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TypeAuthor(s)TitleOther TitlesCitationCitation(alt)Issue Date
article (author version)Morinishi, Fumi; Shiga, Takumi; Suzuki, Norio; Ueda, HiroshiCloning and characterization of an odorant receptor in five Pacific salmon-Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. Part B, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-Nov-2007
article (author version)Yamagami, Sayaka; Suzuki, NorioDiverse forms of guanylyl cyclases in medaka fish -- their genomic structure and phylogenetic relationships to those in vertebrates and invertebrates.-Zoological Science-Aug-2005
article (author version)Shiga, Takumi; Suzuki, NorioAmphipathic alpha-helix mediates the heterodimerization of soluble guanylyl cyclase.-Zoological Science-Jul-2005
article (author version)Nakauchi, Mina; Suzuki, NorioEnterotoxin/guanylin receptor type guanylyl cyclases in non-mammalian vertebrates-Zoological Science-May-2005
article (author version)Nakauchi, Mina; Yoshino, Ken-ichi; Yonezawa, Kazuyoshi; Suzuki, NorioInvolvement of general transcriptional coactivator PC4 in the transcription of medaka fish intestine-specific membrane guanylyl cyclase gene (OlGC6).-Journal of Biochemistry-Apr-2005
article (author version)Iio, Kaori; Nakauchi, Mina; Yamagami, Sayaka; Tsutsumi, Makiko; Hori, Hiroshi; Naruse, Kiyoshi; Mitani, Hiroshi; Shima, Akihiro; Suzuki, NorioA novel membrane guanylyl cyclase expressed in medaka (Oryzias latipes) intestine.-Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-Apr-2005
articleKobayashi, Yasuhisa; Kobayashi, Tohru; Nakamura, Masaru; Sunobe, Tomoki; Morrey, Craig E.; Suzuki, Norio; Nagahama, YoshitakaCharacterization of Two Types of Cytochrome P450 Aromatase in the Serial-sex Changing Gobiid Fish, Trimma okinawae-Zoological Science-Apr-2004
articleYao, Yuko; Yamamoto, Takehiro; Tsutsumi, Makiko; Matsuda, Masaru; Hori, Hiroshi; Naruse, Kiyoshi; Mitani, Hiroshi; Shima, Akihiro; Asakawa, Shuichi; Shimizu, Nobuyoshi; Suzuki, NorioGenomic Structure and Expression of the Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase α2 Subunit Gene in the Medaka Fish Oryzias latipes-Zoological Science-Oct-2003
articleYamagami, Sayaka; Xu, Shan Hua; Tsutsumi, Makiko; Hori, Hiroshi; Suzuki, NorioExpression and Genomic Organization of A Medaka Fish Novel Membrane Form of Guanylyl Cyclase/Orphan Receptor-Zoological Science-May-2003
articleHarumi, Tatsuo; Watanabe, Tsuyoshi; Yamamoto, Takehiro; Tanabe, Yasunori; Suzuki, NorioExpression of Membrane-Bound and Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase mRNAs in Embryonic and Adult Retina of the Medaka Fish Oryzias latipes-Zoological Science-Feb-2003
articleYamamoto, Takehiro; Yao, Yuko; Harumi, Tatsuro; Suzuki, NorioLocalization of the Nitric Oxide/cGMP Signaling Pathway-Related Genes and Influences of Morpholino Knock-Down of Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase on Medaka Fish Embryogenesis-Zoological Science-Feb-2003
articleTanabe, Yasunori; Suzuki, NorioGenomic Structure and Expression of the Sea Urchin Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase β Subunit Gene-Zoological Science-Aug-2001
articleXu, Shan Hua; Yamagami, Sayaka; Nomura, Kohji; Suzuki, NorioExpression of Sperm-Activating Peptide IV Receptor-Associated Membrane Guanylyl Cyclase in the Testis of the Sea Urchin Diadema setosum-Zoological Science-Jul-2001
articleFuruya, Hirotaka; Yoshino, Ken-ichi; Shimizu, Takeshi; Mantoku, Tsuyoshi; Takeda, Tae; Nomura, Kohji; Suzuki, NorioMass Spectrometric Analysis of Phosphoserine Residues Conserved in the Catalytic Domain of Membrane-Bound Guanylyl Cyclase from the Sea Urchin Spermatozoa-Zoological Science-Aug-1998
articleHoshino, Katsuaki; Suzuki, NorioDephosphorylation of Autophosphorylated Regulatory Subunit of Sea Urchin Sperm cAMP-Dependent Histone Kinase by an Endogenous Protein Phosphatase-Zoological Science-Oct-1996
articleSatoh, Yuichi; Shimizu, Takeshi; Harumi, Tatsuo; Suzuki, NorioCharacterization of Sea Urchin Sperm Membrane Proteins which Interact with a Major Acrosome Reaction-Inducing Substance, Fucose Sulfate Glycoconjugate-Zoological Science-Jun-1996
articleShimizu, Takeshi; Takeda, Kenji; Furuya, Hirotaka; Hoshino, Katsuaki; Nomura, Kohji; Suzuki, NorioA mRNA for Membrane Form of Guanylyl Cyclase Is Expressed Exclusively in the Testis of the Sea Urchin Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus-Zoological Science-Apr-1996
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