Journal of Applied Ethics and Philosophy;vol. 13


Living in the Age of the Automatic Sweetheart : A Brief Survey on the Ethics of Sexual Robotics

Stone, Richard

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JaLCDOI : 10.14943/jaep.13.21
KEYWORDS : sex-robots;representation;therapy;deception;slavery


As technology continues to grow (and sex-robots gain a more prominent position in our society), so too does concern about the way they will impact our lives and our sexuality. While many ethicists have started to assess what this impact could be (and if it would be positive or negative), the challenges and opportunities presented by sex-robots span over a wide range of topics and cannot be assessed easily. Hence, in this paper, I will attempt to categorize the main questions concerning the ethics of sexual robotics in order to help ethicists gather their thoughts on this new technology. While doing so, I will principally identify four overarching issues: (1) how robots’ representation of human sexuality affects human gender issues; (2) how robots could potentially be utilized for medical purposes; (3) if robots could possibly deceive their users; (4) if sex-robots could end up as a new form of sex-slaves.