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擬似公共性からコミュニケーション的行為へ : 町内会の一事例にみる可能性

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タイトル: 擬似公共性からコミュニケーション的行為へ : 町内会の一事例にみる可能性
その他のタイトル: From Pseudo-Public-Sphere to Communicative Action : The Possibilities in a Case Study of the Chounaikai
著者: 髙橋, 道子 著作を一覧する
発行日: 2010年 3月10日
出版者: 北海道大学大学院国際広報メディア・観光学院 = Graduate School of International Media, Communication, and Tourism Studies, Hokkaido University
誌名: 国際広報メディア・観光学ジャーナル = The Journal of International Media, Communication, and Tourism Studies
巻: 10
開始ページ: 23
終了ページ: 43
抄録: This paper aims to discuss a case study of the formation of a public sphere. Residents were informed of the plan for the urban park at a residential meeting. It was hoped that the project would be accepted without need for democratic decision-making. However, there has been controversy as to whether the park should be constructed or not. As a stakeholder, the Chounaikai, "neighborhood association" has played a key role in the resolution of the issue. The paper outlines what constitutes the public sphere and the communicative action theorized by Habermas. And it seeks to discuss the distinction between the public spheres and the pseudo ones, with reference to the concept of Liberalism as related to Habermas' moral consciousness. It examines how settlement of the conflict was achieved, based on the aspects of the public sphere. The case study attempts to show, both how the public communication took shape, and how it overcame some of its difficulties in pursuit of a democratic process of consensus. The findings from the case study can interpret the latent possibilities of the public sphere in relation to communicative action.
資料タイプ: bulletin (article)

提供者: 高橋 道子


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