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Canine pyometra is a common disease in female dogs that is often triggered by bacteria. In this study, we revealed potential pathogenic bacteria that may be involved in the pathogenesis of pyometra. While further studies are required to determine the roles of these bacteria, findings of this study would provide us with fundamental knowledge to better understand pathogenesis of pyometra.
See the article by Young Gang Song et al. on page 193.

Volume 65 Number 4     ( 2017-11 issued )


Fate and tissue depletion of nivalenol in ducks PDF
Amnart, Poapolathep;Saranya, Poapolathep;Piyaluk, Sinphithakkul;Kanjana, Imsilp;Supaporn, Isariyodom;Usuma, Jermnak;Phanwimol, Tanhan;Helen, Owen;Mario, Giorgi 185-192


Comparative analysis of the reproductive tract microbial communities in female dogs with and without pyometra through the 16S rRNA gene pyrosequencing PDF
Young, Young Gang;Guevarra, Robin B.;Jun, Hyung Lee;Wattanaphansak, Suphot;Bit, Na Kang;Hyeun, Bum Kim;Kun, Ho Song 193-200
Case Report: Congenital methemoglobinemia in a cat with the reduced NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase 3 activity and missense mutations in CYB5R3 PDF
Tani, Akiyoshi;Yamazaki, Jumpei;Nakamura, Kensuke;Takiguchi, Mitsuyoshi;Inaba, Mutsumi 201-206
Assessment of the growth inhibitory effect of gellan sulfate in rodent malaria in vivo PDF
Recuenco, Frances C.;Takano, Ryo;Sugi, Tatsuki;Takemae, Hitoshi;Murakoshi, Fumi;Ishiwa, Akiko;Inomata, Atsuko;Enomoto-Rogers, Yukiko;Fundador, Noreen Grace V.;Iwata, Tadahisa;Horimoto, Taisuke;Akashi, Hiroomi;Kato, Kentaro 207-212