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Coleopteran Assemblages at Four Different Habitats in the Mount Tangkuban Parahu Area, West Java-Indonesia

Barsulo, Christopher Y.;Subahar, Tati S. S.

Permalink : http://hdl.handle.net/2115/38474
KEYWORDS : Coleoptera;Diversity;Singleton species;Mount Tangkuban Parahu;Java;Indonesia


Coleoptera assemblages at four different habitats of Mount Tangkuban Parahu, West Java - Indonesia were investigated from April to September 2004. Sampling was carried out at four different types of habitat represented by several dominant types, i.e. Vaccinium forest, mixed forest, pine forest, and post-agricultural area, of plant community. Specimens were collected using four different kinds of traps following sampling methods of DIWPA (Diversitas for Western Pacific Area) for IBOY (International Biodiversity Observation Year) program and analyzed down to the morphospecies level. The results showed that species composition of coleoptera differed at each habitat. Mixed forest was the most diverse with 252 species, followed by pine forest (178 species), Vaccinium forest (90 species) and post-agricultural area (76 species). In addition, many singleton species were found at each sampling site.