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Spatial Bioeconomics for seafood and marine ecosystem conservation

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タイトル: Spatial Bioeconomics for seafood and marine ecosystem conservation
その他のタイトル: 水産食料と海洋生態系の保全のための空間生物経済学
著者: Sumaila, Ussif Rashid 著作を一覧する
発行日: 2009年11月 7日
引用: International Symposium on "Sustainability Science on Seafood and Ocean Ecosystem Conservation". 7 November 2009. Hakodate, Japan.
抄録: I present in this talk new research that integrates ecology and economics to develop a bioeconomic spatial index that can help us use marine fisheries resources sustainably through time, for the benefits of both current and future generations of people. The index is calculated for each half degree by half degree cell of the global ocean, and represented spatially using GIS techniques to depict areas in the ocean that need special management approaches (e.g., marine protected areas) and areas where market based approaches (e.g., territorial use rights in fisheries or TURFs) can be used. The proposed index can help managers use scarce management resources in a targeted, efficient and effective way to ensure the conservation of seafood and marine ecosystems through time.
記述: Invited Lectures
資料タイプ: conference presentation
出現コレクション:国際シンポジウム「明日の海と食を守る水産海洋サステナビリティ学」(International Symposium on Sustainability Science on Seafood and Ocean Ecosystem Conservation)


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