Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 6, Zoology

Vol. 19 No. 3    (1974-10 issued)

DNA and RNA Content of the Dog Salmon Egg During Early Embryonic Development (With 11 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
YAMAMOTO, Tadashi S. 489-502
The Eyestalk Neurosecretory Cell Types in the Freshwater Prawn Palaemon paucidens. : I. A Light Microscopical Study (With 2 Text-figures, 2 Tables and 2 Plates) PDF
HISANO, Setsuji 503-514
Purification and Properties of Microsomal Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (Hexose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase) of Rat Liver (With 7 Text-figures and 6 Tables) PDF
HORI, Samuel H.;SADO, Yoshikazu 515-529
Electrophysiological Studies of Ipsilateral Visual Pathway in Crucian Carp (With 11 Text-figures) PDF
NIIDA, Akiyoshi 530-545
Descriptions and Records of Marine Harpacticoid Copepods from Hokkaido, V (With 47 Text-figures) PDF
ITÔ, Tatsunori 546-640
A Preliminary Study on Microdistribution and Dispersal in Drosophilid Natural Populations (With 4 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
TODA, Masanori J. 641-656
Morphology and Distribution of the Forms of Henosepilachna vigintioctomaculata Complex in Hokkaido (With 11 Text-figures and 3 Tables) PDF
KATAKURA, Haruo 657-680
Observations on the Nuptial Flight and Internidal Relationship in a Polydomous Ant, Formica (Formica) yessensis Forel (With 2 Text-figures and 5 Tables) PDF
ITO, Masao;IMAMURA, Shinji 681-694
Worker Polyethism Related with Body Size in a Polydomous Red Wood Ant, Formica (Formica) yessensis Forel (With 5 Text-figures and 1 Table) PDF
HIGASHI, Seigo 695-705
Behavior Repertoire of Adult Drone Honeybee within Observation Hives (With 9 Text-figures and 2 Tables) PDF
OHTANI, Takeshi 706-721
Observations on the Behavior of Some Odonata in the Bonin Islands, with Considerations on the Evolution of Reproductive Behavior in Libellulidae (With 28 Text-figures and 4 Tables) PDF
SAKAGAMI, Shôichi F.;UBUKATA, Hidenori;IGA, Mikio;TODA, Masanori J. 722-757
Relative Abundance and Phenology of Adult Dragonflies at a Dystrophic Pond in Usubetsu, near Sapporo (With 4 Text-figures and 5 Tables) PDF
UBUKATA, Hidenori 758-776
Bionomics and Sociology of Tancho or the Japanese Crane, Grus japonensis, I. : Distribution, Habitat and Outline of Annual Cycle (With 5 Text-figures and 3 Tables) PDF
MASATOMI, Hiroyuki;KITAGAWA, Tamaki 777-802