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bulletin (article)竹山, 太郎; 高橋, 平七郎; 大貫, 惣明; 望月, 進; 佐藤, 義一; 小山内, 寿; 永戸, 栄男316ステンレス鋼のボイドスウェリングと偏析現象Void Swelling and Segregation Phenomena in 316 Stainless Steel北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University20-Sep-1982
bulletin (article)胡, 本芙; 高橋, 平七郎Fe-Cr-(Mn,Ni)合金の照射欠陥挙動と誘起粒界偏析The Behaviors of Irradiation Introduced Point Defects and Grain Boundary Segregation北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University24-May-1991
bulletin (article)高橋, 平七郎; 橋本, 直幸Fe-Cr-Niモデル合金における電子線照射挙動の損傷速度依存性Damage Rate Dependence of Electron-Irradiation Behaviors in Fe-Cr-Ni Model Alloy北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University29-Jan-1993
bulletin (article)高橋, 平七郎; 竹山, 太郎; 長谷川, 利之Fe-Mn-Cr系オーステナイト鋼の内部組織におよぼす変形温度の影響The Effect of Temperature on Deformation Structures in Fe-Mn-Cr Austenitic Steel北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University30-Nov-1979
article (author version)Yano, Yasuhide; Yamashita, Shinichiro; Ohtsuka, Satoshi; Kaito, Takeji; Akasaka, Naoaki; Shibayama, Tamaki; Watanabe, Seiichi; Takahashi, HeishichiroMechanical properties and microstructural stability of 11Cr-ferritic/martensitic steel cladding under irradiation-Journal of Nuclear Materials-Mar-2010
article (author version)Kurokawa, Kazuya; Goto, Daichi; Kuchino, Jyunichi; Yamauchi, Akira; Shibayama, Tamaki; Takahashi, HeishichiroMicrostructures of SiO2 scales formed on MoSi2-Materials Science Forum-2006
articleTakahashi, Heishichiro; Hashimoto, NaoyukiRadiation-Induced Segregation and Grain Boundary Migration in Fe–Cr–Ni Model Alloy under Irradiation-Materials Transactions, JIM-Nov-1993
bulletin (article)Takeyama, Taro; Takahashi, Heishichiro; Ohnuki, SoumeiRadiation-Induced Segregation in Austenitic and Ferritic Steels-北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University31-May-1984
articleShiramine, Ken-ichi; Muto, Shunichi; Shibayama, Tamaki; Takahashi, Heishichiro; Kozaki, Tamotsu; Sato, Seichi; Nakata, Yoshiaki; Yokoyama, NaokiSize, density, and shape of InAs quantum dots in closely stacked multilayers grown by the Stranski-Krastanow mode-Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B: Microelectronics and Nanometer Structures-Sep-2003
articleSaito, Genki; Sasaki, Hitoshi; Takahashi, Heishichiro; Sakaguchi, NorihitoSolution-Plasma-Mediated Synthesis of Si Nanoparticles for Anode Material of Lithium-Ion Batteries-Nanomaterials-May-2018
article木下, 博嗣; 高橋, 平七郎; Gustiono, Dwi; 坂口, 紀史; 柴山, 環樹; 渡辺, 精一SUS301 鋼におけるイオン注入によるマルテンサイト核形成Ion Implantation Induced Martensite Nucleation in SUS301 Steel日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of MetalsAug-2008
article (author version)Pal, Bonamali; Torimoto, Tsukasa; Iwasaki, Kentaro; Shibayama, Tamaki; Takahashi, Heishichiro; Ohtani, BunshoSynthesis of metal–cadmium sulfide nanocomposites using jingle-bell-shaped core-shell photocatalyst particles-Journal of Applied Electrochemistry-Jul-2005
bulletin (article)大貫, 惣明; 三好, 隆宏; 高橋, 平七郎; 望月, 進; 佐藤, 義一; 竹山, 太郎イオンおよび電子線照射によるニッケル/チタン薄膜表面の改質Surface Modification of Nickel/Titanium Thin Film by Means of Ion and Electron Irradiation北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University31-Jul-1986
article木下, 博嗣; 山田, 和治; 坂口, 紀史; 渡辺, 精一; 高橋, 平七郎; Phillipp, F.Z.; Gotthardtt, R.イオン加速器連結型超高圧電子顕微鏡による金属間化合物創成プロセスのその場観察In-situ Observation of Intermetallic Compound Synthesizing Process by HVEM with AcceleratorsまてりあMateria Japan20-Dec-2006
bulletin (article)竹山, 太郎; 高橋, 平七郎タンタルの引張り変形組織の電子顕微鏡的研究Dislocation Structures of Deformed Tantalum by Electron Microscopy北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University20-Jun-1968
bulletin (article)竹山, 太郎; 高橋, 平七郎タンタルの回復および再結晶に関する研究Recovery and Recrystallization in Tantalum北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University20-Jun-1968
bulletin (article)木下, 博嗣; 高橋, 平七郎; 大貫, 惣明; 長崎, 隆吉改良型316ステンレス鋼のボイドスエリング挙動に及ぼす時効処理の影響Effect of Aging Treatment on Void Swelling Behavior on Modified 316 Stainless Steel北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University30-May-1987
article何, 国偉; 石井, 邦宜; 佐々木, 康; 柏谷, 悦章; 高橋, 平七郎金属溶解におけるアルゴンアークプラズマの温度分布Temperatures of Metallic and Ar Atoms in Ar Arc Plasma on Melting of Metal鉄と鋼-1-Nov-1996
bulletin (article)高橋, 平七郎; 柴山, 環樹; 長谷川, 英樹; 大野, 英男高分解能電子顕微鏡による化合物半導体/酸化絶縁膜界面構造の観察Observation of Interfaces of Compound Semiconductors by High Resolution Electron Microscope北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University30-Sep-1988
bulletin (article)万, 発栄; 長崎, 隆吉; 高橋, 平七郎; 大貫, 惣明照射したフェライト/マルテンサイト鋼中の水素の挙動Behaviour of Hydrogen under Irradiation in Ferritic/Martensitic Steel北海道大學工學部研究報告Bulletin of the Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University31-Jul-1987
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