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Clarissa, written by Samuel Richardson, translated by Hiroshi Watanabe)


by Samuel Richardson

translated to Japanese language by Hiroshi Watanabe, Professor Emeritus, Hokkaido University


サミュエル・リチャードソン 作

北海道大学 名誉教授 渡辺 洋 訳


Now, for the first time, Samuel Richardson's Clarissa is available in Japanese language. Clarissa is one of the longest novels in English literature. The original book contains over a million words. The Japanese translation is approximately four million characters long. Richardson's style of writing to the moment made this mid-18th-century novel tremendously popular in its day.

The translation is available in PDF file format. Clarissa Harlowe’s composition Ode to Wisdom is available both as an audio recording in MP3 file format, and as a music score in MIDI file format. Click on the links below to obtain your own copies.