Journal of the Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University. Series 4, Geology and mineralogy;Vol.XVIII, No.4


Carboniferous and Permian Fusulinids from Fukuji, Central Japan

Niikawa, Isao

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Altogether sixty species of fusulinids are described from the Carboniferous Ichinotani Formation and the Permian Mizuyagadani Formation, Fukuji, Gifu Prefecture, Central Japan. Of them six species are new. They are Pseudostaffella minatoi, P. subrotunda, Fusulinella rhomboidalis, Triticites katoi, T. ichinotaniensis and T. elongatus. The following fusulind zones are established; Zone of Eostaffella, Zone of Pro-fusulinella, Lower Zone of Fusulinella-Fusulina, Zone of Beedeina, Upper Zone of Fusulinella-Fusulina, Zone of Triticites, Zone of Pseudoschwagerina, and Zone of Pseudo-fusulina. As a whole fusulinids treated in this paper show similarity to those of China, Korea, and especially to those of the USSR. Lithologic sequence and fusulinid succession suggest that the fusulinid fauna in Fukuji ranges continuously from the Upper Viséan to the Sakmarian, although evidence for Namurian, Vereyan, and Upper Uralian is not at all clear.