Journal of the Faculty of Humanities and Human Sciences;Volume 4


Grammatical Outline of Uilta (Revised)

Tsumagari, Toshiro

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The present paper, a revised and enlarged version of Tsumagari (1985a), is a sketch of Uilta, a Tungusic language spoken in Sakhalin. The first section includes a description of linguistic situation and a brief history of study. The second section is devoted to phonology and the third to morphological description. In the fourth section, various types of noun phrase and sentence structure are illustrated. Finally a short text with grammatical analysis is appended. Though the present sketch is far from a full grammatical description, it might be of some use for those who wish to get some general idea of this endangered language. This paper owes much to the pioneering study in the southern dialect of Uilta by Professor Jiro Ikegami. Actually, some descriptions in this paper are no more than a brief summary of his analysis: especially most parts of phonology and morphology are basically following his framework. Additional data, mostly for syntactic description in section 4, were obtained by the present author from an Uilta speaker late Ms. Chiyo Sato (Uilta name Napka, 1910?-1985), who contributed much in the study of the Uilta language as the main consultant of Professor Ikegami. The first revised version of this sketch was contributed to a chapter of the Tungusic volume of grammatical description series. For some reason the volume has not appeared for several years, so that I will publish my chapter (with minor revisions) separately here with the permission of the volume editor Alexander Vovin.