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Chicken anemia virus (CAV) exists worldwide; however, the infection of CAV in the Philippines has not been investigated. This study indicated that the CAV genome was firstly detected in one sample collected in chicken flocks in the Philippines. Phylogenetic analyses revealed that the Filipino CAV strain obtained belonged to genotype III and genetically related to the Polish, Chinese, and Taiwanese CAV strains.
See the article by Hieu Van Dong et al. on page 249.

Volume 68 Number 4    (2020-11 issued)


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Martelli, Paolo;Krishnasamy, Karthiyani;Kwan, Amy;Wong, Alexandra 209-215
The ameliorative effects of glutathione on biochemical indices of goats exposed to lead PDF
Ganiyat, Akande Motunrayo;Kabiru, Wazehorbor James;Onyi, Chianumba Franklin;Mgbore, Okoronkwo Stella 217-225
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Basoglu, Abdullah;Turgut, Kursad;Baspinar, Nuri;Tenori, Leonardo;Licari, Cristina;Ince, Mehmet Ege;Ertan, Merve;Suleymanoglu, Havva;Sayiner, Serkan 227-236
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Refaei, Omnia Hamdy Muhammad;Yousif, Ausama Abdelraouf Abdelmoneim;Hegazy, Yamen Mohammed;Soliman, Soliman Mohammed;Salem, Sayed Ahmed Hassan;Fayed, Adel Abdel-Azim Mahmoud 237-247


The first genetic analysis of chicken anemia virus isolated in layer chicken flocks in the Philippines PDF(本文)
PDF(Supplemental Fig. 1)
Dong, Hieu Van;Abao, Lary Nel Bilbao;Tran, Giang Thi Huong;Takeda, Yohei;Mananggit, Milagros Reyes;Ogawa, Haruko;Imai, Kunitoshi 249-255
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