Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research

Volume 47, Number 1-2    (1999-08 issued)

Effects of substance P on nicotine-induced intracellular Ca^<2+> dynamics in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells PDF
SUZUKI, Syuka;HABARA, Yoshiaki;KANNNO, Tomio 3-12
Effects of concurrent exposure to 3-methylcholanthrene and vitamin A on fetal development in rats PDF
KHLOOD, El. Bohi M.;MIYOSHI, Hiroyuki;IWATA, Hisato;KAZUSAKA, Akio;KON, Yasuhiro;ABOU HADID, ALi H.;MOUSTAFE, El. Kelish;GHONIM, Mervat H.;FUJITA, Shoichi 13-23
Protective effects of intranasal vaccination with plasmid encoding pseudorabies virus glycoprotein B in mice PDF
TAKADA, Ayato;OKAZAKI, Katsunori;KIDA, Hiroshi 25-33
Laboratory of Pharmacology PDF
ITO, Shigeo;OHTA, Toshio 36-37
Roles of Na^+/Ca^<2+> exchanger in regulation of intracellular Ca^<2+> concentration in rat pancreatic islets PDF
YOSHIHASHI, Kazutaka 39-40
KITAMURA, Hiroshi 40-41
Sympathetic regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor family expression in brown adipose tissue of rodents PDF
ASANO, Atsushi 42-43
Molecular Analyses of Structure-Function of the Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin PDF
IMAI, Masaki 44-44
A study towards development of a tick vaccine PDF
MULENGA, Albert 45-46
Molecular cloning of genes of Theileria sergenti and comparative genome structure analysis of Theileria parasites PDF
SAKO, Yasuhito 46-48
Interacting host immune responses affecting on the disease progression in animals experimentally infected with bovine leukemia virus PDF
KABEYA, Hidenori 48-49
Analysis on genetic diversity of Theileria parasites and host's immune response to the major piroplasm surface protein PDF
KAKUDA, Tsutomu 50-51
Gastric mucosal hyperplasia and hypergastrinemia in rats and mice heavily infected with Taenia taeniaeformis larvae PDF
KONNO, Kenjiro 51-53
Clinicopathological studies on atrial and brain natriuretic peptide in canine heart disease PDF
ASANO, Kazushi 53-55
Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species by Neutrophils in Host Defense Mechanisms : Spectrophotometric Analyses PDF
KIRYU, Chika 55-57
Pathological studies on distal axonopathy caused by 2,5-hexanedione : comparative study using normal and neurofilament-deficient quail PDF
HIRAI, Takuya 57-58
Studies on latent infection, and immediate early and early protein gene of canine herpesvirus PDF
MIYOSHI, Masahiro 58-59
Basic study of the application of high-magnetic field MRI to rats and mice as small laboratory animals PDF
ASANUMA, Taketoshi 59-60
Alterations in levels of hepatic microsomal cytochrome P450 isozymes following intracerebroventricular injection of bacterial lipopolysaccharide in rats PDF
SHIMAMOTO, Yoshinori 60-61
Morphological characteristics of cryptopatch as a proliferating nest for intraepithelial lymphocytes PDF
ITO, Yuko 63-63
Immunohistochemical Study on the Development of Lymphoid Tissues in the Chicken Proventriculus PDF
MATSUMOTO, Rei 64-64
Parasitic forms of a myxosporean in the kidney of Lampetra japonica : An ultrastructural study PDF
MORI, Koshi 65-65
Contribution of dihydropyridine-insensitive mechanisms to Ca^<2+> influx in rat pancreatic β cells PDF
HAYASHI, Mikio 65-66
Studies on the characteristics of energy metabolism in sheep and shiba goats PDF
TABUCHI, Masaki 66-67
Thermogenic uncoupling proteins : tissue distribution and mRNA expression by treatment with β3-adrenergic agonist in obese mice PDF
NAKAMURA, Yoshiko 67-68
Canine leptin : molecular cloning, characterization and development of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay PDF
IWASE, Miho 68-69
Role of brain interleukin-1 in immobilization stress-induced increase of blood interleukin-6 level in rat PDF
ISHIKAWA, Ikuyo 69-70
Effects of a new cardiotonic agent, pimobendan on contractile responses in single muscle fibers of the frog PDF
WAKISAKA, Chikako 70-70
Effects of chloride channel blockers on contractile responses to carbachol in ileal smooth muscle of the rat PDF
HASEGAWA, Akiyo 71-71
Effects of glucocorticoids on catecholamine secretion and electrical activity of guinea-pig adrenal chromaffin cells PDF
YONEKUBO, Kazuki 72-72
Preparation of a Panel of M13 Phages Reconizing Influenza Virus Proteins PDF
KINOSHITA, Hitomi 72-73
Amino Terminus of Bovine Herpesvirus 1 Glycoprotein gB is Responsible for Membrane Fusion Activity PDF
FUJII, Sanae 73-73
Epitope Mapping of E. coli 54K Protein Using Monoclonal Antibodies PDF
YAGI, Akiko 74-74
Vaccination trial against theileriosis using a recombinant vaccinia virus PDF
SHIKI, Masako 74-75
Appearance of apoptosis induced by Marek's disease virus infection PDF
TAKAHASHI, Hiroyasu 75-76
Study on stomach nematodes (Anisakidae) among Steller sea lions, spotted seals and ribbon seals captured at northeast coast of Hokkaido, Japan PDF
TAKAHASHI, Chika 76-77
Development of Echinococcus vogeli in alternative host models using laboratory rodents PDF
SHIMIZU, Mai 77-78
Production of monoclonal antibodies against Echinococcus multilocularis excretory/secretory antigens and its use in coproantigen detection PDF
SUNAGA, Emi 78-79
Morphological and molecular genetic analyses of jumbled spine and ribs (Jsr) mutant mouse PDF
HASEGAWA, Ai 79-80
Analysis of the relationship between antimicrocidal activity against Salmonella typhimurium and nitric oxide synthesis related with mouse natural resistant-associated macrophage protein1 gene (Nramp1) PDF
MITSUMATSU, Michiko 80-81
Isolation and identification of a novel compound from garlic and its oxidative effects on canine erythrocytes PDF
SUGIYAMA, Yuko 81-81
The mechanism of diabetes-associated Heinz body anemia in cats PDF
GOTO, Koichi 82-82
Analysis of Na, K-ATPase β1 isoform gene of canine erythrocytes associated with hereditary high Na, K-ATPase activity PDF
SHIOSE, Tomoki 83-83
Evaluation on left ventricular systolic function using transthoracic continuous-wave Doppler echocardiography in dogs with experimentally induced mitral regurgitation PDF
MASUI, Yuri 84-84
Study on effect of hyperhistaminemia on clinical features and survival times, and cause of hyperhistaminemia in dogs with mast cell tumor PDF
ISHIGURO, Taketo 85-85
Macrophage activity stimulated by chitosan in vitro PDF
KINOUCHI, Takeo 86-86
Pathological Studies of Captive Dolphins in an aquarium PDF
SUZUKI, Miyuki 86-87
Pathological Studies of GM_1 Gangliosidosis in a Shiba Dog PDF
HAYASHIDA, Eriko 87-88
Pathological Analysis of Cerebellar Lesions In Human IL-2 transgenic mice PDF
FURUYA, Takako 89-89
Intracytoplasmic sperm injection in the cattle : effects of oocyte activation and sperm treatment on sperm head decondensation PDF
KUROKAWA, Manabu 89-90
Effects of follicular aspiration system on the results of transvaginal ultrasound-guided ovum pick-up in cattle PDF
SASAMOTO, Yoshihiko 90-91
Establishment of fecal progesterone and testosterone assays by enzyme immunoassay technique and their application to differentiate sexes and sexual maturity in Hokkaido brown bear PDF
KIKUCHI, Sae 91-92
Development of serological test procedure to specify the endemic foci of tick-borne encephalitis and the seroepidemiological survey in Hokkaido PDF
OSADA, Mihoro 92-92
Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against tick-borne encephalitis virus Hokkaido strain PDF
KOMORO, Kimiyo 93-93
Development of highly sensitive hantavirus genome detection methods and analysis of the viral replication PDF
TANABE, Hiroki 93-94
Photosensitizer, pheophorbide α, induces caspase-3-dependent apoptosis in Chinese hamster V79 fibroblast cells PDF
YOSHITO, Asuka 94-95
Lipid peroxides and antioxidants in sera of neonatal hotbred and coldbred horses PDF
WADA, Shoichiro 95-96
Effects of hypoxia on p53-dependent apoptosis and the arrest of cell-cycle progression in X-irradiated human EB-B cells PDF
KAKEHI, Masaaki 96-97
Population characteristics of the sea otter (Enhydra lutris) on Cape Lopatka, Kamachatka Peninsula PDF
HATTORI, Kaoru 97-97
The strain difference of rats in the metabolism of diazepam PDF
SAITO, Konomu 98-98
Mechanism of Regulation of Cytochrome P450 Expression by Neonatal Imprinting : The Effect of Growth Hormone and The CYP Inducer PDF
TAKAHASHI, Junko 98-99
Effect of indole-3-carbinol on hepatic drug metabolizing enzyme activities and carcinogenicity : A possible mechanism of cancer prevention by consumption of cruciferous vegetables PDF
MIYOSHI, Keiko 99-99