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article松島, 永佳; 吉岡, 大騎; 上田, 幹人高速AFMによる電析初期過程のその場観察In-situ Observation of Initial Electrodeposition Process by High Speed AFM表面技術Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan1-Aug-2018
articleTakahashi, Hitomi; Matsushima, Hisayoshi; Ueda, MikitoAl Film Electrodeposition from the AlCl3-EMIC Electrolyte under a Magnetic Field-Journal of the electrochemical society-9-May-2017
article高橋, 久智美; 行方, 千賀; 菊地, 竜也; 松島, 永佳; 上田, 幹人1,10-Phenanthrolineを添加した1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride-AlCl3イオン液体中における光沢Alめっきの形成Formation of Gloss Al Electroplating in 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride-AlCl3 Ionic Liquid Containing 1,10-Phenanthroline表面技術Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan1-Apr-2017
articleMatsushima, Hisayoshi; Ogawa, Ryota; Shibuya, Shota; Ueda, MikitoNovel PEFC Application for Deuterium Isotope Separation-Materials-Mar-2017
article上田, 幹人金属・合金電析用の電解質としてのイオン液体の活用Utilization of Ionic Liquids as an Electrolyte for Electrodeposition of Metal and Metal Alloys表面技術Journal of the Surface Finishing Society of Japan1-Feb-2016
articleOhtsuka, Toshiaki; Ueda, Mikito; Abe, MasatoshiAging of Passive Oxide on SUS304 Stainless Steel in a Sulfuric Acid Solution-J. Electrochemical Society-2016
articleMatsushima, Hisayoshi; Majima, Wataru; Fukunaka, Yasuhiro; Ueda, MikitoIn Situ Observation of Dynamic Meniscus Front Interface in Alkaline Fuel Cell-ECS electrochemistry letters-6-May-2015
articleMajima, Wataru; Matsushima, Hisayoshi; Fukunaka, Yasuhiro; Ueda, MikitoObservation of Three-Phase Interface during Hydrogen Electrode Reactions in Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cell-Journal of The Electrochemical Society-9-Jul-2014
article峯田, 才寛; 三浦, 誠司; 向井, 敏司; 上田, 幹人; 毛利, 哲夫純せん断試験による Mg 単結晶の非底面すべり挙動評価法確立と Y 添加の影響Pure-Shear Test for Investigation of Non-Basal Slip System Operation of Mg Alloy Single Crystal with and without Y日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals and MaterialsOct-2013
proceedings鈴木, 亮輔; 大塚, 俊明; 米澤, 徹; 林, 重成; 大野, 宗一; 上田, 幹人4半期制講義と演習の組合せによる学部教育の活性化Activation of faculty education by combination of quarter system and practice工学教育研究講演会講演論文集-22-Aug-2011
article (author version)菊地, 竜也; 島口, 寛子; 上田, 幹人; 坂入, 正敏; 米澤, 徹; 高橋, 英明導電性高分子を用いた再利用可能なアルミニウム製印刷板の試作Fabrication of reusable aluminum printing plate with conducting polymer表面技術Journal of the Surface Finishing Society of JapanSep-2010
article上田, 幹人; 田, 恵太; 大塚, 俊明; 高橋, 英徳廃乾電池仮焼粉による Al-Mg 合金中の Mg の除去Removing of Mg in Al-Mg Alloy by Calcined Powder from Used Dry-Cell Batteries日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of MetalsOct-2009
article上田, 幹人; 林, 英樹; 大塚, 俊明NaPF6 含有炭酸プロピレン中における Na の電解精製反応Electrorefining Reaction of Sodium in Propylene Carbonate Containing NaPF6日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of MetalsSep-2009
article上田, 幹人; 宇井, 幸一低温溶融塩・室温イオン液体を用いるAlおよびAl合金電析Aluminum and aluminum alloy electrodepositon in low-temperature molten salts and room-temperature ionic liquids表面技術Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of Japan1-Aug-2009
article (author version)菊地, 竜也; 上田, 晋吾; 上田, 幹人; 坂入, 正敏; 高橋, 英明ポリピロール/金の2層構造を有する3次元マイクロアクチュエーターの作製Fabrication of three-dimensional micro-actuators with polypyrrole / gold bi-layer structure表面技術Journal of the Surface Finishing Society of JapanMay-2009
articleKowalski, Damian; Ueda, Mikito; Ohtsuka, ToshiakiSelf-healing Ability of Conductive Polypyrrole Coating with Artificial Defect-ECS Transactions-2009
articleTamura, Yuichi; Taneda, Kento; Ueda, Mikito; Ohtsuka, ToshiakiSurface Oxide Film and its Influence on the Oxygen Reduction on Pd-Co and Pt-Co PEFC Cathodes---2008
article上田, 幹人; 劉, 博; 大塚, 俊明; 高橋, 英徳廃乾電池を原料とした複合酸化物によるAl-Mg 合金中の Mg の低減Decrease of Mg Content in Al-Mg Alloy by Composite Oxide from Used Dry Battery日本金属学会誌Journal of the Japan Institute of MetalsNov-2007
article (author version)Kowalski, Damian; Ueda, Mikito; Ohtsuka, ToshiakiThe effect of counter anions on corrosion resistance of steel covered by bi-layered polypyrrole film-Corrosion Science-Aug-2007
article上田, 幹人; 薄田, 大吾; 近田, 昭一; 大塚, 俊明Al-Crめっきの前処理としてのTiAlのアノード溶解Anodic Dissolution of TiAl Surface as a Pretreatment for Al-Cr Electroplating表面技術Journal of The Surface Finishing Society of JapanMay-2003
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