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* This was expired on June 25. (Replaced by Hokkaido University Open Access Policy)

Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers Administration Policy

November 22, 2007
Hokkaido University
The Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers (hereinafter referred to as "this Collection") is an online system that comprehensively collects, preserves and disseminates, in digital form, research achievements such as papers produced by the university's faculty members and other researchers through education and research activities. This system provides free online access to such achievements for any user, and realizes an institutional repository in our university in keeping with the trend spreading among universities and research institutes in Japan and overseas.
The number of institutional repositories established by education and research institutes around the world has been rapidly increasing. The reasons behind the rapid increase are the worldwide availability of the Internet, accelerating digitization of scientific information and the intention of education and research institutes which aim to improve accountability for education and research activities, and social recognition and valuation by disseminating research achievements via these networks.
The widespread open access concept is another major factor. In the open access concept, research achievements are considered as public properties and open to the public free of charge to return the achievements to society.
With such movements being accelerated around the world, Japan also focuses on the dissemination of information by researchers, and education and research institutes.
For example, the Third Science and Technology Basic Plan points out the importance of research information infrastructure, accountability for scientific technology and the dissemination of information, and proposes the following concrete measures:
  • Digital archiving of academic journals etc. should be promoted to disseminate Japan's accumulated research information as assets domestically and internationally.
  • Regarding papers published in academic journals in order to publicize research achievements obtained under public funding, they are expected to be available free of charge via the Internet or other media after a certain period.
  • Research institutes and researchers should disclose their research activities to society and the public as much as possible, and provide clear explanations about research content and achievements as their basic accountability. In such cases, they should utilize various media effectively and efficiently.
Hokkaido University has the following spiritual legacy from the school's foundation: research as the creation of universal learning in the real world, and emphasis on returning the fruits of research to society by placing importance not only on basic research but also on the application and practical use of research. With such a legacy in mind, it is highly significant that Hokkaido University has established this Collection and leads other universities in Japan in this field.
Under these circumstances, this Collection was launched by Hokkaido University Library in April 2006. For over a year since then, this Collection has received journal papers and academic materials from 788 faculty members and other researchers. This Collection has also digitized and released 44 bulletins originally published by Hokkaido University's graduate schools etc. As a result, the number of contained articles has reached 21,360 while the global number of visits to this Collection site is 1,233,312, with an average monthly hit count of approximately 60,000 in fiscal 2007 (as of November 22, 2007).

Given all this, Hokkaido University affirms the following basic principles for the operation of this Collection as a foundation for scholarly activities.
  1. Hokkaido University strongly recommends that all researchers who belong to the university and conduct education and research activities should publicize their diverse and high levels of achievements on this Collection site in accordance with the Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers' Operational Guidelines.
  2. Hokkaido University promotes the sustainable development and eternal preservation of this Collection and contributes to society. The university also facilitates interaction between receivers and creators of research achievements through open access and designs further academic development.
  3. Hokkaido University exerts ceaseless efforts to improve an adequate system with which Hokkaido University Library operates this Collection.


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