Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research;Volume 7, Number 1-4



YAMAKAWA, Munenori

Permalink : http://hdl.handle.net/2115/4651
JaLCDOI : 10.14943/jjvr.7.1-4.71


The yeast-growth promoting substance of the ethanol extracts from the normal and morbid tissues of domestic animals and from blood of human and rabbit affected by stresses, was investigated by means of the fermentation test. The obtained results were the following : 1. The growth promoting substance existed in blood and the tissue of marrow, liver, spleen, heart, brain, testis and placenta, there being especially much in the tissue of placenta, testis and brain. 2. The brain tissue of ruminants had larger quantity of the substance than that of non-ruminants. 3. The substance in the brain tissue of cow or of pig increased when the growth of the body was excellent. 4. The blood of the horse suffering from infections anemia had larger quantity of the substance than that of the normal horse, but the blood of the diseased horse with high fever had smaller quantity of the substance than that of the normal one. 5. Most samples of the morbid tissues had larger amount of the substance in the morbid part or in the circumferential part than in the normal part. 6. The substance in the excised tissue of bovine placenta and of swine testis increased after refrigrative storage. 7. The substance under discussion in the blood of the tuberculous patients increased temporarily after thoracoplasty, while the 4th iodic acid reducing reaction of the urine decreased temporarily after that operation. 8. The substance in the blood of rabbit increased temporarily after breeding at low pressure 480∿550mmHg. for 12 hours. 9. The substance was dialytic through cellophane membrane and stable against heat, acid and alkali. 10. The substance under investigation was adsorbed with difficulty onto the acid clay in the acid solution, while it was easily adsorbed onto Amberite IR 120. The adsorbed substance showed color reaction with ninhydrine reagent and also iodic acid reducing reaction. Developing with paper chromatography when the solvent was n-butanol-acetic acid-water 4 : 1 : 2,showed the Rf to be 0.15. 11. From the above experimental results, it was estimated that the growth promoting substance increases in the stadium of alarm reaction or in the stadium of resistance to a stress but decreases in the stadium of exhaustion in the animal body, that it is closely related with the growth of body and that it is a relatively low molecule which contains nitrogen which differs from vitamins and hormenes known already.