Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research;Volume 59 Number 4


Human amniotic membrane and vitamin E /selenium for control of postoperative adhesion in dogs

El-Daharawy, Mohamed;Helal, Ibrahim

Permalink : http://hdl.handle.net/2115/47729
JaLCDOI : 10.14943/jjvr.59.4.165
KEYWORDS : Amniotic membrane;antiadhesive;dogs;vitamin E.


This study was undertaken to compare between the human amniotic membrane (HAM) and intraperitoneal vitamin E (Vit E) and selenium in prevention of postoperative adhesions in dogs. A total of 18 apparently healthy adult Mongrel dogs were divided into three equal groups and the group (I) was treated with a sterile solution of 0.9% sodium chloride intraperitoneally as a control. Group II was treated with the HAM at jejunal enterotomy while group III was treated with Vit E and selenium administered intraperitonally. Dogs were euthanized 30 days postoperatively for histopathological examination. The results showed that both HAM and Vit E and selenium were effective in reduction of the postoperative adhesion in comparison with the group I. In terms of extent of adhesions, there was no significant difference between the HAM group and the Vit E and selenium group.