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RECCA北海道 北海道における気候変動とその適応ワークショップ : [1]

RECCA北海道 北海道における気候変動とその適応ワークショップ(RECCA Hokkaido: Climate Change in Hokkaido and its Adaptationa)

2014年11月4日(火)15:00~17:00 北海道大学学術交流会館 大講堂. 札幌.

主催 : 工学研究院
講演 : 公益社団法人 日本気象学会 北海道支部

Organizer : Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Partners : Hokkaido branch of Meteorological Society of Japan


A research project on “Development and Application of Comprehensive Downscaling Methods over Hokkaido” in “Research Program on Climate Change Adaptation” funded by Ministry of Education, Sports, Culture, Science, and Technology has performed studies on climate change prediction over Hokkaido. The research product can be fundamental and necessary information for public and private sectors in Hokkaido to adapt climate change in the near future. In this workshop, researchers, stake holders, and citizens discuss how we could share the information and what we shoud act for adaptation.

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