Journal of the Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences - Volume 3

The Influence of Velocity on the Detection and Prediction of Changes in Color and M otion Direction

Tayama, Tadayuki;Tandoh, Katsuya

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KEYWORDS : detection of change; prediction of change; perceptual asynchrony; velocity influences


The present study examined the degree to which the perception of change in motion direction is delayed, compared with that in color, depending on the motion velocity, by using detection and prediction tasks. In Experiment 1, stimulus patterns abruptly reversed color and changed their direction of motion synchronously,and observers were asked to respond when they perceived the reversal of a particular attribute. The detection times for changes in color were 60-70 ms shorter than those for changes in motion direction of the same patterns. Further, the detection times decreased with the velocity of pattern motion, except for the stationary pattern. In Experiment 2,after the color and motion direction of the test patterns changed synchronously and then disappeared, observers were asked to predict the temporal period of one change cycle. The predicted times for the change in color were shorter than those for the change in motion direction. The predicted times increased with the velocity of pattern motion. The relationship between the influences of velocity and perceptual asynchrony are discussed.