATANABE, Hiroto; HARAGUCHI, Kensaku; ABE, ShokichiAggregation of N-Octanoyl-N-phenylhydroxylamine in Carbon Tetrachloride-Analytical Sciences-Jun-1993
articleKamidate, Tamio; Maruya, Masumi; Tani, Hirofumi; Ishida, AkihikoApplication of 4-Iodophenol-enhanced Luminol Chemiluminescence to Direct Detection of Horseradish Peroxidase Encapsulated in Liposomes-Analytical Sciences-Sep-2009
articleKAMIDATE, Tamio; MARUYA, Masumi; TANI, Hirofumi; ISHIDA, AkihikoApplication of 4-Iodophenol-enhanced Luminol Chemiluminescence to Direct Detection of Horseradish Peroxidase Encapsulated in Liposomes-Analytical Sciences-10-Sep-2009
articleSUITA, Takahiro; TANI, Hirofumi; KAMIDATE, TamioApplication of Horseradish Peroxidase-Encapsulated Liposomes as Labels for Immunodotblotting-Analytical Sciences-May-2000
articleTANI, Hirofumi; KAMIDATE, Tamio; WATANABE, HirotoAqueous Micellar Two-Phase Systems for Protein Separation-Analytical Sciences-Oct-1998
articleNAKATA, Naohiro; ISHIDA, Akihiko; TANI, Hirofumi; KAMIDATE, TamioCationic Liposomes Enhanced Firefly Bioluminescent Assay of Bacterial ATP in the Presence of an ATP Extractant-Analytical Sciences-Aug-2003
articleKAMIDATE, Tamio; KIKUCHI, Nobuhito; ISHIDA, Akihiko; TANI, HirofumiDetermination of Peroxidase Encapsulated in Liposomes Using Homogentisic Acid .GAMMA.-Lactone Chemiluminescence-Analytical Sciences-Jun-2005
articleKAMIDATE, Tamio; KOMATSU, Kanako; TANI, Hirofumi; ISHIDA, AkihikoDirect Determination of Horseradish Peroxidase Encapsulated in Liposomes by Using Luminol Chemiluminescence-Analytical Sciences-10-Apr-2008
articleTANI, Hirofumi; NOTANI, Mizuyo; KAMIDATE, TamioEffect of Cationic Surfactants on Enhancement of Firefly Bioluminescence in the Presence of Liposomes-Analytical Sciences-10-Sep-2008
articleKAMIDATE, Tamio; KAIDE, Tomoyuki; TANI, Hirofumi; MAKINO, Eiji; SHIBATA, TakayukiEffect of Mixing Modes on Chemiluminescent Detection of Epinephrine with Lucigenin by an FIA System Fabricated on a Microchip-Analytical Sciences-Aug-2001
articleKAMIDATE, Tamio; FUJITA, Taigo; TANI, Hirofumi; WATANABE, HirotoEnhancement of Firefly Bioluminescence Using Liposomes Containing Cationic Components-Analytical Sciences-Dec-1998
articleSAITOH, Tohru; FUKUDA, Teruyuki; TANI, Hirofumi; KAMIDATE, Tamio; WATANABE, HirotoEquilibrium Study on Interactions between Proteins and Bile-Salt Micelles by Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography-Analytical Sciences-10-Aug-1996
articleSAITOH, Tohru; TANI, Hirofumi; KAMIDATE, Tamio; KAMATAKI, Tetsuya; WATANABE, HirotoPolymer-Induced Phase Separation in Aqueous Micellar Solutions of Alkylglucosides for Protein Extraction-Analytical Sciences-Apr-1994
articleTANI, Hirofumi; SAITOH, Tohru; KAMIDATE, Tamio; KAMATAKI, Tetsuya; WATANABE, HirotoSelective Solubilization of Microsomal Electron-Transfer Proteins with Alkylglucoside-Analytical Sciences-Oct-1997
article谷, 博文; 大浦, 貴史; 上舘, 民夫Triton X-114を用いるミセル水性二相分配法による膜タンパク質の抽出に及ぼす荷電水溶性ポリマーの添加効果Effect of charged water-soluble polymers on the extraction of membrane proteins in a Triton X-114-based aqueous micellar two-phase system分析化学-Dec-1998
articleKAMIDATE, Tamio; HASHIMOTO, Yasunori; TANI, Hirofumi; ISHIDA, AkihikoUptake of Transition Metal Ions Using Liposomes Containing Dicetylphosphate as a Ligand-Analytical Sciences-Mar-2002
article上舘, 民夫; 石田, 良樹; 谷, 博文; 石田, 晃彦リポソームに内封したペルオキシダーゼを触媒に用いるフルオレセイン化学発光による過酸化水素の定量Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide by Fluorescein Chemiluminescence Catalyzed with Horseradish Peroxidase Encapsulated in LiposomeBUNSEKI KAGAKU-Jun-2005
article前花, 浩志; 谷, 博文; 鎌滝, 哲也; 上舘, 民夫金属キレートポリマーを導入したミセル水性二相分配法におけるヒスチジンタグ融合チトクロムb5及びオリゴペプチドのアフィニティー分配Affinity partitioning of histidine-tagged cytochrome b5 and an oligopeptide in an aqueous micellar two-phase system containing a metal-chelating polymerBUNSEKI KAGAKU-Jan-2002
bulletin (article)青村, 和夫; 四ツ柳, 隆夫; 上舘, 民夫; 大内, 国一; 逸見, 荘三遷移金属塩溶液による有機イオウ化合物の液液抽出反応における平衡論的および速度論的研究 : サルファイド類の研究The Study of Equilibrium and Rate on the Liquid-Liquid Extraction Reaction of Organic Sulfer Compounds with Transition Metal salt Solution : The Study of Sulfides北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University27-Mar-1971
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