Insecta matsumurana. Series entomology : Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Hokkaido University;New Series 66


A new scale insect genus from Hong Kong : another clue to the Rugaspidiotini-problem (Sternorrhyncha : Coccoidea : Diaspididae)

Takagi, Sadao;Martin, Jon H.

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Nanhaiospis chiuillngensis, n. gen. and n. sp., is described on the basis of material collec ted on an undetermined bamboo in the Chiulung [Kowloon] Pen insula, opposite Hong Kong Island. Rugaspidiotlls communis Hu, 1987, which occurs on reed in Hainan Island, is transferred to the new genus (Nanhaiaspis communis, 11. comb.) on the supposition thaL it should be characterized nearly the same as N. ci1iulungensis, in contradi ction to the original description. Referable to the Diaspidini but not to the Rugaspidiotini, Nanhaiaspis ean be an incipient rugaspidiotine in having much reduced pygidial appendages and <lmphisoml:llic pygidial macroducls, and thus affords anolher clue to the Rugaspidiot il1i-problem, whieh bas not bcen completely settled. ]11 an appendix, Alllacaspis acronychiae, 11. sp., is described on the bas is of a s ingle specimen collected in Hong Kong on Acrol1ychia pedUl1culata. II is close 10 A. guangdongensis described from Guangdong, China, and occurring on Aglaia odorata.