Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research

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Diversity of the ratio of colored coat area of hooded phenotype seen in the laboratory rats, which is shown to be controlled by multiple genetic loci. See the article by Daisuke Torigoe et al. on page 175.

Volume 57, Number 4    (2010-02 issued)


Genetic analysis of modifiers for the hooded phenotype in the rat PDF
Torigoe, Daisuke;Asano, Atsushi;Yamauchi, Hideto;Dang, Ruiha;Sasaki, Nobuya;Agui, Takashi 175-184
Changes in plasma gonadotropins, inhibin and testosterone concentrations and testicular gonadotropin receptor mRNA expression during testicular active, regressive and recrudescent phase in the captive Japanese black bear (Ursus thibetanus japonicus) PDF
Iibuchi, Ruriko;Kamine, Akari;Shimozuru, Michito;Nio-Kobayashi, Junko;Watanabe, Gen;Taya, Kazuyoshi;Tsubota, Toshio 185-196
Divergent diagnosis from arthroscopic findings and identification of CPII and C2C for detection of cartilage degradation in horses PDF
Lettry, Vivien;Sumie, Yasuharu;Mitsuda, Kenta;Tagami, Masaaki;Hosoya, Kenji;Takagi, Satoshi;Okumura, Masahiro 197-206


Evaluation of a new enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to detect keratan sulfate in equine serum PDF
Lettry, Vivien;Kawasaki, Hirofumi;Sugaya, Kiyofumi;Hosoya, Kenji;Takagi, Satoshi;Okumura, Masahiro 207-212


INFORMATION: Theses for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (equivalent to Ph.D.) PDF