Economic Journal of Hokkaido University;Vol.40


A Challenge of Microcredit Program in Rural Africa : a Case Study of Fatick Integrated Development Program in Senegal

Ikemi, Mayu

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KEYWORDS : Microcredit Program;Participatory Development;Rural Africa


This case study indicates that there are several factors need to be carefully considered for development assistance donors to implement a microcredit program in rural Africa. One of the important factors is to pay more attention to 'key persons' of local government officers engaged in rural development, as well as the women who are noticeably active for economic activities and development projects in their local communities. In order to solve following three impediments: the weakness of participants' compliance of rules, the lack of their willingness and activeness, and the lack of program donors' flexibility, it is necessary and effective for the program donors to get the best out of those key persons. The practice of this task can also realize to bring some positive effects to other participants, local residents, and process quality of the program.