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article澁川, 統代子; 三古谷, 忠; 松沢, 祐介; 伊藤, 裕美; 曾我部, いづみ; 山本, 栄治; 戸塚, 靖則; 鄭, 漢忠二段階口蓋形成術を施行した片側完全唇顎口蓋裂児における咬合関係の評価Dental arch relationships in children with complete unilateral cleft lip and palate following two-stage palatoplasty北海道歯学雑誌-Mar-2013
article (author version)Kuroshima, Takeshi; Aoyagi, Mariko; Yasuda, Motoaki; Kitamura, Tetsuya; Jehung, Jumond P.; Ishikawa, Makoto; Kitagawa, Yoshimasa; Totsuka, Yasunori; Shindoh, Masanobu; Higashino, FumihiroViral-mediated stabilization of AU-rich element containing mRNA contributes to cell transformation-Oncogene-30-Jun-2011
article藤田, 温志; 小野, 貢伸; 小堀, 善則; 進藤, 正信; 新谷, 悟; 戸塚, 靖則下唇に生じた小唾液腺唾石症の1例A case of sialolithiasis in the minor salivary gland duct of the lower lip北海道歯学雑誌Hokkaido journal of dental science15-Dec-2010
article野呂, 洋輔; 大廣, 洋一; 鄭, 漢忠; 吉村, 善隆; 出山, 義昭; 飯塚, 正; 鈴木, 邦明; 戸塚, 靖則家兎下顎骨骨空洞の治癒過程におけるPLGA・コラーゲン・ハイブリッドメッシュの有用性の検討Evaluation of PLGA-collagen hybrid mesh in the healing process of bony cavities in rabbit mandibles.北海道歯学雑誌Hokkaido journal of dental science15-Dec-2010
article大井, 一浩; 上田, 康夫; 黒須, 拓郎; 松下, 和裕; 小野, 貢伸; 山口, 博雄; 高野, 昌士; 北田, 秀昭; 榊原, 典幸; 西川, 圭吾; 大畑, 昇; 井上, 農夫男; 戸塚, 靖則北海道大学病院歯科診療センターにおけるRapid Prototyping Techniqueにより作製した顎顔面模型の臨床応用Clinical Applications of a Maxillofacial Model using a Rapid Prototyping Technique in the Center for Dental Clinics, Hokkaido University Hospital北海道歯学雑誌Hokkaido journal of dental science15-Dec-2010
article (author version)Matsuoka, Makoto; Akasaka, Tsukasa; Totsuka, Yasunori; Watari, FumioStrong adhesion of Saos-2 cells to multi-walled carbon nanotubes-Materials Science and Engineering B-15-Oct-2010
article (author version)Haque, Shamsul; Hasebe, Akira; Iyori, Mitsuhiro; Ohtani, Makoto; Kiura, Kazuto; Zhang, Diya; Totsuka, Yasunori; Shibata, Ken-ichiroThe TLR2 ligand FSL-1 is internalized via clathrin-dependent endocytic pathway triggered by CD14 and CD36 but not by TLR2-Immunology : an official journal of the British Society for Immunology-1-Jun-2010
article (author version)Kakuguchi, Wataru; Kitamura, Tetsuya; Kuroshima, Takeshi; Ishikawa, Makoto; Kitagawa, Yoshimasa; Totsuka, Yasunori; Shindoh, Masanobu; Higashino, FumihiroHuR Knockdown Changes the Oncogenic Potential of Oral Cancer Cells-Molecular Cancer Research-Apr-2010
article (author version)Matsushita, Kazuhiro; Inoue, Nobuo; Yamaguchi, Hiro-o; Ooi, Kazuhiro; Totsuka, YasunoriChin Augmentation With Thin Cortical Bone Concomitant With Advancement Genioplasty-Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery-Mar-2010
article (author version)Ohga, Noritaka; Hida, Kyoko; Hida, Yasuhiro; Muraki, Chikara; Tsuchiya, Kunihiko; Matsuda, Kohei; Ohiro, Yoichi; Totsuka, Yasunori; Shindoh, MasanobuInhibitory effects of epigallocatechin-3 gallate, a polyphenol in green tea, on tumor-associated endothelial cells and endothelial progenitor cells-Cancer Science-Oct-2009
article (author version)Iyori, Mitsuhiro; Ohtani, Makoto; Hasebe, Akira; Totsuka, Yasunori; Shibata, Ken-ichiroA role of the Ca2+ binding site of DC-SIGN in the phagocytosis of E. coli-Biochemical and biophysical research communications-10-Oct-2008
articleKoyama, Chika; Akasaka, Tsukasa; Esaki, Mitsue; Morita, Manabu; Yonezawa, Tetsu; Watari, Fumio; Abe, Shigeaki; Yokoyama, Atsuro; Uo, Motohiro; Matsuoka, Makoto; Totsuka, YasunoriBehavior of in vitro, in vivo and internal motion of micro/nano particles of titanium, titanium oxides and others-Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan-2008
article (author version)Tei, Kanchu; Maekawa, Kuniaki; Kitada, Hideaki; Ohiro, Yoichi; Yamazaki, Yutaka; Totsuka, YasunoriRecovery from Postsurgical Swallowing Dysfunction in Patients With Oral Cancer-Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery-Jun-2007
article (author version)Mae, Masako; Iyori, Mitsuhiro; Yasuda, Motoaki; Shamsul, Haque; Kataoka, Hideo; Kiura, Kazuto; Hasebe, Akira; Totsuka, Yasunori; Shibata, Ken-ichiroThe diacylated lipopeptide FSL-1 enhances phagocytosis of bacteria by macrophages through Toll-like receptor 2-mediated signaling pathway-FEMS immunology and medical microbiology-22-Feb-2007
article (author version)Uo, Motohiro; Asakura, Kiyotaka; Yokoyama, Atsuro; Ishikawa, Makoto; Tamura, Kazuchika; Totsuka, Yasunori; Akasaka, Tsukasa; Watari, FumioX-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Analysis of Titanium-implanted Soft Tissue-Dental Materials Journal-2007
article (author version)Ohta, Hironori; Hamada, Jun-ichi; Tada, Mitsuhiro; Aoyama, Tetsuya; Furuuchi, Keiji; Takahashi, Yoko; Totsuka, Yasunori; Moriuchi, TetsuyaHOXD3-overexpression increases integrin alphavbeta3 expression and deprives E-cadherin while it enhances cell motility in A549 cells.-Clinical & Experimental Metastasis-Dec-2006
bulletin (article)吉田, 重光; 川崎, 貴生; 戸塚, 靖則北海道大学歯学部における学部学生教育とファカルティ・ディベロップメントUndergraduate Educational System and Faculty Development in the School of Dentistry, Hokkaido University高等教育ジャーナルJournal of Higher Education and Lifelong Learning2000
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