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articleYanagawa, Yojiro; Matsuura, Yukiko; Suzuki, Masatsugu; Saga, Shin-ichi; Okuyama, Hideto; Fukui, Daisuke; Bando, Gen; Nagano, Masashi; Katagiri, Seiji; Takahashi, Yoshiyuki; Tsubota, ToshioAccessory corpora lutea formation in pregnant Hokkaido sika deer (Cervus nippon yesoensis) investigated by examination of ovarian dynamics and steroid hormone concentrations-Journal of Reproduction and Development-Feb-2015
articleKANG, Sung-Sik; KOYAMA, Keisuke; HUANG, Weiping; YANG, Yinghua; YANAGAWA, Yojiro; TAKAHASHI, Yoshiyuki; NAGANO, MasashiAddition of D-penicillamine, hypotaurine, and epinephrine (PHE) mixture to IVF medium maintains motility and longevity of bovine sperm and enhances stable production of blastocysts in vitro-Journal of Reproduction and Development-Apr-2015
articleKoyama, Keisuke; Kang, Sung-Sik; Huang, Weiping; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Takahashi, Yoshiyuki; Nagano, MasashiAging-related changes in in vitro-matured bovine oocytes: oxidative stress, mitochondrial activity and ATP content after nuclear maturation.-The Journal of reproduction and development-Apr-2014
theses (doctoral)Yanagawa, YojiroCharacteristics of reproductive physiology during conception period and maintenance of pregnancy in Hokkaido sika deer (Cervus nippon yesoensis)エゾシカ (Cervus nippon yesoensis) の受胎と妊娠維持における繁殖生理学的特徴の解明--25-Mar-2009
bulletin (article)Nagatomo, Hiroaki; Akizawa, Hiroki; Sada, Ayari; Kishi, Yasunori; Yamanaka, Ken-ichi; Takuma, Tetsuya; Sasaki, Keisuke; Yamauchi, Nobuhiko; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Nagano, Masashi; Kono, Tomohiro; Takahashi, Masashi; Kawahara, ManabuComparing spatial expression dynamics of bovine blastocyst under three different procedures : in-vivo, in-vitro derived, and somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Nov-2015
articleKanno, Chihiro; Sakamoto, Kentaro Q.; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Takahashi, Yoshiyuki; Katagiri, Seiji; Nagano, MasashiComparison of sperm subpopulation structures in first and second ejaculated semen from Japanese black bulls by a cluster analysis of sperm motility evaluated by a CASA system-Journal of veterinary medical science-Aug-2017
article (author version)Akizawa, Hiroki; Nagatomo, Hiroaki; Odagiri, Haruka; Kohri, Nanami; Yamauchi, Nobuhiko; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Nagano, Masashi; Takahashi, Masashi; Kawahara, ManabuConserved Roles of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 2 Signaling in the Regulation of Inner Cell Mass Development in Bovine Blastocysts-Molecular reproduction and development-Jun-2016
articleSAKAGUCHI, Kenichiro; IDETA, Atsushi; YANAGAWA, Yojiro; NAGANO, Masashi; KATAGIRI, Seiji; KONISHI, MasatoEffect of a single epidural administration of follicle-stimulating hormone via caudal vertebrae on superstimulation for in vivo and in vitro embryo production in Japanese black cows-Journal of Reproduction and Development-16-Jun-2018
article (author version)Yanagawa, Yojiro; Suzuki, KaoruEffect of a tranquilizer on stress control in birds under restraint-Biosphere Conservation-Jan-2005
bulletin (article)Erdenetogtokh, Purevdorj; Kanno, Chihiro; Sakaguchi, Kenichiro; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Katagiri, Seiji; Nagano, MasashiEffect of astaxanthin addition to an individual culture system for in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes on accumulation of reactive oxygen species and mitochondrial activity-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Nov-2018
articleYang, Yinghua; Kanno, Chihiro; Huang, Weiping; Kang, Sung-Sik; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Nagano, MasashiEffect of bone morphogenetic protein-4 on in vitro growth, steroidogenesis and subsequent developmental competence of the oocyte-granulosa cell complex derived from bovine early antral follicles-Reproductive biology and endocrinology-15-Jan-2016
articleBadrakh, Dagvajamts; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Nagano, Masashi; Katagiri, SeijiEffect of seminal plasma infusion into the vagina on the normalization of endometrial epidermal growth factor concentrations and fertility in repeat breeder dairy cows-Journal of reproduction and development-Apr-2020
article (author version)FUKUI, Daisuke; NAGANO, Masashi; NAKAMURA, Ryohei; BANDO, Gen; NAKATA, Shinichi; KOSUGE, Masao; SAKAMOTO, Hideyuki; MATSUI, Motozumi; YANAGAWA, Yojiro; TAKAHASHI, YoshiyukiThe effects of frequent electroejaculation on the semen characteristics of a captive Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica)-The Journal of Reproduction and Development-2013
article (author version)Huang, Weiping; Nagano, Masashi; Kang, Sung-Sik; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Takahashi, YoshiyukiEffects of in vitro growth culture duration and prematuration culture on maturational and developmental competences of bovine oocytes derived from early antral follicles-Theriogenology-15-Oct-2013
bulletin (article)Huang, Weiping; Kang, Sung-Sik; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Yang, Yinghua; Takahashi, Yoshiyuki; Nagano, MasashiEffects of in vitro-growth culture duration on fertilizability of bovine growing oocytes and proliferation of cells surrounding oocytes-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Aug-2014
bulletin (article)Tulake, Kuerban; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Takahashi, Yoshiyuki; Katagiri, Seiji; Higaki, Shogo; Koyama, Keisuke; Wang, Xuguang; Li, HepingEffects of ovarian storage condition on in vitro maturation of Hokkaido sika deer (Cervus nippon yesoensis) oocytes-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Nov-2014
articleAbdel-Ghani, Mohammed. A.; Sakaguchi, Kenichiro; Kanno, Chihiro; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Katagiri, Seiji; Nagano, MasashiEffects of pre-maturational culture duration on developmental competence of bovine small-sized oocytes-Journal of Reproduction and Development-24-May-2018
bulletin (article)Kanno, Chihiro; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Takahashi, Yoshiyuki; Katagiri, Seiji; Nagano, MasashiEffects of semen preservation procedure in egg yolk-tris based extender on bull spermatozoa characteristics-Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research-Aug-2017
articleKang, Sung-Sik; Ofuji, Sosuke; Imai, Kei; Huang, Weiping; Koyama, Keisuke; Yanagawa, Yojiro; Takahashi, Yoshiyuki; Nagano, MasashiThe efficacy of the well of the well (WOW) culture system on development of bovine embryos in a small group and the effect of number of adjacent embryos on their development.-Zygote-May-2014
articleKatagiri, Seiji; Moriyoshi, Masaharu; Yanagawa, YojiroEndometrial epidermal growth factor profile and its abnormalities in dairy cows-Journal of Reproduction and Development-Oct-2016
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