Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 4, Geology and mineralogy

Vol.13, No.4    (1967-04 issued)

On the Coral Genus Carinthiaphyllum Heritsch, with a Description of Carinthiaphyllum Carnicum Heritsch from the Carnic Alps PDF
Minato, M.;Kato, M. 313-320
New Paleozoic Fossils from Southern Hokkaido, Japan PDF
Minato, M.;Rowett, C.L. 321-332
A New Species of Yuanophyllum Yü from the Kitakami Mountains, Japan PDF
Minato, M.;Rowett, C.L. 333-342
On a New Species of Wentzelophyllum Hudson from the Kitakami Mountains, Japan PDF
Minato, M.;Rowett, C.L. 343-348
Crystal Growth of Gypsum on its (010) Cleaved Surface PDF
Goto, M.;Ridge, M.J. 349-382
Discovery of the Genus Aulina SMITH in the Carboniferous of Japan PDF
Minato, M.;Rowett, C.L. 383-393
Palaeomagnetism of Upper Carboniferous Rocks in Akiyoshi Province, S.W. Honshu, Japan PDF
Fujiwara, Yoshiki 395-399
Absolute age of subsurface Late Quaternary deposits in the Niigata lowland PDF
Minato, M.;Suyama, K.;Hasegawa, K.;Oya, A.;Takahashi, Y.;Nakagawa, K.;Wada, N.;Shibazaki, T. 401-406
Phase Relations of Ca-Tschermak's Molecule at High Pressures and Temperatures PDF
Hijikata, Ken-ichi;Yagi, Kenzo 407-417
Calcium Fluoride Replacement Technique : A New Preparation Technique for Electron Microscopic Study of Nannofossils PDF
Honjo, Susumu;Minoura, Nachio 419-425
Study of Nannofossils by the Scanning Electron Microscope PDF
Honjo, Susumu;Minoura, Nachio;Okada, Hisatake 427-431
Lateral Fissure Eruptions in the Southern Andes of Chile PDF
Katsui, Yoshio;Katz, Hans R. 433-448
On the Pliocene Fossils from Tsugaru Strait, with Special Reference to Post-pliocene Crustal Movement PDF
Uozumi, Satoru 449-462
The Join CaMgSi_2O_6-CaTiAl_2O_6 and its bearing on the Titanaugites PDF
Yagi, Kenzo;Onuma, Kosuke 463-483