Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research;Volume 8, Number 1-4



TAMURA, Tatsudo

Permalink : http://hdl.handle.net/2115/4688
JaLCDOI : 10.14943/jjvr.8.1-4.295


The fine vascular patterns of the adrenal gland of the cat were investigated use being made of 47 cats with the newly improved neoprene latex injection method, because reinvestigation of the vascular arrangements has been needed for the explanation of their functions, according to the recent improvement of conception for the adrenal gland such as the "stress theory" by SELYE and the "X zone" function of rodentia. Results obtained and conclusions reached were as follows : 1) Approximately 15 different adrenal arteries were proved in this investigation to come from the several different sources previously known, and as an exceptional case even from the ovarian artery. 2) Besides the cortical and medullary arteries, capsular arteries were proved to exist in the cat's adrenal gland contrary to opinions of previous investigators who denied it in this gland. 3) From amongst the cortical arteries the recurrent arteries were differentiated, and after careful observation, the latter were classified 4 types (R. I to R. IV). From these, arteries of type R. IV were newly distinguished ones. 4) It was thought that there might be an analogy between the recurrent arteries of the adrenal gland and those of the corpus luteum. 5) The ordinary medullary arteries were investigated and differentiated into 4 types (M. I to M. IV). From amongst them, the arteries of type M. IV were newly differentiated ones by the present writer. 6) The number of medullary arteries in a single adrenal gland is expected to be 30 to 50 or a little more on the basis of this investigation. 7) There were 3 sorts of arteries proved to have snaking or tortuous or coiling features and restricted portions with remarkable constriction and dilation. These were extracapsular, intracapsular and medullary arteries. 8) These abnormal features in the vascular spaces seemed to occur simultaneously, and those of 3 different portions seemed to correlate with other. 9) The present writer would like to denominate a new sort of artery as a "corticomedullary artery" in the adrenal gland of the cat. Some of arteries of this sort were described in previous literature, but in such reports the occurrence of these arteries was treated as inconstant, and exceptional cases. 10) The corticomedullary artery was seen to account for 20% of the cortical and the medullary arteries, and a rather higher percentage of discovery is expected with the improvement of investigating methods.