Economic Journal of Hokkaido University;Vol. 33


The Forefront of the Labor Market in Indonesia : A Case Analysis of Jakarta Metropolitan Area

Miyamoto, Kensuke

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KEYWORDS : Internal Labor Market, Industrial Complex, Japanese Management and Production System, Unstable Employment


In a previous article (Miyamoto: 2003), I attempted the case study of Japanese firms' labor market in the Metropolitan Area (JABOTABEK) of Indonesia, with the basis of my survey conducted in 1995. In the latter half of 1990s, the development of Metropolitan Area has been rapidly extended to the eastern provinces such as Bekasi and Karawang. The Japanese firms which still remain as the leading actors of FDI, have also shifted the locations to the Metropolitan eastern provinces. Therefore, in order to trace the labor market's trend in the latter half of 1990s, my new survey in the three major industrial complexes of Bekasi district was conducted in 2000. This article examines the characteristics of Japanese firms' labor markets in the development forefront of Metropolitan suburbs. (JEL J21, N35)